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News Archive for Week of November 2, 2020

Valentine: Wait Just a Minute! Good News May Be Coming


Feldman: A Little Civics Lesson


Pfizer: Early Data Signal that COVID-19 Vaccine Is Effective


Alex Trebek - Beloved "Jeopardy!" Host (1940-2020)


Trump to Revive Campaign-Style Rallies During Legal Fight


McCarthy: Pelosi Won't Have the Votes to Remain Speaker


Fauci Criticizes Trump Rallies, Silent on Biden Celebrations


Morris: State Legislatures Can Declare Trump the Winner


Biden's AZ Lead Dwindles, Many Uncounted Ballots Remain


Dems Plot Mass Migration to GA to Steal Senate Run-Off


Valentine: There Are No Software "Glitches"


Conservatives Ditch Sellout Fox News for Newsmax TV


Morris: Here's How Trump Can Still Win the Presidency


Dems Start "Enemies List" to Go After Trump Supporters




Noel: What the Layperson Can Make of Election Law


Scott: The Answer? Political Action, Not Political Consumption


Michi​gan Legislature Subpoenas Election Officials


Pandemic Over: MSM Silent as Biden Revelers Pack Streets


Bedford: Media's Biden Call Just an Attempt to Silence GOP


Trump: Biden Is Rushing to Falsely Pose as Winner


Brown: America Is Unraveling


Hinderaker: Thoughts on Where We Stand Now


Pennsylvania: 100K Provisional Ballots Remain to Be Counted


Senate Control Will Hinge on Two Georgia Run-Off Races


Widburg: Two Election Conspiracy Theories May Be True!


Rice: America's Blue States Are Banana Republics


DOBBS VIDEO: Did Software Illegally Change 3% of Votes?


PA's Mail-In Ballot Reject Rate Is 30 Times Lower Than in 2016


Ross: Republican Women Made Historic Gains in the House


Sullivan: Ballotgate - #1 Greatest Crime in Modern US HIstory?


Schlichter: The Other Winners and Losers


Walsh: Dems and Media Collude to Steal Presidential Election


Economy Adds 638K Jobs, Unemployment Drops to 6.9%


GOP-led Michigan Legislature to Hold Election Fraud Hearings


SCOTUS: Segregate PA Ballots Received After Polls Closed


Fox: 10 Reasons Biden Win Would Be Great for Conservatives


Geoffrey Palmer - Legendary British Actor (1927-2020)


Dunn: What YOU Can Do to Stop the Electoral Coup


Here Is Where Trump Team Has Filed Post-Election Lawsuits


Chinese State-Run Media Gushes Over Biden After Election


Biden Claims "Mandate" But Stops Short of Declaring Victory


Trump Campaign: "This Election Is Not Over"


Georgia Is Officially Heading for a Recount


Bonchie to 2024 GOP Hopefuls: Now Is the Time to Speak Up


VIDEO: PA Postal Worker Reveals Order to Back-Date Ballots


Lenin's Effort to Steal 1917 Russia Election Looks... Familiar


Will There Be a Pennsylvania Recount?


Widburg: The Vast Scope of Dem Election Fraud in America


Tobin: Count and Recount Every "Vote" Until You Win


Decision Desk HQ Calls PA - and Election - for Biden


Valentine: Never Bring a Republican to a Street Fight


Marcus: US Supreme Court Should Act on PA Vote Count


Horowitz: State Legislatures Can Fix Election Fraud - All of It


Numbers Reveal Amazing Minority Turnout for Trump


Detroit: Suitcases, etc. Rolled into Secure Count Area at 4 AM


Devine: Biden May Steal Election, But Democrats Will Regret It


PA Court Hands Trump Massive Win on Absentee Ballots


MI "Typo": 200K Ballots, All for Biden, Just Appear Overnight


Trump Claims Victory with "Legal Voters", Predicts Litigation

ABC/CBS/NBC Cut Away from President's Live Remarks


Will Pelosi Be Replaced After Dems' Subpar Election Results?


Lechter: Stealing Pennsylvania


Landsbaum: Why Is Anyone Surprised with Dem Cheating?


Morris: Demand that Your Legislature Take Over the Counting


Davidson: Dems Are Trying to Steal Election in WI, MI, and PA


NY Post: Pollsters and Media Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong


Kass: No Matter What, There Will Be No Return to "Normalcy"


Ryun: Trump's Fight Is Far from Over in Arizona


Carney: Why the Market Is Soaring Amid Electoral Chaos


Shipwreckedcrew: Trump's Margin in PA Should Hold


Hollis: Some Things Are Clear


Arizona Has About 500,000 Votes Left to Be Counted


Trump Needs Pennsylvania, Plus Arizona or Nevada, to Win


Trump Campaign Sues in MI and PA, Demands WI Recount


Theatre of the Absurd: Joe Biden Declares Victory


Is Arizona Back in Play for Trump?


Exit Polls: Biden Bombs with Hispanics


New Jersey Voters Legalize Recreational Marijuana


VIDEO: BLM/Antifa Protesters Attack Washington DC Cops


Bahr: Election Night Reveals Three Disturbing Facts


Tucker Carlson Eviscerates the Media's Bad Predictions


CNN Exit Poll: Economy Is America's Top Issue By Far


Dems Keep House, GOP Holds Senate


Widburg: 8 Troubling Observations


Hinderaker: It's Not Over Yet [UPDATED]


Multiple Shootings in "Professional" Vienna Terror Attack


Wright: The Nasty Street Fight Ahead for 2020


Hinderaker: Red Mirage?


Victor Davis Hanson: Donald Trump, Counterrevolutionary


Stutts: Election Analysis - What Will Happen on November 3


Blake: Each Candidate's 3 Most Likely Paths to Victory


Widburg: Radical Left Groups Are Already Plotting a Coup


Prager: Hatred of Trump vs. Hatred of the Left


US Manufacturing Activity Accelerated Again in October


York: Yes, There Is a Hidden Trump Vote


Mitch McConnell Wins Kentucky Senate Race

Lindsey Graham Wins South Carolina Senate Race


Pro-Trump Poll Watchers Denied Access in Philly


PA Baker's "Cookie Poll": 28,000 for Trump, 5,000 for Biden


Dow +554.98


Vegas Odds Flip - Trump Now Favored to Win


VIDEO: Anti-Fracker Lady Gaga's PA Rally for Biden Is a Flop


DOJ Announces Election Day Monitoring of US Hot Spots


Poll That Nailed 2016 Election: Trump to Win in a Landslide


Team Biden Panics Over Trump Campaign's Internal Numbers


Hounsell: How Many Votes Remain to Be Cast in 2020?


Another High-Profile Rapper Endorses Trump


Report: Massive Early GOP Turnout All Across Florida


Trump Slams Democrats' "Red Mirage" Disinformation Plan


Massive Trump Caravans Swarm Roadways Coast to Coast


Rasmussen: Trump Approval at 52%


Cave & Thomas: October Surprise - This Race Is Over


Rasmussen White House Watch: Biden 48%, Trump 47%


Armed Guards Will Protect NYC Apartments on Election Day


Vespa: New Polls Show Electoral College Massacre for Biden


Vespa: New Polls Show Electoral College Massacre for Biden


Davidson: If Biden Loses, Democrats Still Win in Many Ways


Trafalgar Poll: Trump, Biden Statistically Tied in Nevada


Schlichter: It's Too Late for a Late Hit


Widburg​: The China Virus Is the New Climate Change


Stocks Bounce Back - Dow +423.45


Biden Tells Philly Rally His Blue Hens Jacket is Eagles Gear


Superstar Ivanka Has Raised $35M+ for Her Father's Campaign


Progressives Gear Up for Dem "Bloodbath" If Biden Loses



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