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News Archive for Week of September 14, 2020

VIDEO: What Dems Said in 2016 About Filling SCOTUS Seat


Sucher: Voters Are Waking Up to Presidential Election Stakes


4 GOP Senators Who Might Derail Trump's SCOTUS Pick


Does McConnell Have the 50 Votes to Confirm a New Justice?


Susan B. Anthony President: RBG's Death a "Turning Point"


Pompeo Announces Restoration of All Sanctions on Iran


Schlichter: GOP Senate D*mn Well Better Confirm Nominee


Trump: Nominee Will Be "Very Talented, Very Brilliant Woman"


McConnell Says Trump's Nominee Will Receive Senate Vote


Smith: The Biden Hoax


Ginsburg in 2016: Confirm Nominee Sooner Rather than Later


McKay: Amy Barrett - Immediately, If Not Sooner


Ginsburg in 2020: Don't Replace Me Until After Inauguration


Rasmussen: Trump Approval 53%


Trump Supporters Chant "Fill that Seat!" at NC Rally


Concentrated Deadly Ricin Sent to Trump at White House


MSM Ignore Cuban-Americans' 4,000-Car Trump Caravan in FL


Rasmussen: Trump 47%, Biden 46% Among Likely Voters


Van Morrison's Anti-Lockdown Songs Attack "Fascist Bullies"


Gabbard (D), Davis (R) Introduce Bill to Ban Ballot Harvesting


PA Supreme Court Gives Dems a Cheat-by-Mail Win


US Sends Troops, Vehicles into Syria to Counter Russia


Judaism Celebrates Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year


New "1776 Commission" to Promote Teaching Patriotic History


Hoft: Replace Ginsburg ASAP to Prevent 2020 Election Fraud


SELF-VIDEO: Woman's Hysterical Meltdown Over RBG Death


Hillary: Use Procedural Obstacles to Stop McConnell


Libs Threaten Violence, Destruction over SCOTUS Nominee


Amy Coney Barrett: Front-Runner for Trump SCOTUS Pick


Sources: Trump to Name New SCOTUS Nominee within Days


President Trump: Justice Ginsburg Led "An Amazing Life"


Leaked: Nashville Hid Low COVID Data to Prolong Lockdown


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020)


Black Leaders Launch "1776 Unites" to Counter 1619 Project


What Happens if the Election Ends in an Electoral Vote Tie?


Why Is Biden So Frightened of a Pre-Debate Drug Test?


David Limbaugh: How Rich - Leftist Fascists Decrying Fascism


Torres: Sit, Stay, and Roll Over, America

Conrad Black: Trump Hate Is Not Enough


Census Data: Record Income Gains, Historic Low Poverty


Pelosi Does a 180 and Finally Calls for Prosecution of Rioters


Study Finds 349,000 Dead People on Voter Rolls in 41 States


Feds Probe Princeton After It Confesses to Systemic Racism


Nextflix Star in Biden Video Arrested on Child Porn Charges


Beauregard: Income by Ethnicity Disproves White Privilege


Stocking: Once-Frantic Dems Now Say In-Person Voting Safe


Legal Fight for the Presidential Election Has Already Started


Brown: Who Killed George Floyd? Not the Police


Media Ignore Trump's Historic Middle East Peace Deal


Senate Committee Authorizes Subpoenas for Obama Officials


Winston Groom - "Forrest Gump" Author (1943-2020)


At-Home Rapid COVID Test Developed, Awaits FDA Approval


Police-Defunding City Council Asks - Where Are the Police?


Car Parade for Biden in Manchester, NH: Only 3 Cars Show Up


Up to Two Thirds of Young Americans Ignorant of Holocaust


Schlichter: So, How Do They Dump Biden?


Rush: Trump's Mideast Peace Deal Sidelines the Palestinians


Big Ten Football to Resume Play Weekend of October 24


Record Number of GOP Women Running for Office in 2020


College Enrollment Drops Due to Campus COVID Restrictions


Hurricane Sally Weakens But Leaves 550,000 without Power


Drudge Report Loses Nearly 40% of Readership Since 2019


Poll: Riots Turn Riot Zone Residents into Trump Supporters


Exiled Chinese Virologist: COVID-19 Came from a Lab


Monday Night Football Ratings Fall 17% in Week 1


Biden: No More Federal Funding for Charter Schools


Taft: The Portland Riots Just Stopped - Why?


Trump-Brokered Agreements: Dawn of a New Middle East?


Rush: Biden Win Will Mean Permanent One-Party Government


Kamala Accidently Discusses "Harris Administration" On-Air


Media Ignore Massive Middle Class Boom Under Trump


Shideler: They're Not Gonna Stop


Rasmussen: Trump Approval at 52%


Hurricane Sally May Bring Historic Flooding to Gulf Coast


Twitter Shuts Down Exiled Chinese Virologist's Account


YouTube Censors Video of WH COVID Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas


Scientists Find Antibody that Neutralizes COVID-causing Virus


Hispanic NFL Announcer Loses Job Over Support for Trump


Cancel Culture Targets Beethoven's Fifth Symphony


Poll: Most Americans See Law and Order as Significant Issue


Conrad Black: The Dems' Undeserving and Uncivil Campaign


Biden Campaign Forms Legal Unit to Contest Election Results


Kelley: The Truth About Our Pandemic Response


NBC's Sunday Night Football Ratings Crash Nearly 30%


Sullivan: Goodell and Wokeness Have Ensured NFL's Decline


Report: Left-Wing Groups Plot Riots on Social Media


Hurricane Sally: Category 2 and Heading Toward Gulf Coast


Massie: The Communists' Targeting of Blacks


DHS Cracks Down on Goods Made with Chinese Forced Labor


Thousands Turn Out for "Trump Train" Parade in Laredo, TX


Only a Dozen Vehicles at "Latinos for Biden" Parade in NV


Stevie Lee - "Jackass 3D" Dwarf and Wrestler (1966-2020)


200+ Former Military Leaders Endorse Trump in Open Letter


Trump Signs Executive Order to Lower Drug Prices


9th Circuit: Trump May Seek to Deport up to 300,000 Illegals


Rosenberger: Trump's Victory Must Be a Rout


Victor Davis Hanson: Biden, "The Great and Powerful"


McCarthy: Antifa and BLM - The Dem Party's Stormtroopers


Rasmussen: Trump Approval at 51%


De Blasio: No Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade This Year


Anti-Science Pelosi Blames "Angry Mother Earth" for Wildfires


Bloomberg Pledges $100 Million to Help Biden in Florida


Schlichter: Conservatives' Counterattack in the Culture War


SF May Soon Allow 16-Year-Olds to Vote in Local Elections


Beaton: We've Declared Whites Racist Based on Their Race


Anti-Trump Drudge Report Continues to Hemorrhage Readers


Tennis: Dominic Thiem Wins Men's US Open


Hurricane Sally Intensifies Rapidly Off Gulf Coast


LA County Deputies Out of Surgery, Expected to Survive


10,000+ Academics Sign Statement Against Cancel Culture


McCotter: The Racist Left Resurrects Jim Crow







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