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News Archive for Week of October 19, 2020

"Can You Change Your Vote" Surges in Online Search Terms


After Record Fundraising, Trump Campaign Targets Minnesota


Biden and Bon Jovi Held Rally on Saturday - 12 People Came


VIDEO: Hilarious New "Weekend at Biden's" Campaign Ad


Asian News Agency Releases Hunter Biden Sex Tapes Online


Q3 GDP Forecast: 30% - Best Since the End of WWII


Early Florida In-Person Voting: Trump Surges Ahead


"Voter Expectation" Poll Gives Trump 78% Chance to Win


Another Middle East Peace Deal - Sudan Recognizes Israel


Biden Corruption Is #1 Social Media Interaction Topic


Rasmussen: Trump Approval Among Black Voters Is 46%


Poll: 53% of Biden Voters Have Already Cast Ballots


Jerry Jeff Walker - "Mr. Bojangles" Songwriter (1942-2020)


Sen. Murkowski Says She Will Vote "YES" to Confirm ACB


World Series Tied 2-2 After Wild End to Game 4


William Blinn -  Landmark TV Screenwriter (1937-2020)


Trump Exec Order Makes It Easier to Fire Federal Bureaucrats


Biden Calls Another Lid and Heads Back to the Basement


Biden Declares He Will Transition US Away from Oil Industry


Biden Claims He Never Urged Fracking Ban (But It's on Video)


VIDEO: Biden Says No One Lost Insurance Under Obamacare


Biden Whistleblower Bobulinski to Turn Materials Over to FBI


Brown: Facts Matter - Trump's Real Record on Race


Margolis: Biden's 7 Worst Moments During the Final Debate


Shapiro: Media Are Now Biden's Communication Department


Strassel: What We Learned from Bobulinski's Text Messages


VIDEO: The Moment Biden Realized He Had Lost the Debate


Bishops Condemn Pope's Remarks on Same-Sex Civil Unions


Trump Raises Record $26M Online in 24 Hours After Debate


63 Million Watch Final Debate (14% Less than First Debate)


NY Post: Joe Biden Has Explaining to Do


Trump Changes Affiliaton to Nondenominational Christianity


NFL Could Push Super Bowl to March Due to Coronavirus


Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Level Since March


Ellis: China Is Running Big Tech


Unemployment Figures Dramatically Favor GOP-Led States


Flynn: Donald Trump Won the Debate


Hinderaker: Nice Job by Trump


Whistleblower Bobulinski Drops Multiple Bombshells


Biden Vows Amnesty for All Illegals in First 100 Days


Was Obama in on the Biden Family Schemes Too?


Green: The Unspeakable Corruption of Joe Biden


Trump Owned the Debate Stage, and Biden Along With It


Trump on Border Separatons: "Who Built the Cages, Joe?"


Zawistowski: Mail-In Voting Will Not Prevent a Trump Victory


NYC Macy's: Santa Claus Won't Be Coming to Town This Year


Rasmussen: President's Approval Rating Soars to 52%


Who Is Tony Bobulinski, Hunter's Former Business Associate?


Donovan: Why the Polls May Be Wrong Again


Kamala Harris Holds NC Rally and Only 10 People Show Up


Senate Dems Block COVID-19 Stimulus Bill - Again


World Series Game 1 Viewership Falls 25% to All-Time Low


Glick: The Foreign Policy Debate Americans Should Hear


Stager: Biden's Planned Economic Fiasco = Trump Wins


2016 Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Transcripts Are Released


Hunter: The Russians Made Me Write This


Biden Insider Provides Trove of Hunter Documents to Senate


Hunter's Former Business Partner Hands Over 26,000 E-Mails


Spencer Davis - "Gimme Some Lovin'" Rocker (1939-2020)


Secret Service Records Confirm Hunter Trips Shown in E-Mails


Report: 45% of Florida COVID-19 Deaths Were Misclassified


Biden Whistleblower Bobulinski to Be Trump's Debate Guest


Final Presidential Debate: 5 Things to Watch


Victor Davis Hanson: How Trump Should Approach Debate


COVID Vaccine Trials on Track to Begin Delivering Results


Cell Phone Data Show More Are Moving to NYC than Leaving


ACB Confirmation Vote Set for October 26 (Hillary's Birthday)


Biden Insider Claims He Saw Joe, Hunter Discussing Deals


Senate Dems to Boycott Judiciary Committee's ACB Vote


Rasmussen: Biden Lead, 8% a Week Ago, Is Now Down to 3%


Mill: Did Joe Biden Take a Bribe?


VIDEO: Today's Classic Unhinged Liberal Meltdown Montage


Poll Surprise: Nearly 2/3 of US Muslim Leaders Back Trump


Prentice: This Is How the Left's Power Structure Collapses


Green: Chins Up, Buckaroos - Donald Trump Is Going to Win


10 Examples of Joe Biden's Racially Charged History


IBD/TIPP Poll: Race Is a Dead Heat, Biden "Leaking Support"


Sources: FBI Now Has Custody of Purported Hunter Laptop


Catron: Will Black and Hispanic Voters Reelect Trump?


Giuliani Gives DE Police Shocking Alleged Hunter Texts, Pics


Epoch Times: Hunter Biden Was Trying to Tell Us Something


Trump Criticizes Leslie Stahl's Biased "60 Minutes" Interview


Studies: COVID Fatality Rates Are Falling Sharply Everywhere


Gallup: GOP Overtakes Democrats in Party Affiliation


China's Economy Is Booming During Pandemic It Unleashed


DOJ Files Long-Awaited Antitrust Lawsuit vs. Google


VIDEO: Buck, Aikman Mock Military Flyover Before NFL Game


Tony Lewis: Lead Singer for The Outfield (1957-2020)


WSJ Demands that Biden Answer Questions on Hunter, China


PA Rally: Trump Plays Biden/Harris Anti-Fracking Video Clips


Study: 97% of Late Night TV Jokes Target Trump, 3% Biden


Rudy: Wednesday Docs Will Show Bidens' Financial Crimes


Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump After Seeing Biden's Tax Plan


Project Veritas Exposes Google's Rigged Search Algorithms


Lifson: The Fix Is In for the Final Presidential Debate


Spencer: Tippecanoe and Biden Too


Dem Operatives Admit Growing Concern that Trump May Win


Campaign Adviser: Prez Will Press Biden on E-Mails at Debate


Final Trump-Biden Debate Will Feature Muted Microphones


Lawmakers Hail "Most Important Antitrust Case in Generation"


Widburg: Things May Get Much Worse for Hunter and Joe


New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Vile Act on Zoom


Study: Facebook/Twitter Censored Trump 65 Times, Biden 0


Morgan: Biden Must Answer Questions About Hunter's Deals


Smith: Do the Chinese Own Joe Biden?


Roberts Sides with SCOTUS Liberals in PA Vote-by-Mail Battle


Lifson: Hunter's Hard Drive Roll-Out Will Unleash a Whirlwind


Ted Cruz: Amend Constitution Limiting SCOTUS to 9 Justices


Gov. Cuomo Threatens to Withhold COVID Vaccine from NY


Rush: An Update on My Health - It's a Roller Coaster


Data: Tech Censorship Has Doubled Interest in Laptop Story


Heyward: Weimar America?


Pro-Trump Caravan in Arizona Reportedly Stretches 30 Miles


Kotkin: Democratic Civil War


Alexander: Big Tech Is Working to Steal Election from Trump


Turley: How the Social Media Have Become the "State Media"


Vespa: Pollsters Miss Trump's Invisible Edge Over Biden


Legendary NHL Broadcaster Mike "Doc" Emrick to Retire


Hinderaker: The Brownshirts Are Back


Joe Biden Goes into Hiding Until Thursday


MI Governor Displays Subtle "Kill Trump" Symbol in Interview


Widburg: Latest News Should End Blackout of Hunter Story


Bannon: Hunter Laptop Has 25,000 Pics - Filthy Selfies, Porn


VIDEO: Thousands Cheer Trump's Newport Beach Motorcade


Next Debate Moderator Was Caught Tipping Off Hillary in 2016


Early Voting Data in Key States Are Good News for Trump


LA Dodgers Defeat Atlanta in Game 7 to Win NL Pennant


LOL VIDEO: Teleprompter Is the Only Big Thing at Biden Rally


Marcus: Biden E-Mails Prove Impeachment Was a Sham


Twitter Removes Anti-Mask Tweet from Dr. Scott Atlas


NYPD Retirement Rate Soars, Mayor de Blasio Blamed


Trump Fights to Win Back Seniors


Kyrylenko: How Likely Is Post-Election Violence?



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