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News Archive for Week of September 28, 2020

Zogby: Trump in Dead Heat with Biden Since COVID Diagnosis


Poll: 40% of Dems Are Happy About Trump's COVID Diagnosis


Twitter Bans Top US Doctor for Recommending HCQ for Trump


COVID Cases Timing - A Biological Weapons Attack on GOP?


Red States Are Outperforming Blue States Economically


Doctors: Trump Continues to Improve During Virus Treatment


All the People in WH Orbit Who Have Tested Positive


Simon: Why Trump's Contracting COVID-19 Will Re-Elect Him


NBA Finals Game 2: Least Watched NBA Finals Game Ever


Twitter Will Suspend Accounts of Those Wishing Trump Death


NC Democrat Senate Candidate Admits to Sexting Scandal


Smith: Is Pussification of US Youth Scientifically Engineered?


Judicial Watch President to Join Court Oversight Agency


Doctor, Meadows Both Now Optimistic After Earlier Conflict


Report: Trump Actions on COVID-19 Saved 100,000s of Lives


Trump-Haters Rejoice Over President's Positive COVID Test


Bob Gibson - Cards' Hall of Fame Pitching Legend (1935-2020)


Trump's Saturday Evening Update: "I Feel Much Better Now"


Michael Moore: Trump May Be Faking COVID-19 as a Strategy


Rush Invites Trump to Appear on His Show for a Radio Rally


Crisell: When the Bogeyman Comes Down with COVID


Schlichter: COVID Chaos Is a Net Plus for Trump Campaign


Poll: Trump Has Gained 3 Points on Biden Since the Debate


Lewis: Why Trump Is Gaining MInority Voters


Chris Wallace Rips Dr. Atlas for Optimistic Health Prediction


Sen. Feinstein Again Calls for Delayed SCOTUS Hearings


Chris Christie (R) Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Kellyanne Conway Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Trump Medical Team "Extremely Happy" with His Progress


President's Campaign Manager Tests Positive for Coronavirus


WI Senator Ron Johnson (R) Tests Positive for Coronavirus


MI High Court Rules Against Governor on Emergency Powers


Vespa: Hmm.. No COVID Outbreaks from Schools Reopening


What Happens If Neither Candidate Gets 270 Electoral Votes?


TRUMP VIDEO MESSAGE: "I Think I Am Doing Very Well"


Kudla: Blue States Secede? Make My Day


Egerer: A Theory for Why Biden Can't Win Hispanics


NBA FInals Game 1 Viewership Is Lowest in Recorded History


Hunter: Joe Biden's Vacant Debate (and Eyes)


Jobless Rate Falls 5th Straight Month to 7.9% - 661K New Jobs


Debate #2 Moderator: Biden Ex-Intern, Avowed Anti-Trumper


Trump Slams Potential Rule Changes for Future Debates


Baker: Who Are the Proud Boys?


Widburg: Decoding the Debate - Trump Won, and He Won Big


Poll: 98% of Voters Say Debate Did Not Change Their Choice


WH Physician: Trump Will Carry Out Duties without Disruption


President Is Asymptomatic and Will Be Ready for Next Debate


Trump Winning Voter Registration Battle in Key States


Has a Member of Mueller's Gang "Flipped" for Durham?


President and First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus


Rush: If Biden Won, Why Don't Dems Want Another Debate?


Schisler: Trump Hands Biden, Wallace Their Heads on a Platter


Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ad


Trump COVID-19 Announcement Rattles Stock Futures


White Supremacists? Proud Boys' Black Leader Disagrees


FISA-Gate Hearing: Hawley Destroys Ex-FBI Director Comey


CA Governor Signs Corporate Boardroom Diversity Law


Rush: A Possible Reason for the "White Supremacy" Hysteria


VIDEO: Was Biden Wearing a Wire During the Debate?


COVID-Restricted Disney to Cut 28,000 Jobs


NFL Week 3 Ratings Crash Across All Broadcast Windows


Helen Reddy - "I Am Woman" Feminist Singer (1941-2020)


NBA Finals: Lakers, Davis Dominate Heat in Game 1


NBA Playoff Viewership Falls Off the Cliff


Commission: There Will Be Format Changes for Next Debate


New AP Guidelines Help Reporters Cover Up Leftist Violence


Davidson: Debate Commission Tried, Failed to Ambush Trump


Senate Passes Stopgap Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown


Gov't May Have All the Data on Phones Wiped by Mueller Gang


Telemundo Hispanic Voters Poll: 66% Say Trump Won Debate


Man Charged in Shooting of 2 Los Angeles County Deputies


NYC: Nearly 100,000 Get Ballots with Wrong Return Envelopes


Verizon Scrambles to Unload HuffPost as Losses Mount


Declassified Intel: Hillary Concocted Trump-Russia Hoax


Private Sector Jobs Up 749K, Far More than Expected


Kimball: Debate Was No Disaster for Biden, But Trump Won


McCarthy: Trump Was Great, Wallace Was a Dreadful Disgrace


Biden Can't Name Support from Any Law Enforcement Group


Sobel: Biden's Serial Lies Are All Caught on Videotape


TN Governor Lifts All Coronavirus Restrictions on Businesses


President Trump Gets THIRD Nobel Peace Prize Nomination


Mac Davis - Songwriter for Elvis Presley (1942-2020)


Biden Denies that ANTIFA Organizations Exist


McKay: Slow Joe's So-So Show


Biden Operative Implicated in Huge TX Ballot Harvest Scheme


CDC: Under Age 70, COVID Survival Rate is 99.5% to 99.997%


The Facts: Trump Paid Millions in Taxes, Owes $0 to Russia


Joe Biden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Preston: De Blasio Wants NYC Under COVID Bootheel Forever


Bartlett: No, Nobody Really Cares About Trump's Taxes


"Ten Commandments of Capitalism" Takes on Socialism


Carney: NYT Attack on Trump's Financial Acumen Is Nonsense


3,100+ Shooting Victims in Lightfoot's Chicago So Far in 2020


Chastain: Tax Story Debunks 3 Trump Conspiracy Theories


NYT Tax Bombshell Story Is Missing a Key Word: "Illegal"


Trump Has Donated $1.4 Million of His Salary to Government


Brady Calls for Criminal Probe into Trump Tax Returns Leak


Project Veritas Uncovers Dem Ballot Harvesting Fraud in MN


NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning Blank Dallas to Win Stanley Cup


Mansour: 25 Questions Biden Should Be Asked in the Debate


Debate: Biden Now Wants Breaks, Flips on Earpiece Check


Debate Night: Everything You Need to Know


Carney: 4 Dem Overreaches that Paved the Way for Barrett


Peek: This Could Shake Up Race as Ex-VP Finally Gets Grilled


Pelosi Prepares for House Vote to Elect the President


Widburg: Judge-Expanded Vote-by-Mail Rules Can Hurt Dems


Schlichter: It's Time for Us Conservatives to Riot


WI Court Halts 6-Day Extension for Counting Absentee Ballots


Report: Durham Indictments Before Election Are Unlikely


Trump Wants Candidate Drug Tests Before and After Debate


Dems: Barrett Should Recuse Herself in Election Disputes


NYT Investigaton into Trump Taxes Finds No Russia Links


US Daily Coronavirus Deaths Near a Six-Month Low


Angry US Plans Full Withdrawal from Iraqi Embassy


Bartlett: For College Students, Due Process Is on the Ballot


Miami Heat Advance to NBA Finals to Face LA Lakers









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