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News Archive for Week of October 26, 2020

Dr. Fauci Melts Down Again, Attacks Dr. Atlas, Predicts Doom


Massive Crowd Greets Trump at Butler, PA Rally


Biden Aides See Warning Signs in Low Black, Latino Turnout


Progressives Gear Up for Dem "Bloodbath" If Biden Loses


Baumann: How GOP Combats Big Tech Censors, Media Bias


Kamala Introduced as "Next President" at TX Campaign Event

England: Boris Johnson Announces 4-Week COVID Lockdown


Dazed Biden Promises to Mobilize "Trunalimunumaprzure"


Sean Connery - James Bond Actor (1930-2020)


NJ Gov Considers Another Lockdown as COVID Cases Spike


Election 2020 - A Guide to Pennsylvania's Political Hot Spots


Bernstein: Woke American Tigers Crouching in China


Rogan: Get Ready for More Chinese Intellectual Property Theft


Poll: Trump Takes Over Lead in Iowa as Biden Fades


Polls: Trump Is Now Up in MI, FL, and PA, and Tied in WI


Biden Melts Down at Trump Supporters in MN: "Ugly Folks"


Report: A Second Hunter Biden Laptop Now in Feds' Custody


Herb Adderley - Lombardi Packers Hall of Famer (1939-2020)


Fall Back: Daylight Saving Time Ends


Biden: You Can Keep Private Health Insurance If You Like It


Rasmussen: Nearly 1 in 3 Black Voters Will Choose Trump


Barron: November Surprise - Trump and the Coming Red Wave


McQuillan: Is China Funding the Phony Joe Biden Campaign?


Colleges Are Slashing Tuition to Entice Students Back


230+ Federal Election Lawsuits Have Been Filed Already


Biden Pledges to Gut Religious Freedom Protections


Positive Trump Polls Spark Polling Circle Debate


Catron: Democrat Delusions About Early Voting


At Long Last, Twitter Backs Down, Unlocks NY Post Account


"Trump House" Draws 1,000+ Visitors a Day in Western PA


Black Pro-Lifers Sue Planned Parenthood for Discrimination


Picture Brightens for GOP to Keep Control of Senate


Clemson Star QB Trevor Lawrence Tests Positive for COVID-19


Margolis: Biden's Campaign Schedule Contradicts Most Polls


Vespa: Are Dems Heading for a 2020 Bloodbath?


Rapper Lil' Wayne (Who Has 34M Followers) Endorses Trump


Smith: The Democratic Party Is the Dark Winter


Harsanyl: The Left Doesn't Fear ACB - It Fears the Constitution


Barone: The Perils of Political Trifectas


Illinois Bar Owners Vow to Defy COVID-19 Lockdown Order


Report: Philadelphia Police Ordered Not to Arrest Looters

FL Dem Organizer Issues Worrisome Warning for Biden Camp


Biden Uses Adolf Hitler in Campaign Ad


Philadelphia Riots May Bolster Trump in PA Suburbs


Protests Against Virus Restrictions Become Violent in Europe


3Q GDP Rose at 33.1% Pace, Largest Increase Ever (By Far)


Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to 751,000 - Lowest Since March


Big Tech CEOs Admit There Was No Russian Disinformation


Gage: Biden Is Sinking


Leftists Attack Girl Scouts of America for Congratulating ACB


Rasmussen: Trump Approval - 52%


Twitter CEO Lies to Congress: We Never Censored Trump


Ted Cruz Rips Twitter CEO for Censoring Hunter Bombshell


Rasmussen White House Watch: Biden 48%, Trump 47%


SCOTUS Allows North Carolina to Extend Mail-In Vote Deadline


Schlichter: Don't Get Suckered by the Establishment Psy-Op


Kels: Please Stop Telling Cops to Shoot Suspects in the Leg


Rush: Send Domestic Terrorist Rioters to Gitmo


Amid Riots, Philly DA Sets Sights on... Trump Poll Watchers


Billy Joe Shaver - Outlaw-Country Songwriter (1939-2020)


De Caro: Joe Biden Is the Plug-n-Play Chinese Dupe


Confidential Docs Related to Biden Family Have Vanished


NYT's "Anonymous" Turns Out to Be Insignificant Pipsqueak


Ivanka Trump Draws a Bigger Crowd in Florida than Obama


Hurricane Zeta Makes Landfall in Louisiana as Category 2


Bobulinski on Fox News: Biden and Family Are Compromised


Percy: Google and Happy White Women


Bawer: Donald Trump, Genie


VIDEO: Prager - Dems Don't Care About Lockdown's Victims


AOC's Congressional District Has #1 COVID Death Rate in US


New Video: 38 Times Trump Denounced White Supremacy


Philadelphia: 1,000 Burn, Loot Stores on Second Night of Riots


The Hill: Don't Believe the Polls - Trump Is Winning


Estimated 29,000 Attend Trump Rally in Omaha


Gage: Yes, the Polls Are Shifting


Tyrrell: Donald Trump Is Again Going to Win


Joe Biden Rallies Dozens in Georgia


10 Bobulinski Interview Moments the Lib Media Will Ignore


Nearly 70 Million Americans Have Already Voted


Fox News Has Highest-Rated Month in Cable News History


Rush: What the Pollsters Could Be Missing


Stocks Fall Sharply on Renewed International COVID Fears


LA Dodgers Win World Series


Surber: Enthusiasm Gap Crushes Biden


Shapiro: The Dems' Great COVID Lie


Langer: Hunter Biden Is Just the Tip of the China Iceberg


Prentice: Donald Trump Is the Strong Horse


Widburg: Everything Now Shows Biden Is China's Candidate


Supreme Court Rejects Extending WI Absentee Ballot Deadline


York: The Big Trump Rallies You Don't See


GOP Refiles Supreme Court Challenge to PA Voting Rules


Richmond Fed Manufacturing Survey Hits Highest Level Ever


Justice Barrett Faces an Upcoming Gauntlet of Challenges


Harrod: Prediction Markets and the Elections


Rasmussen: Trump Takes a 48% to 47% Lead Over Biden


Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court


Schumer: ACB Confirmation Is One of Senate's Darkest Days

Davis: Barrett Confirmation - A New Age of Constitutionalism?

Leftists Decry CBS' Tough Questioning of Cackling Kamala


Tucker Carlson Set to Interview Bobulinski on Tuesday Night


Confused Biden Warns of "Four More Years of George"


MacKinnon: Will Anyone on Left Get Why Trump Won Again?


China Faces an Impending Food Shortage


VDH: Trump Won the Debate - But Won Bigly the Post-Debate


Root: This Is the Michael Dukakis Election of 2020


Hahn: Waiter, There's a Judge in My Ballot Box


Joondeph: Political Motive Behind COVID "Surge" Reports?


LA Dodgers Are One Win Away from a World Series Title


NYC: Anti-Protesters Hurl Rocks at "Jews for Trump" Convoy


Biden Goes Into Hiding for the Remainder of the Campaign


Stocks Down Sharply on Coronavirus, Stimulus Concerns


Senate Advances ACB for Monday Confirmation Vote


Report: Trump Plans to Fire FBI, CIA Directors After Election


Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Vote Set for 7:30 PM (ET)


Asian News Agency Releases Hunter Biden Sex Tapes Online



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