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News Archive for Week of September 7, 2020

DOJ Records Show Mueller Team Repeatedly Wiped Phones


Stickings: How Sweden Got the Last Laugh on Coronavirus


Trump Campaign Reaches 100M Voters While Biden Is MIA


McCotter: The Racist Left Resurrects Jim Crow


GOP Registers Nearly 7 Times More Voters than Dems in PA


What Coma? North Korea's Kim Appears to Be Up and About


Why Conservatives Are Urging Tulsi to Become a Republican


Hounsell: Don't Pretend the Left Would Have Heeded Trump


2 LA County Sheriff's Deputies Ambushed, Shot in Patrol Car


After 100 Days of Riots, Portland Mayor Bans Use of Tear Gas


President Trump to Visit CA on Monday to See Wildfires


Group Tops 400K Signatures to Repeal MI Gov's Virus Power


Introduced to Take Questions, Kamala Refuses to Take Any


Sources: Big Ten to Re-Vote on When to Start Football Season


Browns' Star QB Reverses Decision on Anthem Kneeling


Wildfires: 10% of Oregon's Population Ordered to Evacuate


Tennis: Osaka Defeats Azarenka to Win 2020 US Open


Top Health Officials Defend Trump Against Woodward Claims


Lawmakers Lash Out at Netflix Over Pedophilic "Cuties"


COVID Halts Holiday Production of Marshmallow Peeps


Crisell: Why Biden Will Withdraw from the Debates


Rush: Trump Scandal Absorption Level Has Been Reached


Poll: Americans' View of Sports Industry Takes Huge Nosedive


NBA Players Kneel During National Anthem on 9/11


NFL Ratings Plummet in Chiefs-Texans Season Opener


Another Mideast Win: Bahrain, Israel to Normalize Relations


Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Hero Who Freed 75+ in Iraq


Dems Have Massive Early Lead in Mail-In Ballots Requested


Trump Vows to Put Election Night Rights Down "Very Quickly"


Will Saudi Arabia Be Next to Make Peace with Israel?


Simpson: Fires in the West - A Hell on Earth


Keltz: Who Will Tell the Truth About Joe Biden?


Democrats Block Senate Republican Coronavirus Aid Bill


Poll: Trust in Dr. Fauci and CDC Slides Since April


15 Mueller Team Phones Were "Accidentally" Wiped Clean


McCarthy: Trump Is Battered by the Waves but Will Not Sink


Rush: Woodward Story - Too Much, Too Late, and Not a Scoop


Republicans Surging in Heated Battle for Control of Senate


Rush: Will the Mail-In Ballot Push Backfire on Democrats?


Chiefs, Texans Loudly Booed During "Moment of Unity"


Ronald Bell - Kool & the Gang Co-Founder (1951-2020)


O'Connell: Trump Has the Momentum as Biden Looks Rattled


VIDEO MONTAGE: Fawning Media Take It Easy on Biden


Trump Hits Biden's Record on Jobs at Packed Michigan Rally


Chicago Police Union Endorses Trump


Event-Goers Since Labor Day: Trump 20,800, Biden 41


US Remembers 9/11 As Pandemic Changes Tribute Traditions


Chiefs Begin Title Defense with 34-20 Victory Over Texans


NY Post: Step Back from 2020 to Recall 9/11 Horrors, Heroes


Irving Kanarek - Charles Manson's Defense Lawyer (1920-2020)


Trump Releases New List of SCOTUS Nominees for 2nd Term


Amazon to Add 33,000 New Jobs with $150K Average Pay


Dame Diana Rigg - Emma Peel in "The Avengers" (1938-2020)


Indoor Dining Finally Set to Return in New York City


Labor Department: Job Openings Surged to 6M+ in July


Ring: Environmentalists Destroyed California's Forests


Pro-Life Group to Reach 7M Battleground Voters by November


Gutmann: No, NYC and Others Are Not in a Death Spriral


Sheld: Another Day, Another Anti-Trump Media Freakout


Widburg: What's Going On with Durham Investigation?


Deranged Adam Schiff Mounts His Russia Horse - Again


Braves Score 29 Runs Against Marlins, Setting NL Record


Smith: Oscars' Woke Quota Will Backfire on Hollywood


Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize After Israel-UAE Deal


Ross: The Pandemic Is History


Redskins Logo Doctored Out of Old Biden Family Photo


Trump Will Withdraw 2,200 Troops from Iraq


LA County Quickly Reverses Trick-or-Treat Ban


No-Lockdown Sweden Now Among World's Safest from Virus


Time-Tested Election Model Predicts a Trump Landslide


Back to the Basement: Biden Abandons Campaign Trail Again


Scientist: CA, NY May Have Reached COVID Herd Immunity


Sopo: Why Trump's Support Among Hispanics Is Growing


Biden's Former WH Stenographer: "Not the Same Joe Biden"


Trump's Law and Order Message Gains Traction in Suburbia


Bob Dylan's New Album Praises Past MIlitary Leaders


Oscars: "Best Picture" Films Must Meet Diversity Standards


Kevin Dobson, "Kojak", "Knots Landing" Star (1943-2020)


Stocks Close Higher as Tech Rebounds


Rochester's Entire Police Command Quits After Riots


LA County Bans Halloween Trick-or-Treating Due to COVID


Irony: NY Governor Blames Trump for NY's COVID Outbreak


Hounsell: Understanding Polling (Why Most Polls are Garbage)


12,000+ Gather at California State Capitol for Worship Service


Poll: 92% of Voters Say Violent Riots Will Affect Their Decision


Massie: White Liberals Are the Real Oppressors of US Blacks


Small Business Owner Confidence Jumps Unexpectedly


Athey: Pundits Gaslight the American People on Violent Riots


Widburg: Another Trump Hoax and Biden's Mental Decline


NY Post: Why Is Biden Addicted to Reading Handlers' Scripts?


Dow Falls 632.42 as Tech Correction Continues


New US COVID Cases: 3-Month Low for Second Straight Day


Amazing, Incredible Joe Biden Jogs Up a Ramp


At Long Last, Joe Biden Condemns Antifa Violence


Issues & Insights: BLM Is How You Get More Racism


Leftist Group Plans 50-Day Siege on White House


SF Dem Pols Close Private Gyms While Leaving Theirs Open


Denver Weather: 101 Degrees Saturday, Snowstorm Monday


"Mulan" Slammed for Ties to China Concentration Camps


Poll: 52% of Young Adults in US Now Live with Parents


Hemingway: The Media Are Lying About the Election Again


Dem Strategists Panic as Suburb Vote Slips Away from Biden


Moran: Democrats' Unseen Advantage in Battleground States


Mike Sexton - Poker Hall of Famer, Commentator (1947-2020)


Busch Launches Dog Brew, a Non-Alcohol Beverage for Dogs


VIDEO: Priceless - Bill Clinton's Face During Hillary's Rant


Victor Davis Hanson: Desperately Derailing Donald


ICE Arrests 2,000+ Illegals, 85% with Violent Criminal Histories


Crouere: Left-Wing Media Have Jumped the Shark


Lou Brock - Hall of Fame Base-Stealing Legend (1939-2020)


Widburg: Despite Dem Threats, Riots Will End if Trump Wins


Oil Prices Tumble as Saudi Arabia Makes Deep Cuts


NYC: Rockettes Cancel 2020 Xmas Show Due to COVID-19


What if the Mayors and Violent Rioters Were Republicans?


Sobieski: Frack-Checking Joe Biden


Kelly: We Have Had Enough Lockdown


Happy Labor Day - Summer's Last Hurrah


Poll: Most Americans Won't Get COVID Vaccine Right Away


Ellis: The Stephen King Election






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