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News Archive for Week of May 18, 2020

CA Doctor: Record Number of Suicides Outpaces CV Deaths


NC Racing Fans Defy Lockdown, Gather at Local Racetrack


No Higher Rates of CV Infection in States that Reopened Early


Record-Low Number of Travelers for Memorial Day Weekend


Fauci Reveals High Optimism over New CV Vaccine Trial


Red States Are Reopening Much Faster than Blue States


Elderly Japan's Success Against CV Is a Puzzling Mystery


Biden Embarrasses Self with Cringeworthy "Black" Comment


WA Admits It Counted Shootings as COVID-19 Deaths


Root: Mr. President, Here's How to Stop Scam of the Century


Only 3% of Bernie Backers Have Donated to Biden Campaign


Curtis: It's Time to Be Americans Again


BET Founder: Joe Should Apologize to Every Black Person


NY, Cuomo Sent 4,500+ CV Patients to Nursing Homes


Cuomo Tries to Blame Trump for NY Nursing Home Fiasco


Dem Rep. Vernon Jones: Biden Not Entitled to Black Support


Eddie Sutton, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach (1936-2020)


Most Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate Memorial Day


Thousands of Churches Are About to Defy Lockdown Orders


Biden Gaffe Draws Reminders of His Earlier Racial Blunders


Amid Lockdowns, Substance Abuse Is "Through the Roof"


Fauci: Stay-Home Orders Could Cause "Irreparable Damage"


Hertz Files for Bankruptcy as Car Rentals Plunge in Pandemic


Ivermectin Shows Astounding Results Against COVID-19


DeSantis, Florida Emerge as Trump Showcase for Reopening


Senator Tim Scott Destroys Biden over Racist Statement


Trump Donates Quarterly Paycheck to CV Treatment Study


DOJ Warns LA, Illinois: Stay-Home Orders May Be Illegal


Shurk: Dem Vote Fraud Is Real and GOP Must Fight Back


Jerry Sloan, Hall of Fame Coach of Utah Jazz (1942-2020)


Lowry: We're Past the Peak - And It's Fine to Cheer


Catron: Who Believes the Lockdowns Were About Science?


Saudi Shooter "Neutralized" at Texas Naval Air Station


Demand for Drive-In Movie Theaters Surges in TX, NJ


Former Philly Elections Judge Stuffed Dem Ballots for Bribes


Kyrylenko: Joe Biden's Ukraine Scandal Is Exploding


Latest Anti-Coronavirus Drug... Cannabis?


CDC: CV Does Not Spread as Easily as Initially Thought


Hunter: Libs Would Rather People Die than for HCQ to Work


TSA: Traffic through US Airports Nearly Triples Since April


FL Governor Blasts Media for Failed Doomsday Predictions


Universal Targets June 5 for Reopening Florida Theme Parks


Doctors Warn of Dire Health Risks from Ongoing Shutdown


Senate Confirms Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence


Report: Petty Obama Refuses to Attend Portrait Unveiling

Poll: 35% of Dems Do Not Want Michelle Obama on Ticket


SCOTUS Blocks House from Mueller Grand Jury Material


Don Surber: Put the Rubes in Charge


After Winning Primary, Biden Concedes to Sanders


PA: More COVID-19 Deaths Over Age 100 than Under Age 45


HHS: No CV Spike in Reopened Areas, Only in Closed Areas


Shutdown-Resisting Mississippi Church Is Burned to Ground


Trump Is About to Flood the US Economy with Deregulation


Widburg: In Lockdown, Unexpected Revolutionaries Emerge


Democrats Are Using the Global Pandemic to Alter Elections


NY Post: End New York City's Lockdown Now!


Zoom Worth More than World's 7 Largest Airlines - Combined


Senators Dramatically Expanding Probe into Obama Scandal


Lehman: America's Colleges Are Headed for a Meltdown


1 in 8 Museums Could Close Forever Due to CV Shutdowns


Brown: Tyranny as Far as the Eye Can See


Paslay: You're Non-Essential - Keep Your Mouth Shut


Farewell: Bankrupt Pier 1 Imports to Close All Stores


Bankrupt JCPenney to Close 242 Stores


Trump Says He Takes HCQ and Networks Have a Meltdown


Fed: "Main Street" Lending Program to Start at End of May


Barr: Obama, Biden Not Under Criminal Investigation


Gregory Tyree Boyce, "Twilight" Actor (1989-2020)


Flynn Attorney Appeals to Remove Rogue Judge from Case


Housing Starts Slide 30% to Lowest Level Since 2015


Trump Considers Travel Ban as Brazil's CV Cases Skyrocket


NJ Gym Owner Defies Lockdown, Police Refuse to Stop Him


Ravi Zacharias, Christian Author and Evangelist (1946-2020)


Moore: Dems Will Pay in November for Hurting Economy


Michigan Sheriff - A Democrat - Refuses to Enforce Lockdown


Reject Return-to-Work Offer? No Fed Unemployment Check


Deranged Dems Planning Failed Impeachment 2.0


Hall: Is Big Pharma Suppressing Hydroxychloroquine?


Italy's Shops, Hairdressers, Restaurants, and Bars Reopen


Trump Optimistic About Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine


Bill Maher: Herd Immunity Is the Answer, Not a Life of Fear


McCullough: Why the Lockdown Lost


TN to Reopen Amusement Parks, Theaters Next Week


Biden Vows to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline "For Good"


Hope for Producers as Oil Clears $30 a Barrel


Ken Osmond, "Leave It to Beaver" Star (1943-2020)


Shurk: The American Aristocracy's Influence Is Waning


Dow Closes Up 911.95 Points


MA to Begin Reopening Process Next Week


Moviegoers Defy Michigan Governor, Pack Drive-In Theater


Despite CV Crisis, Trump's Approval Bests Obama, Bush






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