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News Archive for Week of November 9, 2020

Biden Underperformed Hillary Except in These 4 Cities (Guess)


Altabef: Main Street Is Now America's Counter-Culture


Tens of Thousands in DC Cheer Trump, Protest Vote Fraud


Antifa Thugs Attack Women, Children, Elderly After Rally Ends

Rally Inspires Patriots to March in England and Germany Too


Gutknecht: We Must Learn from this Election


Dems' Warnock: US Must Repent for Its Worship of Whiteness


Tipler: What Trump (and We) Should Do


Paul Hornung - Green Bay Packers "Golden Boy" (1935-2020)


Dershowitz Predicts Trump SCOTUS Win in PA Ballot Case


Morris: Georgia Recount Is "A Sham and a Hoax and a Fix"


New Stats Reveal Mass NYC Exodus Amid COVID and Crime


Biden Cancer Charity: Millions on Salaries, $0 on Research


Report: 80% of NYC Hotels Are on the Verge of Default


Mutual of Omaha Replaces Indian Chief Logo with African Lion


Landsbaum: Presidential Election Helps Reveal COVID Con


Bonchie: Dems Roll Out a New Round of COVID Tyranny


Amid COVID, Biden Says He Would Welcome 100K+ Refugees


Elon Musk Has 4 COVID Tests in a Day - 2 Positive, 2 Negative


Israeli Intelligence Agents in Iran Assassinate Al-Qaeda's #2


GOP Flips Another House Seat - 12 and Counting


Trump: COVID Vaccine Will Be Available to 20M in December


Reports: Enough Illegitimate Votes Found to Overturn Election


Dr. Fauci: Now Is the Time to Do What You're Told


NAACP, Left-Wing Groups Move to Join with Team Trump in PA


Davidson: Denying the Obvious Doesn't Diminish the Obvious


Fox News' Chris Wallace Says There Was No Serious Fraud


Record Close for S&P 500, Highest Dow Close Since February


WATCH: Trump Vote Totals Go Down Before Your Eyes


Source: Army Seizes Dominion Election Servers - in Frankfurt


Was Esper Removal a Prelude to Frankfurt Raid?

Scytl Issues Statement Denying Reports of Frankfurt Raid


Twitter: No "Warning Label" on Ayatollah's Holocaust Denial


President HInts at Surprise Appearance at Saturday's DC Rally


President HInts at Surprise Appearance at Saturday's DC Rally


Source: CIA Was Excluded from Server Seizure Operation


Trump Admin Ensures that COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Free


Poll: Less than Half of America Believes Biden Won Election


Widburg: A Guide to Understanding Election Fraud in 2020


Valentine: The Real Election "Trump Card" - Refuse to Certify


FEC Chair: Voter Fraud Is Taking Place


Data Analysis: 221K PA Votes Switched from Trump to Biden


Trump Supporters Plan DC March to Protest Election Fraud


Fischer: The Case for New Elections in Contested States


Deep State: 2020 Election Was the Most Secure in US History


Malkin: No Time for Phony Healing


PA Mail-In Ballot Snafu Is Ripe for Supreme Court to Intervene


Biden COVID Advisor Calls for 4-6 Weeks National Lockdown


Big Win: PA Judge Rules for Trump on Late-Received Ballots


MI Legislators Call for "Full Audit" of 2020 Election, Cite Fraud


Republicans Pick Up 10th House Seat with New York Victory


China's Biggest Tech Stocks Suffer Historic Plunge


Georgia Announces It Will Recount All Votes by Hand


Davis: Biden's Coalition is Whiter, Wealthier... and Fleeting


COVID Skyrockets in States that Already Have Mask Mandates


Widburg: When Computers Cheat, They Leave Evidence


Chase: Internet Geeks Examine Code - Trump's Win Was YUGE


Rudy: Election Software Whistleblowers Are Coming Forward


Rasmussen: 59% Say Mail-In Ballots = More Election Fraud


Newsweek: Complaints in PA, WI, and MI Must Be Investigated


Trump Fires Defense Department's Top Echelon


Schlichter: Go on the Offensive in Georgia


Moran: Democratic Disarray Likely to Continue Through 2022


Weekly Jobless Claims Down to 709,000, Lowest Since March


Left-Wing Lincoln Project Went 0-7 in Key Senate Races


Waddy: The Death of Fox News


Media Turn on Conservatives for Fleeing Tech Censorship


Trump's Election Lawsuits: A State-by-State Guide


Trump Approval: 52%


Soros Employee Owns Defective Vote-Switching Machines


Raleigh: Dems Turn on Minority Voters for Supporting Trump


Could These Court Cases Reveal a Final Trump Victory?


Researcher: 20,000+ PA Ballots Have Impossible Return Dates


York: The Election Lawsuit Trump Should Win


Trump on Fraud Evidence: Wait Until You See What's Coming!


Supreme Court Appears Willing to Hold Obamacare in Place


Knight: Only the State Legislatures Can Undo the Theft


Shapiro: Biden's Call for "Unity" Means "Shut the Hell Up"


Bert Belasco - "Let's Stay Together" Star (1982-2020)


GA Dem Senate Candidate Praised Jeremiah Wright, Marxism


Veterans Day: Honoring Those Who Served


Parler Has Added Nearly 5 Million New Users Since Friday


Decision Desk HQ Calls NC for Trump, Thom Tillis


MUST SEE VIDEO: "Pallets Full of Ballots"


Mills: Building a New, Less Cowardly Republican Party


Biden COVID Advisor: Distribute Vaccine Globally, Not US First


GOP Chair Presents 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Reports of MI Fraud


Analysis: 10,000 Dead People Returned Mail-In Ballots in MI


Centrist Dem Senator Dashes Left's Hope for Court-Packing


AG Barr Authorizes "Voting Irregularities" Investigation


Zumwalt: Mathematical Evidence the Election Was Stolen


Matteu​cci: No Truth, No Unity!


10 Reasons PA Results May Be "Irredeemably Compromised"


PA House GOP Calls for Legislative-Led Election Results Audit


GOP Attorneys General Take Legal Action Over PA Mail Ballots


Leaked Data Reveal Fox News' Massive Viewership Collapse


WATCH: Fox News Cuts Away as McEnaney Claims Vote Fraud


Report: If Trump Does Not Prevail in 2020, He Will Run in 2024


Trump Fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper


Newly Found System Glitch in WI Would Remove Biden's Lead


Report: PA System Glitch Took 32,615 Votes Away from Trump


Back Below 270: Real Clear Politics Won't Call PA for Biden


AP Poll: Trump Makes Record Gains with Jewish Voters


Kruiser: Dems, Here's What You Can Do with "Unity Candle"


Presser: What's Now at Stake Is the Rule of Law


Hoyt: This Is Just a Blue Smokescreen


What Is Benford's Law and Why Is Big Tech Censoring It?


Rush: Trump Should Name an "Election Czar" to Give Updates


Valentine: New Election Math - It's Not 270, It's 26-24


Giuliani: Trump Campaign Has Evidence to Change PA Results


Regan: The True Deplorables


Game Changer? 132,000 GA Ballots Are Likely Ineligible


WI Election Changes May Affect Legality of 10,000s of Votes


39 GOP House Members Urge Barr to Investigate Voter Fraud


Norm Crosby - "Master of the Malaprop" (1927-2020)


Macris: How Might Election Fraud Get Litigated?



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