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News Archive for Week of May 11, 2020

NASCAR Returns: Grandstands Empty, Fans Tailgate Outside


Video Shows Asian Wet Markets Still Selling Bats, Monkeys


Kruiser: Obamagate Is Real and It's Spectacular

The Real Reason Blue States Are Harder Hit by COVID-19


Domestic Violence Up 21% in US Cities During CV Lockdowns


YouTube Censors Noted Anti-Lockdown Epidemiologist


Giuliani: New Yorkers Fed Up with Socialists Running NYC


Lawsuit: Cuomo Violated New Yorkers' Constitutional Rights


Millions of Unemployed Still Waiting for Jobless Benefits


A Scientific Explanation of Why Shutdowns Are Useless


Despite CV Crisis, Trump's Approval Bests Obama, Bush 


Conrad Black: Delusional Democrats Will Bury Themselves


Reopened GA Defies "#1 Death Destination" Predictions


Good News: COVID-19's Grip Is Fading


Phyllis George, Miss America 1971, Sportscaster (1949-2020)


Fred Willard, "Best in Show" Comic Actor (1939-2020)


Atlanta Fed: US GDP Could Sink Over 40%


Trump Approval Steady at 49% Despite CV, Economic Turmoil


Explosion in LA: Buildings Burned, Firefighters Injured


Trump Considers Partially Restoring WHO Funding


House Dems Barely Pass Doomed $3T Coronavirus Bill


Obama-Appointed IG Fired for Mishandling Sensitive Info


CA Biotech Company: Antibody Blocks 100% of CV Infections


How and Why America's Food System Is Cracking


Lott: US Is Dramatically Overcounting COVID-19 Deaths


Rush: Dem Lockdown Strategy Backfires on Blue States


Dershowitz: Judge in Flynn Case Is "Prosecutor in Robes"


So Far, No Coronavirus Uptick in Early-Opening States


PBS Uncovers More Alleged Biden Touching Victims


Justin Amash Announces He Will Not Run for President


Poll Finds Trump Ahead of Biden in 15 Battleground States


Retail Giant JCPenney Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Dr. Joondeph: Flattening the Curve, or Flattening Trump?


Mortgage Rates at Record Lows - And Could Fall Lower


Sobieski: Judge Sullivan Ignores SCOTUS and Constitution


Sweden's Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World's


Christine Blasey Ford Hasn't Said a Thing About Tara Reade


Mass Unemployment Hits Hollywood, Entertainment Industry


Rush: Coronavirus Is Starting to Sound Like Climate Change


Border Wall Update: 182 Miles Built, 450 Miles by Year-End


Graham: Senate to Hold Hearings on Obama Admin Abuses


Jersey Shore Reopening in Time for Memorial Day Weekend


Widburg: Emmet Sullivan, Judge in Flynn Case, Runs Amok

Rush: Somebody Is Scared to Death of What Flynn Knows


WI Supreme Court Strikes Down Governor's Lockdown Order


Cuomo Says Large Sections of NY Will Reopen on Friday


McConnell Pronounces Dems' $3 Trillion Bill Dead on Arrival


How Did Osama bin Laden Really Die?


Stocks Shrug Off Dismal Employment Data - Dow Up 377.37


Dunne: The Danger of Letting Lab Coats Rule the World

McCann: Virus Lockdown Is a Colossal Blunder


Dr. Fauci's 15 Deadly Mistakes and Contradictions


McCarthy: Left Favors Authoritarianism, Right Seeks Liberty


Michelle Malkin: Protect Your Family from Fearmonger Fauci


The Lockdown Left Is No Friend of the Working Class


GOP's Garcia Wins California Dem's Vacant House Seat

House Dems Unveil $3 Trillion CV Spending Package


Donald Jr.: Democrat Governors Are Villains, Not Heroes


Routine Child Vaccinations Plummet in COVID-19 Era


Manafort Moved Out of Prison Amid Coronavirus Concerns


Wuhan Residents Fear Coronavirus May Be Spreading Again


Clinton-Appointed Judge Delays Dismissal of Flynn Case


Boose: Coronavirus Politics - Elites vs. The Rest of Us


CNN Poll: Trump Ties Highest Approval Rating

NY Mag: Trump's Reelection Odds Are Higher than You Think


Poll Shows 1 in 3 Are Now Ignoring Lockdown Rules


Margolis: Time to Stop Pretending Obama Was Scandal Free


Dems' Bill Would Undermine States' Voter ID Requirements


Turnabout: Senate to Grill Obama Officials on Russia Scandal


GOP Easily Wins WI Special Congressional Election


Airline Travel Falls 51% in March to 2-Decade Low


Broadway Shutdown Extended Through Labor Day


GOP Poised to Retake California Dem's Vacant House Seat


Sobieski: Obama's Coup Attempt


Joonedeph:Obamagate Reckoning Coming? You Betcha!


UV Light Tech Rising as Way to Treat Coronavirus


Really, Joe? Biden Likens VP Candidates to Calendar Models


Ford: Haves and Have Nots - We're NOT All in This Together


Iran Accidentally Hits Its Own Battleship with Missile, Kills 19


Jerry Stiller, Comedian and "Seinfeld" Actor (1927-2020)


Nursing Homes Account for 43.4% of USA COVID-19 Deaths


Reopened GA: Fewest Hospitalized CV Patients in a Month


CV Field Hospitals Shut Down - Most Treated Zero Patients


Trump: Obamagate Makes Watergate Look Small Time


New US COVID-19 Cases at Lowest Levels Since March


Is Twitter Suppressing the Hot New #ObamaGate Hashtag?


Physician Group, Dr. Birx: Are CDC's CV Death Data Inflated?


Media Largely Silent about Low CV Numbers in Reopened GA


Miller: NY Has Mismanaged COVID-19 from Top to Bottom


Liz Peek: Reopening USA - Dems Resist, Americans Persist






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