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News Archive for Week of November 16, 2020

Trump Appeals Rejection of Effort to Block PA Vote


Poll: Even 30% of Dems Say It Is Likely Election Was Stolen


VIDEO: How to Hack a Dominion Voting Machine in 7 Minutes


PA Judge Tosses Trump Lawsuit, Clears Way for Certification


Solway: Lockdowns Are Serial Killers - End Them Now


FEC Chair: Trump Has Legitimate Claims of Election Fraud


JP Morgan: COVID-19 Will Contract US Economy in 1Q 2021


Gage: Election Lawsuits Are an Affirmation of Democracy


Kimball: Waiting for Sidney


Conservative Groups Deploy Ground Game in Georgia Runoff


Powell Promises to Deliver "Biblical" Lawsuit This Week


Utter: From "Don't Tread on Me" to Obsequiousness


Powell: Georgia Is the First State I'm Going to Blow Up


LA Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce CA Gov's Coronavirus Curfew


Sekulow: What's Coming in Georgia Will Be Shocking


Trump Campaign Seeks Swift Appeal of Dimissed PA Case


Never-Trumper Goldberg: Trump Is Trying to Steal Election


8 Injured in Wisconsin Mall Shooting


Powell: Dominion Is Closing Offices, Severing Ties to Internet


Thompson: Is US Gov't Closing in on Election Fraudsters?


Smith: Barr & Durham - Bulldogs or Deep State Lapdogs?


Hounsell: No, Trump Did Not Get an "Orderly Transition"


Dershowitz Explains Trump's Path to Reelection


Don Jr. Tests Positive for COVID-19 but Asymptomatic


Zelikovsky: The Trump Team's Real Strategy


Zmirak: I Know Sidney Powell and She Is Telling the Truth


Georgatos: Takin' It to the Streets


Trump Announces Rules to Lower Prescription Drug Prices


Conservative Justices Reassigned to Battleground Circuits


Abrams: Elite Schools Are the Most Problematic on Speech


Powell Confirms Alleged Dominion Servers Nabbed in Raid


Dominion Fails to Appear Before PA House Committee


Georgia Governor Certifies Election Win for Biden

Trump: Georgia Recount Is a "Meaningless Tally"


PA House Approves Audit of Election Results


Richman: COVID-19 Is Getting Less Deadly


WJ: Is Google's Big-Tech Monopoly Finally Crumbling?


Davidson: Stand Firm, Trump Voters


Poll: Most Voters Want Special Counsel to Investigate Biden


Israel Strikes Iranian Bases in Syria After IED Fears


Tucker Slams Powell for Not Disclosing Evidence on His Show


Georgia Completes Recount, Affirms Biden Lead


David Limbaugh: Censorious Left Is Obliterating Free Speech


Jake Scott, Miami Dolphins Super Bowl MVP (1945-2020)


Benson: Is GOP in Danger of Losing GA Runoffs and Senate?


Rasmussen: 47% Say It Is "Likely" Dems Stole Election


Soros/Bloomberg Group Pours $300K into Georgia Runoffs


Powell: Trump Won in a Landslide and We're Going to Prove It


Rudy: US Votes Tallied in Europe by Venezuelan Company


936 Election Discrepancies Found in Critical Nevada County


Is Wayne County Certification Already a Done Deal?


Wayne County Republicans Rescind Certification Votes


"The Great Reset" - A Plan to Fully Transform World Economy


Noted Virologist: Lockdowns, Masks Are "Greatest Hoax Ever"


Major Peer Reviewed Study: Masks Don't Work


Zumwalt: Want Unity, Joe? Then Call for Real Election Review


O'Connor: Why Wouldn't They Cheat?


Wayne County Republicans: Our Families Were Threatened


Ryun: An Unserious Movement for an Unserious People


Trump Called to Support GOP Board Members After Threats


Without Wayne County Votes, Michigan Would Flip to Trump


Disheveled Rockefeller Center Xmas Tree - A Symbol for 2020


Woke NFL's Sunday/Monday Night Ratings Tank to New Lows


Starving Owl Rescued from Scraggly Rockefeller Center Tree


NYC to Shut Down Public Schools Due to COVID Spike


CA County Cancels Classic Novels from School Curriculum


Despite Losses, House Dems Nominate Pelosi for Speaker


CA, WA Lawmakers Cancel Thanksgiving, Then Flee to Hawaii


Hillard: "The Queen's Gambit" Is Brilliant


SIGN: Petition for State Legislators to Override Election Fraud


Trump Campaign Seeks Recount in 2 Wisconsin Counties


Cuff: If Biden Wins by Fraud, Republic Has Abolished Itself


Republicans Have Gone 27-for-27 in "Toss Up" House Races


US Housing Starts Jump Amid Flight to Suburban Homes


New Orleans Cancels 2021 Mardi Gras Parades


Conrad Black: The Battle Is Far from Over


McCaughey: The Right to Worship Even in a Pandemic


Lou Dobbs Source: FBI Is Investigating Election Results


Trump Fires DHS Cyber Chief Who Denied Election Fraud


Third GA County Finds Uncounted Ballots Favoring Trump


PA Supreme Court Reverses Trump Election-Watcher Win


Gee Thanks: Twitter CEO Admits Error in Censoring NY Post


NY Sheriffs Won't Enforce Thanksgiving COVID Restrictions


Wayne County Republicans Reverse Earlier Vote Not to Certify


"Morning Joe" Beats "Fox and Friends" - First Time in 20 Years


"Uniter" Biden Won't Condemn Antifa, BLM for DC Attacks


Lin Wood: Team Has "Smoking Guns" to Prove Trump Won


McKay: Hurry Up with that Kraken, Will You?


Biden COVID Advisor: Those Over 75 Should Get Vaccine Last


Brown: Sidney Powell - Our Bravest, Smartest, Fiercest Patriot


Davidson: Republicans Are Right Not to Trust Election Results


Chantrill: Trying to Think Ahead


Brown: Health Crises Will Keep Authoritarians Busy Forever


Report: Trump Allies Seek to Start Conservative News Network


Is Philly Mob Boss About to Flip on 300K Fake Biden Ballots?


2,600+ Uncounted Ballots, Mostly for Trump, Discovered in GA


Surber: Impeachment Backfired on Nancy Pelosi


Moderna Announces an Even More Successful COVID Vaccine


Internet Giant Deplatforms Popular Conservative Website


Great Again: Dow Closes at All-Time High


Dreher: Big Tech's Quiet Totalitarian Revolution


Trump Is Reportedly Set to Launch Major Crackdown on China


Iran: "Golden Days Will Be Back" with Biden Presidency


Michigan GOP Lawmakers Seek to Impeach Governor Whitmer


Report Claims Durham Is Dropping the Spygate Investigation


Michigan Governor Reimposes Draconian COVID Restrictions


NASA Makes Historic SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch


How Republican State Legislatures Can Reelect Trump


Widburg: The Dominion Software Story Keeps Getting Worse


Schlichter: Biden Would Be the Worse President Ever


Report: Trump Legal Team to WH for Emergency Meeting

Johnson Wins Masters with Record-Breaking Performance


Powell: Election Fraud Evidence Coming in "Like a Fire Hose"

Giuliani on Election Fraud: We Have Proof I Can't Disclose Yet


Hollywood Celebs Go All in to Flip Georgia Senate Seats


Pfizer Withheld Vaccine Info from Trump but Told Biden


Abrams: 600,000+ Have Already Requested GA Runoff Ballots


Trump: I Concede Nothing



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