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News Archive for Week of September 21, 2020

VIDEO: Biden Is Incoherent During MSNBC Interview


Washington Examiner: Confirmation Should Be Slam Dunk


GOP Eyes October 12 to Start SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings


Trump Surging with Black and Hispanic Voters in Key States


Phony Kamala Harris Names Tupac "Best Rapper Alive"


Davidson: Dems' Norm Is Personal Destruction of Nominees


Presser: Return Constitution to the People Where It Belongs


New Flynn Documents Pose Huge Trouble for Democrats


Thousands Gather in Washington DC for Prayer March 2020


Schlichter: Democrats Take Aim at Amy Coney Barrett


Attkisson: When Will "Basement Biden" Get in the Game?


Kamala Harris Rips Amy Coney Barrett in Searing Statement


VIDEO: Dan Crenshaw, et al. in Most Bad*ss Political Ad Ever


5 Things to Know About Amy Coney Barrett


Amy Coney Barrett: I Love the US and I Love the Constitution


Dems: Barrett Nomination Ceremony Is "Illegitimate Sham"


LA Lakers Advance to the NBA Finals


VIDEO: Car Plows Through Crowd of Trump Supporters in CA


Welderson: The Ones Who Walk Away


Rush Predicts Biden Will Use COVID to Avoid the Debate


Arama: Dems Pivot to Push In-Person Voting - Guess Why?


Tom Cotton: Trump Will Peacefully Transfer Power in 2025


Military Ballots Found in Trash in PA; All Were Trump Voters

Trays of Mail, Including Absentee Ballots, Found in WI Ditch


Hearings or No Hearings? That Is the Question


Atlanta Fed Estimates 3rd Quarter GDP Growth Will Be 32%


Rally Attendees Since Labor Day: Trump 187,000+, Biden 84


NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning One Win Away from Stanley Cup


Biden Campaign Is Stalling with 40 Days Left


Source: Trump Will Nominate Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS


Trump Unveils Comprehensive Plan for Black Communities


Survey: Hispanic Americans Oppose Illegal Immigration Most


Levy: 22 Reasons Why American Jews Should Vote for Trump


VIDEO: Ron Paul Appears to Have a Stroke Live On Air


Pelosi Again Suggests that Biden Not Debate Trump


Lower: Never Mind "Hidin' Biden" - Where's Kamala?


Florida Lifts All Statewide COVID Restrictions


Poll: Support for Racial Injustice Protests Is Plummeting


Biden Taken Off Campaign Trail Again - 9th Time in September


DOJ: 300+ People Now Facing Charges for Protest Violence


Williamson: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Didn't Understand Her Job


Sundance: All Claims About Breonna's Death Were Lies


Cream of Wheat Chef (1893-2020)


U.S. New Home Sales Hit 14-Year High


ABC/WaPo Poll: Trump Leads Biden by 4 Points in Florida


Report: Hunter Took $3.5M from Moscow Ex-Mayor's Wife


US Diplomat: Another Country to Sign Peace Deal with Israel


Lib Media Already Targeting Barrett with Anti-Catholic Bigotry


Lifson: Dems Hit Panic Button Over SCOTUS Hearings


Senate Report: Sketchy Foreign Payments to Hunter Biden


Meyerson: RBG Won't Be Replaced... Until After the Election


Ryun: In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Dems Plan to Cheat


2 Louisville Officers Shot on Night of Breonna Taylor Protests


Breonna Taylor Officer Charged with Wanton Endangerment


Dems Worry Feinstein Cannot Handle Supreme Court Battle


Dems' Possible New Strategy: Boycott SCOTUS Hearing


Gale Sayers - NFL Hall of Fame Legend (1943-2020)


Trump to Unveil Health Plan Covering Preexisting Conditions


Gene Deitch - "Tom & Jerry", "Popeye" Animator (1924-2020)


Vespa: Why Kamala Harris Might Have a Wife Beater Problem


COVID Deaths 75% Lower in Nations Using HCQ


NYC Will Not Allow Crowd in Times Square for New Year's Eve


US Colleges: 48,299 COVID Cases, 2 Hospitalizations, 0 Deaths


Vespa: Now Even Ginsburg Becomes a Target of the Left


Issues & Insights: The Trump Recovery Is Outperforming


House Passes Bill to Keep Gov't Funded Until December 11


Biden Calls "Lid" on Appearances for 8th Time This Month


Whalen: California - The Golden State Is in Utter Decay


Thomas: Ginsburg's Passing - The Conservative Moment


Topics Announced for Next Week's Presidential Debate


Tommy DeVito - Co-Founder of The Four Seasons (1928-2020)


Executive Order: No Critical-Race Training by Fed Contractors


Marcus: It's Time to Ask if Biden Is OK


Democrats Raise $70+ Million the Day After Ginsburg's Death


VIDEO: Biden Completely Botches the Pledge of Allegiance


Bloomberg Raises Millions to Help Florida Felons Vote


Trump Blasts China and WHO for COVID-19 in UN Speech


Owens Says Amazon Is Destroying Her Books Before Shipping


Sen. Graham: GOP Already Has the Votes Needed to Confirm


US Household Net Worth Hits Highest Level Ever


Ahmari: Amy Coney Barrett Is Best Choice to Replace RBG


Benson: A Case for Nominating Barbara Lagoa


Primetime Emmy Awards Ratings Drop to All-Time Low


RBG to Lie in Repose at the Supreme Court this Week


US Daily COVID Deaths: Lowest 2-Day Level Since Early July


Trump Will Announce SCOTUS Nominee by Friday or Saturday


Lifson​: Dems' Court-Packing Threat Creates Opening for GOP


Adams: Supreme Court Is Not The Make-a-Wish Foundation


Biden: 200 MILLION Americans Have Died from Coronavirus


Kaster: The Brave New World of Coronavirus Safetyism


Portland Shootings Soar After Mayor Ends Gun Crimes Unit


DOJ Declares NYC, Portland, Seattle "Anarchist Jurisdictions"


ABC Masquerades Anti-Trump Activists as "Uncommitted"


Biden Refuses to Release His Possible SCOTUS Nominee List


Wolverton: Will the Lockdowns Outlast the Coronavirus?


Jo Jorgensen: The Libertarian Party's Presidential Alternative


Poll: Large Majority (Including Dems) Want 2020 Confirmation


Nominee Front Runners: Amy Coney Barrett, Barbara Lagoa


Bryson DeChambeau Wins US Open for First Major Golf Title


Emmy Awards: List of Nominees and Winners


Pelosi Won't Rule Out Impeachment to Stop Nomination


"F**k Cuomo and de Blasio" Mural Painted on Brooklyn Street


Iraqi Party Leader Calls for Normalizing Iraq-Israel Ties


McConnell Gets Key GOP Senators' Support in SCOTUS Battle


Gensert: Do Democrats Really Believe Biden Is Winning?


Woma​n Arrested for Sending Ricin-Laced Letter to President








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