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News Archive for Week of May 25, 2020

Family-Ordered Autopsy: Floyd Died of Asphyxiation


Who Is Backing the Professional Anarcho-Rioters?


Denmark, Finland Reopen Schools - No Increase in CV Cases


Reps. Buck and Biggs: CDC Has Lost All Credibility


NYC: St. Patrick's Cathedral Desecrated with Protest Graffiti


Atlanta: Mob Loots, Destroys College Football Hall of Fame


Why So Many Latino Voters Are Flocking to Trump's GOP


National Guard Activated in Nearly a Dozen US States


Will Minnesota Remain a Blue State after Minneapolis Riots?


ABC News: No CV Spike in States Lifting Lockdowns Early


Hulbert: Stocks Stronger than Most Bullish Investors Believe


Media Soft-Pedal Riots, Trashed Peaceful Lockdown Protests


SpaceX Pulls It Off, Launches Astronauts into Space


Cvrk: What's the Solution to the Non-Spontaneous Rioting?


Trump Challenges Tech Censorship - Finally


33 Examples of Twitter's Anti-Conservative Bias


LA in Flames, Cop Cars Torched, National Guard Moving In


Biden Praises Protests but Condemns Violence


US Food Prices Jump and Will Likely Stay High


Sam Johnson - Vietnam POW, TX Congressman (1930-2020)


Pentagon Puts Military Police on Alert to Go to Minneapolis


FBI's Chief Lawyer, Who Targeted Flynn, Is Forced to Resign


Mayor to Rioters: Wear Masks and Practice Social Distancing


Governor Authorizes Full Mobilization of MN National Guard


DC Protesters Tear Down Barricades, WH on Lockdown


Minnesota Governor: 80% of Rioters Are from Out of State


MSM Ignore Video of Black Cop Violently Choking Young Man


Klobuchar Declined to Prosecute Floyd's Killer Back in 2006


Science Turns Against America's Mask Fascists


Lewis: Trump Should Just Kill Social Media Altogether


Lift Off! SpaceX Rocket Launch a Success


Pandemic Epicenter NYC Finally Set for Reopening


Dem Economist: We're About to See Best Economy in History


Moran: Now We'll See How Snowflakes Handle the Barbarians


Trump Halts US Funding of China-Friendly WHO


SpaceX Launch Set for 3:22 PM EDT - Is Today the Day?


City Police and National Guard Disappear, Riots Continue


Sharpton Upset that Rioters Destroying Black-Owned Stores


Trump: DOJ, FBI Must Expedite Investigation of Floyd Death


New Model: US Could Be Coronavirus-free by November


Anarchy in Minneapolis: Governor Activates National Guard


Disney World to Reopen in July, SeaWorld Orlando in June


Zogby Poll Shocker: 37% of Dems Want Biden Replaced


Boston Marathon Cancelled for First Time in 124-Year History


Biden to CNBC: "I'm Going to Beat Joe Biden"


Trump Exec Order Cracks Down on Social Media Censorship


Anthony James, Actor in "Unforgiven" (1942-2020)


Twitter Tags Trump Tweet with "Fact Check" Label


Leonard: The New Internet Censorship

US 30-Year Mortgage Rates Tumble to Record Low


Police, Firefighters Stand Down as Anarchy Reigns


Rogan: Looters Dishonor George Floyd


April Business Capital Investment Stronger than Expected


Rioters Storm Minneapolis Police Station, Set Fires


Pompeo: Hong Kong Is No Longer Autonomous from China


Cancer Screenings, Treatment Plummet During CV Guidelines

Poll: Economy Overtakes Coronavirus As #1 Campaign Issue


Rush: Democrats Demand You Wear a Symbol of Fear


CV Death Toll Is Concentrated in Dem Congressional Districts


Gallup CV Poll: No One Thinks Media Are Doing a Good Job


Hawley: Twitter Should Lose Tech Legal Immunity


Linker: Why Biden Benefits by Disappearing


Space Launch Postponed Until Saturday Due to Bad Weather


Twitter's "Site Integrity" Chief Has History of Anti-GOP Bias


WH: Trump to Sign Social Media Executive Order on Thursday


Lott: Twitter's Warning Label on Trump Tweet Is Wrong


George Floyd Protests Devolve into Rioting and Looting


Moseley: Drive-Through Voting Would Reduce Cheating


Vote by Mail? The Real Problem Is Ballot Harvesting


Strain: The Space Business Is About to Get Really Serious


The 10 Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip in November


Hunt: Is COVID-19 Fading Away?


Meet Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Presidential Nominee


Kruiser: Seeing McEnany Pummel Corrupt Press Is a Delight


Nevada Governor: Casinos Can Reopen June 4


Manned US Space Flights Return for First Time in 9 Years


Texas Reopening Food Courts, Water Parks, Sports Leagues


Rush: Democrats Fear an Economic Rebound


NHL Announces 24-Team Midsummer Stanley Cup Playoffs


NFL: Full Stadiums Unless Medical Experts Tell Us Otherwise


De Blasio's $21M Field Hospital Closes after Zero CV Patients


Trump's Ad Campaign Outspending Biden by Nearly 3 to 1


Masked Biden Makes First Public Appearance in 2+ Months


Media Desperate to Turn Good COVID-19 News into Bad


Gensert: Dems Will Sacrifice America to Win a Presidency


President Trump Wins the Lockdown Wars


Dems Welcome Voter Fraud in Nevada and Across the US


April New Home Sales Far Exceed Economists' Estimates


CDC: Coronavirus Fatality Rate Could Be as Low as 0.26%


New CDC Figures Show Dr. Fauci's Projections Were Garbage


Dow Closes Near 25,000 - Highest Since CV Outbreak Began


US Daily CV Deaths Hit Lowest Level in Nearly 2 Months


Fewer "Essential" Workers Had CV than Those in Lockdown


Ex-Mayor Blackwell: Biden's Words Cut Deep - This Is Why


Greenfield: The Media Want America to Stay Closed Forever


President Lays Memorial Day Wreath at Arlington Cemetery


Trump Sending $5B to Bolster Nursing Homes' CV Response


VP Hopeful Klobuchar Seeks to Appease Black Community


It's That Time: Millions of Noisy 17-Year Cicadas Are Back


Widburg: NYT Disrespects Both War Dead and CV Dead


Memorial Day: America Honors Its Fallen Heroes


The Memorial Day Parade: Another Coronavirus Casualty


Trump Suspends Travel from Brazil as Pandemic Worsens


Conservative Allen West Recovering from Motorcyle Accident


CDC Warns of Aggressive, Hungry Rats Amid Pandemic






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