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News Archive for Week of October 5, 2020

WHO Now Says Lockdowns Are a Bad Idea to Be Avoided


Biden: Voters Don't Deserve to Know if I Plan to Pack SCOTUS


VP Draws 4,000 - More Than All 2020 Biden Rallies Combined


Portland Rioters Topple Presidential Statues, Damage Museum


Dems Appear to Be Crushing GOP in Senate Race Fundraising


South Florida: 30,000+ Cars in "Latinos for Trump" Caravan


Harris: 98 Things You Never Knew Were Racist


Root: Fake Poll Alert - Proof that Biden Is Not Winning


Gallup: 56% Say They Are Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago


Moran: Coronavirus Rages in Europe - What Went Wrong?


PA: Nearly 60,000 Mail-In Ballots Missing in Pro-Trump County


Debate Commission Swamp: Anti-Trumpers from Both Parties


Ellis: The Chinese Gutting of America


49,669 Ohio Voters Receive Inaccurate Mail-In Ballots


Why Did Next Debate Moderator Delete Her Twitter Account?


Smith: How Modern Education Makes Good Little Marxists


Pompeo: We Have Hillary's Deleted E-Mails


Trump Doctor: Prez Is No Longer a COVID Transmission Risk


Hurt: If Dems Are So Far Ahead, Why Do They Act Desperate?


Microsoft Will Allow Employees to Stay Remote Permanently


No COVID-19 Spike in FL Despite Lifting of Mask Mandate


Beware the Venemous Hairy Caterpillars Invading Virginia


Rice: No Compassion for Millions Suffering from Lockdowns


Whitey Ford - New York Yankees Pitching Legend (1928-2020)


Census Bureau: Median Household Income Hit All-Time High


Scientists Push Herd Immunity, Not "Devastating" Lockdowns


Gallup Poll: 56% View Trump as Strong, Decisive Leader


Joondeph: Presidential Polls - Déjà Vu All Over Again?


Prentice: The End of COVID Hysteria


Pavlich: Pelosi 25th Amendment Ploy About Biden, Not Trump


Biden: Kamala Ready to Be President "On Day One"


Dems Pressure Biden to Publicly Embrace Court-Packing Plan


Biden-Harris Have Only 3% of Trump's Online Viewership


Trump: Fox News "No Longer Great", Campaign "Obstacle"


VDH: Trump Is Now One with Countless Essential Workers


Pelosi Raises 25th Amendment Threat to Trump - Again


6 Charged in Alleged Plot to Abduct, Kill, MI Govenor Whitmer


Trump Is Outperforming His 2016 Polling in Swing States


Shurk: Shy Trump Voters or Fed Up Trump Voters?


VIDEO: Would-Be Whitmer Kidnapper Calls Trump a "Tyrant"


Hurricane Delta Heads Toward Louisiana's Southwest Coast


Trump Doctor: "Safe Return" to Public Events on Saturday


40 Key Russia Documents President Must Still Declassify


Trump, Biden Campaigns Agree to Push 2nd Debate to 10/22


Imagine - John Lennon Would Have Turned 80 Today


Pence Eviscerates Biden-Harris Campaign in VP Debate


Luntz: Undecideds Found Harris "Abrasive, Condescending"


Trump to Host Virtual Rally on Friday's Rush Limbaugh Show


DOJ Sues Yale for Bias Against White and Asian Applicants


Harris Says She Won't Ban Fracking, Video Shows Otherwise


VIDEO: Wisconsin Rioters Smash Businesses, Attack Homes


Science: NASA Says Climate Is Going to Get Cooler


Schlichter: They Want You to Be Afraid


Lennox: De Blasio Is Suddenly Anti-Violence - Targets Jews


CDC Calls for Virtual Debate - Trump Says He Won't Participate


Vespa: The Way Pollsters Sample Republicans Is Skewed


Vespa: Don't Believe Polling Numbers - Here's Why


NBA to Ditch BLM, Social Justice Messaging Next Season


VP Debate: Harris Promises a Massive Tax Increase on Day 1


Mortgage Rates Set Another Record Low


Fonda Celebrates US Deaths: "COVID Is God's Gift to the Left"


Jacobson: Harris Showed There Is Still No "There" There


Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Chain Files Bankruptcy


Hinderaker: What Obama Knew, and When He Knew It


Trump OKs Declassification of All Russia, Clinton E-Mail Docs


Pence Wipes the Floor with Biden and Harris on Coronavirus


WH Doctor: Trump Is Symptom-Free and Has Antibodies


House Dems Slam Big Tech but Ignore Anti-Conservative Bias


Almost 95% of Silicon Valley Donations Have Gone to Biden


Trump: I Will Sign a Stand-Alone Relief Bill for $1,200 Checks


Ben Shapiro: If Trump Loses, It's on Trump


Eddie Van Halen, Legendary Guitar Hero (1955-2020)


Johnny Nash - "I Can See Clearly Now" Singer (1940-2020)


5K+ Top Infectious Disease Experts Move to End Lockdowns


Poll: Portland's Leftist Mayor Trails Radical Antifa Opponent


LA Lakers Are One Win Away from NBA Title


Declassified Russia Docs May Prove Hillary Committed Felony


DOJ to Hold Press Conference on "Matter of National Security"


Trump Ends Coronavirus Relief Negotiations with Pelosi


Mansour: 25 Questions to Ask Kamala Harris in the Debate


Biden Walks Back Campaign Promise to Attend Next Debate


Dow Surges +530.70 to Highest Close in 5 weeks


Trump, Atlas: Time to Face Down Coronavirus Fear


LA Removes Trump Sign, Claims It Is a Traffic and Fire Hazard


Docs: Obama Knew of Hillary Plan to "Stir Up" Russia Scandal


Huge "Hollywood" Style Trump Sign Appears on Hill Above LA


New Allegations in NC Dem Senate Candidate's Sex Scandal


Lifson: Re-Opening the Economy is the #1 Campaign Issue


New WHO Estimate Puts COVID-19 Death Rate at Only 0.13%


Prager: To All Those Who "Vote for the Man, Not the Party"


Franklin: Speculation Mounts About Source of Trump's Illness


Battleground Polls Show Shift of Seniors Away from Trump


"Some Black Woman": Biden's Racist Comment Goes Viral


Americans, Especially Women, Drink More During Pandemic


Plexiglas Will Separate Pence and Harris at VP Debate


Mill: Why Doesn't It Feel Like Biden Is Winning?


Record GDP Growth Estimate for 3rd Quarter: 34 Percent


SCOTUS Hands GOP a Legal Victory on Mail-In Ballots


Trump Remains Symptom-Free the Morning After WH Return


Trump: Don't Live in Fear of Pandemic


Senate Judiciary Committee: ACB Hearings to Begin on 10/12


Trump Promises a Second Major Tax Cut


Catron: Democratic Bile Will Reelect Trump


Knight: Pushing Back the Indoctrination


Trump Discharged from Walter Reed, Returns to White House


Zelikovsky: Who Targeted the President?


WH Press Secretary McEnany Tests Positive for COVID-19


DI Poll: Trump Leads Nationally and in Swing States


Minneapolis Plan to Defund the Police Collapses


What Happens If a Presidential Candidate Withdraws or Dies?


10 Major DC "Consensus" Lies Trump Has Shattered Forever


NBA Finals Ratings Hit All-Time Low for 2nd Straight Game


De Blasio Shuts Down Many NYC Schools, Businesses Again


Left Explodes as Trump Takes Short Ride Outside Hospital


NYC: Trump Supporters' Caravan Closes Down Fifth Avenue


Pelosi Accused of Blocking COVID Testing for House Members


Hunter: It's Time to Hate Them Back


Widburg: Pope Francis Goes Full Communist


Sen. McConnell: Barrett Confirmation Will Not Be Delayed


Dow Up 465.83 to Highest Close Since September 3


T​rump Says He Is Leaving Walter Reed Monday Evening


Pavlich: Is Mass Mail-in Voting About to Backfire on Dems?


NY Post: Left's Silly Attacks on ACB Show No Real Complaint


Medical Team: Trump Could Be Released as Early as Monday


Record-Breaking California Wildfires Surpass 4 Million Acres










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