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News Archive for Week of November 30, 2020

GA County Can't Find Chain of Custody Records for Ballots


Am​istad Project: Electoral College Deadlines Not Set in Stone


Will SCOTUS Hear Election Cases from All States Combined?


Report: Goldman Sachs Moving a Division from NYC to FL


Silocon Valley's Founding Fathers Give Up on CA, Head for TX


Red State: SCOTUS May Be Setting Up Something Big


Analyst: Energy Prices Will Be Lower this Winter


Latimer: Our Approach to Election Fraud Is Lunacy


Rafer Johnson - Olympic Decathlon Legend (1934-2020)


David Lander - Squiggy on "Laverne & Shirley" (1947-2020)

President Storms Georgia, Urges GOP Unity in Runoff


Trump Campaign Files Suit in GA to Overturn Election Result


Trump Wins Court Ruling Shifting $3.6 Billion for Border Wall


Kotkin: Why Trump's America Will Live On


Small Business Confidence Hits All-Time Low Post-Election


Drudge Report Traffic Falls 37% Since October 2019


Biden: I Was Buck Naked and Tripped Pulling My Dog's Tail


US Supreme Court Puts Damper on Trump Election Challenge


Biden: I'll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign


Brown: The Contested 2020 Election and the Arc of History


Staub: The Plot Against the Small Businesses


Buchanan: A Historic Presidency


Townhall: More Lockdowns Aren't Answer to Stopping COVID


Fed Court Fast-Tracks Forensic Review of GA Voting Machines


Joondeph: Follow the Science (Except When Inconvenient)


China Unfurls Communist Flag on the Moon


Government Prepares to Issue COVID-19 Vaccination Cards


Powell: Still Time to Overturn Election Results Due to Fraud


Pelosi Admits She Played Politics While Americans Suffered


Report: Dominion Machine in Georgia Switched Votes


York: Are Wood and Powell Trying to Sabotage GOP in GA?


VIDEO: Suitcases Full of Fake Ballots in Georgia


Paulding: The Supreme Court Must Hold America Together


GA Governor Calls for Signature Audit After "Suitcase" Video


Nevada Judge Rules Against Trump in Fraudulent Ballot Case


GA Joins AZ, PA in Considering Lawmakers' Naming Electors


Hollis: The Propaganda of Fear


House Approves Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana


Dr. Sebastian Gorka: How Trump Wins


Hammer: There's No Stopping America's Political Realignment


Tennessee Baby Born 27 Years After Her Embryo Was Frozen


Long-Time Clinton Aide: Bill Visited Epstein's Private Island


Group Finds 40,239 Invalid Votes, Enough to Flip GA to Trump


Grinch of the Year: Dr. Fauci Wants to Cancel Christmas


Team Trump: 40,000 Voted Twice,  Enough to Flip NV to Trump


Challenge on Defective Ballots Could Easily Flip WI to Trump


Tony Robbins and Balloon Trips to the Edge of Space in 2021?


Trump Has Raised $207 Million in Election Fraud Fight


SCOTUS: CA's Religious Service Curbs Are Unconstitutional


Report: Violent Carjackings Have Risen 537% in Minneapolis


Beloved Coach Lou Holtz Receives Medal of Freedom




General Flynn Endorses Martial Law and National Re-Vote


Jobless Claims Hit Pandemic-Era Low


Powell Gets Expedited Appeal for GA TRO to Permit Audits


De Rugy: Speaking Up for the Voiceless Victims of COVID-19


Kruiser: Stop Idiocy of Republicans Boycotting GA Runoffs


Austin: Why Should Women Aspire to Be Second-Rate Men?


TRANSCRIPT: President Addresses Nation on Election Fraud


Herland: COVID Moves $$$$$ from Middle Class to Billionaires


Walter Williams - Economist, Conservative Icon (1936-2020)


US COVID Hospitalizations Exceed 100,000 for the First Time


Widburg: Is Barr a Bad Guy or Actually Being Helpful?


Moran: How Will Cable News Survive Without Trump to Trash?


Democrat Reps. Omar and Tlaib Headline Anti-Israel Hatefest


Third Mysterious "Monolith" Appears - This Time in California


Durham Is Appointed Special Counsel in Russia Probe


Barr: Not Yet Enough Evidence of Fraud to Overturn Election


New York Times Pretends Trump Is Hitler Again


Australia Joins India in Boycott China Movement


States' Electoral College Clawback Plans Gain Momentum


Update: A Rundown of All the Battleground State Court Battles


Malkin: No Election Justice, No Election Peace


Davis:  Fight This Legal Battle to the Bloody, Bitter End


DOJ Fires Back: Election Fraud Probe Is Still Ongoing


McCarthy: Too Many in the GOP Are Spineless and Traitorous


Johnson: Attorney General Barr Wins the Helen Keller Award


USPS Whistleblower Saw 100Ks of Completed Ballots Shipped


Thomas: COVID Hysteria Is Simply Too Ridiculous to Continue


3-Star General: Trump Should Declare National Emergency


Shaw: Manic Mask Mandates Are Not Backed by Science


Dominion Contractor: Biden Ballots Re-Counted 8-10 Times


Pat Patterson - WWE Legend and Trailblazer (1941-2020)


Rasmussen: Trump Approval 50%, Disapproval 48%


Hoft: Barr Is Just Another Card-Carrying Swamp Rat


Powell: Fraud Witnesses Are Being Threatened, Beaten Up


Premo: Blueprint to an Uncontested Election


Leaked Docs Show China Lied About COVID-19 Case Totals


New Trump Lawsuit Alleges WI Counted 221,000 Illegal Votes


Report: "Hamilton" Hopes to Reopen Broadway on July 4


GA Eyes 250+ Investigations of Credible Election Fraud Claims


PA GOP Legislators Introduce Resolution to Dispute Election


Alexander: Hey Media - Affidavits Are Considered Evidence


DeAngelis: The Flat-Earthers of Politics


More Setbacks for Trump: AZ, WI Certify Election Results


Lifson: Advice from a Crook on Disputing a Crooked Election


Biden Fractures Foot While Playing with Dog


GA Judge Enters Restraining Order Freezing Voting Machines


Republicans Notch 14th Congressional Seat Flip


Poll: 20% of Americans Now Watch Newsmax TV Regularly


Widburg: 20 Alleged Election "Facts" that Fail the Smell Test


David Prowse - Darth Vader Actor (1935-2020)


Dr. Atlas Resigns from White House Coronavirus Task Force


CDC Records Lowest Abortion Numbers Since Roe v. Wade


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to Step Down on Inauguration Day


Victor Davis Hanson: Donald Trump Is Nearing a Crossroads


8-Mile Wall of Prehistoric Art Discovered in Amazon Rainforest


Utah's Mysterious "Monolith" Mysteriously Disappears


House GOP's New "Freedom Force" to Oppose AOC's "Squad"


NYC to Reopen Elementary Schools Beginning December 7


Pandemic Hoarding and Empty Store Shelves Return


Hispanic Support for GOP Grows as Dems Move Leftward


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