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News Archive for Week of March 9, 2020

Swine Flu Under Obama: 60 Million US Cases, 12,469 Deaths


Bad News for Dems: A "Never Biden" Movement is Growing


Biden Dominates One-on-One Debate with Sanders


Biden Offers Specifics, Sanders Offers Only Revolution


Bernie Fails to Land Punches to Slow Joe's Momentum


Video: Biden Forgets He's on Live Stream, Wanders Off


We Need to Talk About Joe Biden


On Coronavirus, When Will Sanity Return?


The Democrats' Project Fear Will Fail


Dick Morris: New Trump Emerging in Coronavirus Battle


Trump "Strongly Considering" Pardoning Michael Flynn


Gallup Poll: GOP Now Tops Dems in Congressional Approval


Trump Approval Remains Steady at 49%


Biden Ignores Experts, Rejects All Coronavirus Travel Bans


White House: Trump Tests Negative for Coronavirus


Plasma Therapy Has Excellent Results Against Coronavirus


illinois, Ohio Order All Bars and Restaurants to Close


Georgia Postpones March 14 Primary Election until May 19


Dow Surges Nearly 2,000 Points - Best Single Day in History


US to Extend Coronavirus Travel Ban to UK and Ireland


Don Surber: Trump Doesn't Need Rallies, Biden Does


Five Things to Watch in Biden-Sanders Debate Clash


Stocks Skyrocket as "All of America" Program Is Announced


Pelosi Announces Coronavirus Legislation Deal with Trump


US Forces Take Out Top Iranian Commander in Iraq


Trump's National Emergency Presser: A Tour de Force


Trump Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus


Rush: You're Not Alone If You Think the World's Gone Crazy


Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens Join Trump Admin in Fight


Virus in South Korea: Trending Downward, Looking Good


Virus Won't Be an Economic Catastrophe Unless We Let It


New PAC Formed to Infect "Douchebag" Trump with Covid-19


Coronavirus: Democrats Postpone Louisiana Primary


Schumer Attacks President Trump's "Autocratic Tendencies"


Hillary and Her Body Bags Are Plotting a Comeback


Schlichter: Biden's Outburst Is What's Wrong with the Dems


Neumayr: Dems Overestimate Biden's Success


Biden's "Bold" Coronavirus Plan Mostly Copies Trump's Plan


What's Going Right During Coronavirus Threat


Greece-Turkey Border Is Exploding; Europe Faces Invasion


Coronavirus: Trump Suspends Travel from Europe to US


Coronavirus: NBA Suspends Season as Player Tests Positive


Coronavirus: NCAA Cancels March Madness Tournaments


Coronavirus: Broadway Shuts Down for One Month


Sanders Wins CA Primary; Biden Still Leads in Delegates


Despite Coronavirus Uproar, Trump Keeps Pressure on Iran


Polls: Biden Leads Big in Upcoming FL, IL, OH Primaries


Markets Tumble: Bad News and Good News


Tom Hanks, Wife Rita Wilson Test Positive for Coronavirus


Colleges, Universities Across US Suspend Classes


Conrad Black: Democrats Hope for a Pandemic


Report: US Treasury Likely to Extend April 15 Tax Deadline


Goodwin: Trump Passes Coronavirus Test with Flying Colors


Google Tells 120,000 Employees to Work Remotely


NCAA to Severely Limit March Madness Attendance


Biden Is Not Qualified to Be President and the Dems Know It


Supreme Court Preserves Trump's "Remain in Mexico" Policy


Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison


Politico: Bernie Sanders Is All but Done


Super Tuesday II: Biden Surge Continues


Politicizing Coronavirus Will Cost Democrats the House


Biden's Problem: Candidacy Relies Only on Obama Nostalgia


Small Business Owners Survey: 70% Would Vote for Trump


Joon Yun, MD: Here's Why Coronavirus Data Are Misleading


Real Winner: Uncontested Trump Still Gets Massive Turnout


New DNC Debate Rules Let Aging Candidates Sit


Sanders, Holed up in VT, Elects Not to Address Supporters


Biden Suffers Problem with Teeth During Victory Speech


Unhinged Biden Flips Out on Worker at Michigan Auto Plant


Coronavirus Cases Decline 4 Straight Days in South Korea


Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa Runs for NYC Mayor


Trump Snubs Former AG Sessions, Endorses His Opponent


Don Surber: NeverTrump Pins Its Hopes on Coronavirus


Stocks Rebound - Dow Up Over 1,100 Points


Rush: Democrats Hope to Profit Off American Suffering


Iran Hit Hardest as Oil Price War, Coronavirus Cripple Nation


Europe Faces New Influx of Radicalized Syrian Refugees

Pat Buchanan: Is This How Europe Ends?


Sanders Doubles Down on Praise of Cuba, Communist China


Saying No to the Islamic Migrant Invasion of Europe


352 Delegates Up for Grabs in Mini Super Tuesday Battle

Sanders Looks to Regain Momentum in Must-Win Michigan


Mini Super Tuesday: 7 Things to Watch


Gas Prices Set to Plummet - Already Below $2 in Parts of US


Oil Prices Plunge 20%+ as OPEC, Russia Launch Price War


Max Von Sydow, Screen Legend (1929-2020)


Disney's "Onward" Dominates Weekend Box Office


Coronavirus Will Start Falling Sooner than You Think


Politico: Why Sanders Isn't Winning Over Black Voters


Dow Falls 2,000 Points


Iran Train Hits Something Hard


Market Mayhem Portends a Rough Day on Wall Street



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