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News Archive for Week of October 12, 2020

Why Is FBI Child Porn Lawyer Involved in Biden Laptop Case?


Widburg: 15 Reasons the Polls May Be Wrong


Antifa Members Attack Trump Supporters at Free Speech Rally


Biden: Muslims Will Serve at Every Level of My Administration

Biden Retreats to Delaware as Trump Stumps in 4 States


Health Data: Trump Rallies Are Not COVID "Superspreaders"


Charles: The Media's Insidious Obsession Over QAnon


Emert: Republicans Shouldn't Fear Puerto Rico Statehood


US Core Retail Sales Experience Record Surge in September


Survey: Majority of Arabs Back Trump Middle East Peace Plan


Third Presidential Debate Moderator Has Deep Democrat Ties


Trump to Hold October 21 Town Hall with Pro-Trump Moderator


Europe Surpasses the US in Daily Coronavirus Cases


Derek Hunter: Joe Biden Is Not a Good Person


Biden Pledges to Sign Bill Allowing Boys to Play Girls' Sports


Rhonda Fleming - Hollywood Golden Age Star (1923-2020)


Twitter, Facebook Get into the News Censorship Business


Tampa Bay Rays Defeat Houston in Game 7 to Win AL Pennant


Stocking: Did Identity Politics Backfire on NBC in Town Hall?


Hunter Business Associate's E-Mails Reveal Chinese Access


Study: 99% of Donations from Twitter, Facebook Went to Dems


Lewis: That Pesky Enthusiasm Gap


Section 230: Social Media Face Day of Reckoning


Vespa: Biden Campaign Manager Confirms - Polls Are Trash


Ledeen: China - A Major Catastrophe on the Horizon?


Appeals Court Hands Trump Win in MI Absentee Ballot Fight


TV News Networks Bury the Hunter Biden Story


Conservative Star Dan Bongino Reveals Cancer Diagnosis


Biden Outraises Trump $383M to $248M in September


RNC files FEC Complaint Against Twitter


Disney Attaches Racism Warnings to Multiple Iconic Films


Facebook Suppresses Pro-Life Ad Slamming Biden/Harris


Trump: We Are Running Against the Media and "Big Bad Tech"


Stein: Is Trump a Better Choice for Jewish Voters than Biden?


Giuliani Explains How He Verified Hunter Biden's Laptop


"Moderator" Guthrie Hogs Time, Berates Trump Non-Stop


Stephanopoulos Fails to Ask Biden About Hunter's E-Mails


Procedural Wrangling Could Delay ACB Vote Until 10/28-10/30


Giuliani: You've Seen Only 5% of What's on Hunter's Laptop


Soros Triples Spending, Pours $70M into 2020 Elections


Report: Swing Voters Are Standing by Trump


Widburg: The Real Star of Thursday's Town Halls


Schweizer: E-Mails Show China, Ukraine Bought Biden Access


JP Morgan: Voter Registration Patterns Give Trump an Edge


Polls: 83% of Orthodox Jews, 63% of Israelis Favor Trump


Giuliani: Text Shows Half of Hunter's Profits Go to Joe Biden


Poll: 60% of Voters Are Concerned About Biden's Age


With CEO Under Subpoena Threat, Twitter Changes Its Policy


Poll: Most Blame Pelosi for Failing to Pass COVID Stimulus


Merriam-Webster Redefines Word to Back a Dem Talking Point


Rasmussen: Race Tightens - Trump Gains 7 Points in a Week


C-SPAN Suspends Scully Indefinitely Over Twitter Hacking Lie


Early Voting Data Show Trump Is Outpacing Poll Predictions


Biden Sex-Assault Accuser to Release Memoir Before Election


McArdle: Vote Trump or Go Back to the Democrat Matrix


Kudla: Will the Silent Trump Voters Roar on November 3rd?


Schlichter: Trump's Momentum Is Back


2020's Battleground States Are Not the Ones You Think


Zelikovksy: Suspicious Dem Questions for ACB Signal Set-Up


Big Tech Suppresses Explosive Biden Secret E-Mail Story


Twitter Locks Trump Campaign Account


Heine: Did "Pop" Get 50% of "Biden Crime Family " Earnings?


FCC to Take Aim at Section 230 Protections for Social Media


E-Mail Shows Joe Biden Met with Hunter's Ukraine Partners


New Poll: Public Support for Barrett Confirmation Is Soaring


Trump, Biden to Hold Dueling Town Halls in Lieu of Debate


Biden Campaign: No Record of Meeting in "Official" Schedules


Huge Thumbs Down for Cringeworthy "Biden Rapper" Video


NYT's Opinion Writer Rakes in $140K+ from Anti-Israel Group


Twitter CEO Admits Handling of Blocked Story "Unacceptable"


Biden Calls Lid, Hides in Basement After Ukraine Bombshell


6 Interesting Moments from Day 3 of the ACB Hearings


Melania: Barron Also Tested Positive for COVID, But Now OK


Surprise: NYT Lauds Trump's Efforts to End Pandemic


Baumann: Why CA Dems Suddenly Oppose Ballot Harvesting


Financial Markets Turn Skeptical of a "Blue Wave" Victory


McGhee: The Real Reason Democrats Fear Amy Coney Barrett


Arama: Metrics Show Trump Has a Lock on Election


Goodwin: Democrats Can't "Kavanaugh" Unflappable ACB


Conchata Ferrell - "Two and a Half Men" Star (1943-2020)


Biden Tells 56% of Americans Not to Vote for Him


Trump's FL Rally: 16% Were Dems, 24% Did Not Vote in 2016


SCOTUS Allows Trump Admin to Halt Census Counting


6 Key Moments from Day 2 of Amy Coney Barrett Hearings


Barrett Invokes "Ginsburg Rule" - No HInts, No Previews


Harris' Ties to Leading Anti-Israel Group Draw Scrutiny


Small Business Optimism Soars to Prepandemic Levels


Michigan Supreme Court Shuts Down Gov. Whitmer - Again


Asked to Show Hearing Notes, ACB Reveals Blank Notepad


Pelosi Faces Dem Backlash After Rejecting WH Stimulus Offer


Joondeph: Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News?


WH Doctor Says Trump Now Testing Negative for Coronavirus


CDC: Huge Majority of Those with COVID Always Wore Masks


Wiker: The Black Trump Vote


Kotkin: Will the Cultural Revolution Be Canceled?


NBA Finale Game Viewership Down Almost 70% from 2019


Gaffe-o-Matic Biden Rolls Out 3 Bad Blunders in a Single Day


VIDEO: No One Shows Up at AZ Biden/Harris Campaign Event


Amy Coney Barrett Hearings: 8 Key Moments from Day 1


Roberta McCain, John McCain's Mother, Passes Away at 108


Biden Met by Trump Supporters at OH Campaign Stops


San Francisco Residents Are Fleeing in Droves


Biden Outspends Trump 50 to 1 on Radio Ads


Joe Morgan, Baseball Hall of Famer (1943-2020)


Trump: Russia Docs Slated for Release Are "Breathtaking"


How Dems Hope to Defeat Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination


Denver Trump Rally Shooter Has Strong Ties to Leftist Groups


SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings Begin for Amy Coney Barrett


Rust Belt: Dems Are Losing Control of Union Support


Morefield: Fight Coronavirus Fascism or It Will Never End


Hunter: It's Time to Get Real About November


Hannan: Sweden's Success Against COVID Infuriates Critics


Columbus Day: A History of the Explorer and the Holiday


McCullough: Signs Trump Isn't Going to Win on November 3


LeBron, Lakers Win NBA Title


NBA Finals Game 5 Viewership Crashes Nearly 70% from 2019


Lifson: Nobel Peace Prize Is Now a Mark of Shame










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