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News Archive for Week of November 23, 2020

FBI Is Finally Investigating Election Fraud in Several States


Joondeph: The "COVID Case" Con Continues


WATCH: 5 Examples of Votes Being Switched on Live TV


PA Ruling Sets Up Trump Appeal to US Supreme Court


Hispanic Support for GOP Grows as Dems Move Leftward


INFOGRAPHIC: GA Election Fraud Claims, in 9 Simple Slides

INFOGRAPHIC: MI Election Fraud Claims, in 6 Simple Slides


Monday Night Features "Beaver Moon" and Lunar Eclipse


Pennsylvania's Highest Court Rejects Halt to Certification


Dowling: Did Trump Spring a Trap on Dems on Election Night?


SATIRE: A Guide to COVID Safety from Our Gov't Overlords


Supreme Court Takes Up Census/Apportionment Case


Widburg: Does Trump's DOD Shakeup Mean Something?


PA Legislature Files Resolution to Dispute Election Results


Expert: GA Allegations, If True, Would Alter Election Results


CA Governor Blocks Parole for Manson Follower Van Houten


54-year-old Mike Tyson Returns to Ring in Exhibition Bout


Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist Is Assassinated Near Tehran


Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Record Anti-Lockdown Single


Parents Are Pulling Their Kids Out of Public Schools


Malls Adapt with Santas Behind Plexiglass


US Sends Aircraft Carrier to Persian Gulf as Precaution


8 House Races Have Still Not Been Called - GOP Leads in All 8


Widburg: Burden of Proof May Favor Trump In Election Suits


AZ State Legislature to Hold 11/30 Election Integrity Hearing


Los Angeles County Announces 3-Week Stay-at-Home Order


S&P 500, Nasdaq Close at Record Highs


GOP Flips Another House Seat with Win in California


Pennsylvania State Court Upholds Halt to Certification


SCOTUS Blocks Cuomo's Restrictions on Religious Services


Fed Appeals Court Rejects Trump Campaign PA Election Case


Carter Page Sues DOJ, FBI, Comey Over FISA Abuse


Twitter Blocks Link to Powell Website After Lawuits Filed


Deleted JHU Study: COVID-19 Has Not Increased US Deaths


Gingrich: The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy


Harsanyi: The Electoral College, Now More Than Ever


Widburg: 9 Articles and Data Points Showing Election Theft


Davidson: Joe Biden's Playtime Fun House


Trump Announces Rally in Georgia on December 5


Tulsi Gabbard Urges Trump to Pardon Assange, Snowden


Buchanan: A HIstoric Presidency


Trump: Coronavirus Vaccine Deliveries Will Begin Next Week


Powell Files 104-Page Election Fraud Complaint in Georgia


Will PA's GOP-Controlled Legislature Act to Appoint Electors?


Black Friday First: More Will Shop Online Than in Stores


Powell Files Second Election Fraud Lawsuit in Michigan


Top Deals on Guns and Ammunition for Black Friday


GOP Set to Control Redistricting of 188 Congressional Seats


Widburg: GA Allegations Overview and Link to Full Complaint


SBA List: Meet the House's Newly Elected Pro-Life Women


Nevada Judge Agrees to Hear Evidence of Election Fraud


PA Senate Hearing: Troubling Testimony, 100K Ballots at Issue


Thanksgiving: The True Story of America's National Holiday


Diego Maradona - Argentine Soccer Legend (1960-2020)


GA Complaint: Trump Lost Nearly 100,000 Votes Due to Fraud


Legal Group Files GA Lawsuit Challenging 200K+ Ballots


Tr​ump Pardons Former Nat'l Security Advisor Michael Flynn


PA Court Halts Election Certification Amid Mail-In Vote Fight


Will Rogue Obama Judge Accept Trump's Pardon of Flynn?


Poll: Only 3% of Trump Voters Consider Election Legitimate


O'Connell: Obama Is an Insufferable Jerk Who Won't Leave


Rucker: What to Prepare for When Trump Is Declared Winner


Greenhut: Big Tech and a Dangerous Game of Monopoly


Twitter to Warn Users When They "Like" Controversial Tweets


Sanders: Skeptical of 2020 Voter Fraud? Here's Your Evidence


Mysterious 12-Foot Metal "Monolith" Found in Remote Utah


Elon Musk Passes Bill Gates as World's Second Richest


WI Emergency Petition: 150K Potentially Fraudulent Ballots


Blazewicz: Don't Count Sidney Powell Out Just Yet


Rush: Trump Legal Team Says They Still Have a Case


Dems Keep Getting Caught Violating Their Own COVID Rules


Poll: 17% Wouldn't Have Voted Biden If They Knew of Scandals


PA, MI, AZ Legislatures Will Hold Hearings on Election Fraud


Election Connection?​ Feds Indict 15 in Philly for Racketeering


Wood: Powell Will File Major Lawsuit in Georgia Today


Pasadena Refuses to Comply with CA Gov's Indoor Dining Ban


Hal Ketchum - Country Music Legend (1953-2020)


CDC Plans to Shorten Length of COVID-19 Quarantine Period


Trump Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys "Corn" and "Cob"


Federal Appeals Court to Expedite Review of Trump's PA Case


Dow Tops 30,000 for the First Time Ever


Gateway Pundit: All the Evidence of Election Fraud (So Far)


Ellis: Biden Picking His "Cabinet" Is Like Fantasy Football


Smith: This Is War


Victor Davis Hanson: Time of Chaos Upon Chaos Atop Chaos


Peterson: Why Trump Is Waiting


David Dinkins - NYC's First Black Mayor (1927-2020)


Gunlock: Why Won't They Listen to the CDC?


Trump Authorizes "Initial Protocols" for Biden Transition


Rush: What Do the Never Trumpers Really Hate?


PA's Democratic Governor: PA Has Certified Election for Biden


PA Supreme Court OK'd Mail-In Ballots without Names, Dates


Trump Scores 2 Legal Wins in Michigan


Michigan Certifies Biden Win Amid Trump Legal Challenges


Widburg: Making Sense of the News About Sidney Powell


Fox News Crashes - Viewers Cut in Half in Just 3 Weeks


Survey: Roughly 75% Say Other Party Is Ruining the Country


Rush: Trump Team Better Deliver Bombshell Evidence Fast


Shipwreckedcrew: Trump Has a Real Chance to Prevail in GA


Survey: 66% of Supporters Would Vote for Trump in 2024


Feinstein to Step Down as Top Dem on Judiciary Committee


Study: Non-Citizen Votes Gave Biden Wins in AZ, GA


Third Major COVID Vaccine Is Effective and Cheaper


CDC: Do Not Shut Down Schools Due to COVID-19


WJ: State Legislatures Have a Constitutional Duty to Step In


Catron: These Three States Can Stop the Steal


McCarthy: Are There No Incorruptible Democrats?


Lopez: 2020 Stakes Are High for All, But Higher for Democrats


Californians Defy Governor's Curfew, Flood Streets in 16 Cities


Trump Campaign Disowns Sidney Powell in Wild Statement

Powell Agrees She Is Not Part of Trump's Official Legal Team


Hoft: Campaign's Powell Statement Is NOT What You Think


Boone: Democratic Party Must Change, Or Trump Will Be Back


Morefield: Facemasks Are a Religion - Hail the Almighty Mask!


Sundance: GOP Business Interests Separate from Powell


Dempsey: COVID-19 a Vehicle for Dems to Control Individuals


Police Arrest 15-Year-Old in Connection with WI Mall Shooting



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