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News Archive for Week of May 4, 2020

Kurt Schlichter: We're Winning


Why Did Obama Tell FBI to Hide Its Activities from Trump?


Dr. John Lee: 10 Reasons to End the Lockdown Now


Marcus: Trump Is Not Weakening


The New Liberal Refrain: So What If Biden Did It?

Bad News for Biden Is How Unenthusiastic His Defenders Are


Devine: Michael Flynn Fiasco Will Reveal Truth about Obama


New Documents Show Obama Was in on the Flynn Takedown


Mnuchin: "Permanent Economic Damage" if We Don't Reopen


Wall Street Journal: The Lockdown Is the Real Catastrophe


Scarry: CV Lockdown Protesters Are Desperate, Not Racist


Hammer: It's Time for Trump to Come Home to His Voters


Lifson: Dem Lockdown Governors Will Pay Price in November


Polar Vortex Brings Rare May Snow to Northeast US


Little Richard, Legendary Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer (1932-2020)


Sources: J. C. Penney Preparing to File for Bankruptcy


Several PA Counties Refuse to Obey Gov's Lockdown Rules


Italy to Restart Catholic Masses May 18, Ahead of Schedule


CV Cases at New Lows After GA Reopens, Lifts Lockdown


New Poll: Trump Now Leads Biden in 6 Swing States


Mother's Day: History of Today's International Holiday


Dems Promote Lockdown Paranoia, but Reality Begs to Differ


Unveiled Court Doc Shows Reade Reported Biden in 1996


Tara Reade Hires Firm that Represented Weinstein Accuser


Nearly Half of All Americans Are Currently Not Working


Rush: #MeToo Was Never Intended to Apply to Democrats


Surber: 3 Reasons 14.7% Unemployment Won't Stop Trump


COVID-19: Roy Horn, "Siegfried & Roy" Illusionist (1944-2020)


Beaton: Shhh, the Numbers Are Dropping


"Scandal Free" Obama Strikes Again


Florida Reopening Barbershops and Salons on Monday


Will 18 Million "Temporary Jobless" Get Their Jobs Back?


Huge Group of CA Churches Plans to Defy Newsom's Order


Levin: New Flynn Documents Are Obama's "Blue Dress"


Gilbertson: They Blinded Us with Science


Dow Surges 450+ Points Despite Harrowing Job Losses


Obama-Biden Meeting Key to Entire Anti-Trump Operation


Dems, GOP on Collision Course Over Postal Service Bailout


GAO Says Post Office Unsustainable, Urges Congress to Act


Trump Valet Has Coronavirus; President Again Tests Negative


Trump Admin Shelves Useless CDC Guide for Reopening US


Research: Travel from NYC Seeded Nationwide CV Crisis


Democrats Return to Defending Against "Bimbo Eruptions"


Georgia's Economy Is Reviving as Lockdowns Ease


Green: Here It Comes - The Move to Remove Gropey Joe

DOJ Drops Its Criminal Case Against General Michael Flynn


Rush: Mueller and Schiff Knew It Was a Hoax All Along


Israel Reports a "Breakthrough" CV Antibody Treatment


Poll: More than 25% of Democrats Now Want New Candidate


Lives Sacrificed: Different Treatment for HCQ vs. Remdesivir


Victor Davis Hanson: Biden Now an Albatross for Democrats


Science and the Constitution Say: End the Lockdowns


Brian Anthony Howe, Vocalist for Bad Company (1953-2020)

Barry Farber, Conservative Talk Radio Pioneer (1930-2020)


Michigan Legislature Sues to Block Governor's Virus Orders


Poll: Amash Takes More Votes from Biden than from Trump


Schiff Panic Time?  Russia Probe Transcripts to Be Released


Lawsuit Accuses MI Governor of 6 Constitutional Violations


Spectator: Get Ready for the Corona Coup


Pence: WH Looking to Disband CV Task Force by Early June


Austria: Reopening Shops Has Not Led to CV Case Spike


Lundberg: Open Up the Churches Now!


CBS Fakes Line of Cars to Make CV Tests Look Hard to Get


Despite Scare Tactics, No CV Spike after Wisconsin Primary


Lockdown Is Over - Someone Tell the Government


Rush: If You Want to Survive, Move to a Red State


Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Released from Hospital


Rasmussen: Trump Approval at 49%


Court Restores NY Dem Presidential Primary on June 23


Senate Democrats Demand "Huge" Bailout Bill for States


Moore: Federal Government Cannot Bail Out the Blue States


Reuters Poll: Biden Slips, Trump Better on Economy and CV


Tony Fauci and the Trojan Horse of Tyranny


Prager: Worldwide Lockdown - History's Greatest Mistake?


Millie Small, "My Boy Lollipop" Singer (1946-2020)


Tara Reade Allegations Against Joe Biden Divide Democrats


Don Shula, Legendary NFL Hall of Fame Coach (1930-2020)


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized with Infection


More Blue States Move Toward Reopening


Cady Groves, Country Singer (1989-2020)


Hahn: Great Honking Mommy Vans


Record Gun Sales for 2nd Straight Month, 7 Million in 2020


Resnick: "It Can't Happen Here"


As China's Economy Implodes, Trump Ratchets Up Pressure


Anti-China Sentiment Highest Since Tiananmen Square 1989


Nobel Prize Winner: Data Show Lockdowns "Huge Mistake"


Elizabeth Warren Is Now Auditioning for Vice President


CA Shops, Restaurants Reopen Despite Statewide Orders


15 Questions for Fauci, Birx Before They Destroy Economy


15 Miles of Additional Border Wall Completed in California


Here's How NYC's COVID-19 Death Toll Is Being Inflated


COVID-19: More Treatable than WHO, CDC Are Telling Us


McDaniel: Media, Dems Went from "Me Too" to "Move On"


US Coronavirus Deaths Hit 33-Day Low


FDA Approves CV Antibody Test with Near-Perfect Accuracy


Trump "Confident" There Will Be CV Vaccine by End of Year


AZ Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Stay-at-Home Order


Weekend at Biden's - Joe's Mental Decline Is Biggest Concern


Gov. DeSantis Dunks on Critics Who Predicted Doom for FL






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