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News Archive for Week of November 25, 2019

Betrayal: Chick-Fil-A Supports SPLC, Other Leftist Groups


Early Polls: Bloomberg Is the Least Electable Democrat


Hunter Biden's "Baby Mama" Worked at a DC Strip Club


Leftists in Panic: Supreme Court Takes Gun Control Case

London Bridge Stabber Faked Being a Reformed Jihadist

Progressive Policing = Transit Crime Surge in NYC, SF


London Bridge: Convicted Terrorist Kills 2 in Stabbing


Man Who Subdued London Stabber Is Convicted Murderer


Dutch Police Arrest Homeless Man for Hague Stabbings


Teenage Births Dropping as Women Wait to Have Babies


Storm Pushes into Midwest with Heavy Snow and Winds


Auburn Ends Alabama Playoff Hopes in a 48-45 Thriller


Vladimir Bukovsky, Soviet Dissident (1942-2019)


Poll: Warren in Free Fall, Losing Half Her National Support


Why Michelle Obama Might Jump into the Race


Black Friday Shopping Breaks Record - Tops $5.4 Billion


Climate Protesters Block Stores, Disrupt Friday Shopping


Kamala Harris' 2020 Campaign Is Falling Apart from Inside


Will House Seek to Revive Russian Collusion Charge?


Trump Signs Bill in Support of Hong Kong Protesters


Unlike Predecessors, Trump Avoids Recess Appointments


Michael Bloomberg: The Modern-Day Citizen Kane?


60% of 2020 Rhodes Scholars Are Leftist Activists


The Hague: Dutch Stabbing Attacker Remains at Large


Furious China Threatens Dire "Consequences"


North Korea Launches 2 Missiles as Message to Trump


Trump to Designate Mexican Drug Cartels as Terrorists


Moviegoers Love New Free Speech Movie - Critics Hate It


Gingrich: Dems Looking for a Way Out of Impeachment


Germany's Merkel: Silencing Hate Speech = Free Society


Toys R Us Is Back - New Stores in Northern NJ, Houston


Grateful Protesters Hold Massive "Thanksgiving" Rally


3 Women Accuse Sondland of Sexual Harrassment


Dow Scores 100th Record Close Under Trump


Trump Pays Surprise Visit to US Troops in Afghanistan


Newsweek Mistakenly Reports Trump Golfing, Tweeting


"Bomb Cyclone" Creates Travel Chaos for Western US


Black Friday 2019: All the Best Deals You Can Shop Today


Trump Donates 3rd Quarter Salary to Fight Opioid Crisis


3rd Quarter GDP Revised Upward to 2.1%


AAA: Near-Record 55 Million Take to the Roads and Skies


Mark Sandy Testimony Kills Schiff Impeachment Sham


Impeachment Support Falls Among Blacks, Hispanics


The Origins of Five Popular Thanksgiving Traditions


Trump Praises God in Thanksgiving Proclamation

Trump Pardons Turkeys, Cracks Subpoena Jokes


The 31 Dems Who Will Lose Seats If They Vote to Impeach


Parker on Dems: Save the Planet, but Not the Babies


Jobless Claims Plunge by 15,000 to 213,000


Sanders and Gabbard Surge in NH, Biden Drops to 4th


Carlson's Prediction: Don't Bet Against Michelle Obama


Sanders: We'll Tax Poor, Middle Class to Fund Medicare


Warren Signals She'll Pick a Woman as a Running Mate


Dem Rep. Lawrence Flip-Flops Back to Impeachment


Cold Thanksgiving Coming - with Travel Delay Chaos


Impeachment Circus Heads Back to Judiciary Committee


Rush: Still Looks Like Full Speed Ahead on Impeachment


CNN Insults Black Trump Supporters Over Poll Results


Black Support for Trump Hits 34% in Two Separate Polls


Oberlin Student Memorial Honors Palestinian Terrorists


Report: Barack Badmouths Both Bernie and Biden


"American Music Awards" Ratings Hit New Record Low


Report: Schiff Now Drafting Articles of Impeachment


"The Squad" Is Mired in Campaign Finance Scandals


Don "Nick" Clifford, Last Mt. Rushmore Carver (1921-2019)


Supreme Court Blocks House Access to Trump Financials


Vanity Fair's Impeachment Data - Terrible News for Dems


Bloomberg Pledges Not to Investigate Dem Candidates


Media Attack After Trump Brings Hero Dog to White House


Pro-Democracy Parties Win Big in Hong Kong Elections


Americans Are Getting Tired of Impeachment


Stocks Reach 117th All-Time High Since 2016 Election


Prince Andrew's Out of Public Life - Why isn't Bill Clinton?


Victor Davis Hanson: 20 Impeachment What-Ifs


Another House Dem Reverses Course on Impeachment


Warren's Latest Lie: My Children Went to Public Schools


UK Polls: Conservative Tories On Track to Win Majority


Students Disrupt Harvard-Yale Game with Climate Protest


42 Charged in Harvard-Yale Football Protest

Bloomberg Is the Latest 2020 Democratic Hopeful

Bloomberg Launches Massive Coast-to-Coast Ad Buy


Impeachment Fiasco Is a Dem Gift to Donald Trump


Poll: Independents' Opposition to Impeachment Up 10%


Are House Dems Getting Cold Feet About Impeachment?

Trump: FISA Warrant Scandal Went to "The Top"

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