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News Archive for Week of March 30, 2020

1000s in NY Are Now Being Treated with Hydroxychloroquine


Illegal Border Crossings Fall to Zero in Pandemic


Biden Backs Trump Travel Ban He Once Called Xenophobic


Trump Considers a Second Task Force - To Reopen Country


Coronavirus Hospitalizations Are Far Less than Projected


Global Survey: Hydroxychloroquine Is Best CV Drug Available


COVID-19: Tom Dempsey, Legendary NFL Kicker (1947-2020)


Klavan: On Computer Models, Socialism, and Other Garbage


Did Anyone Think This Through?


Coronavirus Has Seen US Develop a Dangerous Expertocracy


"Unicorn Killer" Ira Einhorn (1940-2020)


WHO Faces Backlash for Aiding China's CV Cover-Up


Trump Fires Deep State Operative ICIG Michael Atkinson


Lawmakers: US Postal Service May Be Out of Money by June


Durham Probe Intensifies Focus on Ex-CIA Director Brennan


Hannity to Cuomo: Stop Denying NYers Hydroxychloroquine


Rush: Shocking List of What's Killed the Most People in 2020


FDA Red Tape Halts Production of Hand Sanitizer


Maine Sheriff Won't Enforce Governor's "Police State" Order


How South Korea Tackled CV without Tanking Its Economy

In CV Fight, Sweden Stands Apart - Mostly Open for Business


McConnell Supports "More Targeted" 4th CV Relief Package


Analyst: Actual CV Numbers a Fraction of Those Expected


Renowned Doctor: Chloroquine Drug Is CV Game-Changer


Are the Mainstream Media Becoming Science Deniers?


Sullivan: In What Sense Do You Think We Are Free?


MSNBC: Biden Camp Super Frustrated Over Joe's Invisibility


Suddenly Even Globalists Are Big on Borders


Rep. Schiff, Democrats Plotting Impeachment Farce II


Mnuchin: Americans Will Receive Cash Deposits in 2 Weeks


Dr. Fauci Back in January: "Coronavirus Not a Major Threat"


Bill Withers, "Lean on Me" Singer (1938-2020)


99% of CV Fatalities in NYC Have Had Pre-Existing Conditions


Gun Sales Skyrocket to New All-Time Record in March


Why Are US Media Parroting China's CV Propaganda?


#MeToo Media Utterly Silent on Biden's Female Accuser


Trump Campaign Delivering Food to CV Hospital Workers


Dems Postpone Presidential Convention Until August 17


Poll: Voters Trust Trump More than Biden on Economy, CV


Pitt Researchers Unveil Potential COVID-19 Vaccine


Trump Punches Back with Epic Letter to Sen. Schumer


Wimbledon Canceled Due to Coronavirus


Former Obama Advisor: Trump's Going to Win in November


Alcohol Sales Soar as More People Ordered to Stay Home


Vast Majority of CV Deaths Involve Underlying Conditions


How a Police State Is Born


CV Shutdowns Result in 6.6 Million New Jobless Claims


CDC Warns of Possible Coronavirus Resurgence in Fall


A Governor Gavin Newsom Praises Trump CV Response


Taiwan to Donate 2 Million Hospital Masks to the US


Rep. Nunes: US Must Focus More on Employment Numbers


Democrats Risk Losing Support from America's HIndus


US Intelligence: China Is Lying About CV Infections, Deaths


Twitter Makes Ingraham Delete Post on Chloroquine Success


Dow +469.93 on Report of Trump Oil Deal with Saudis, Russia


MI Governor Asks Feds for CV Drug, 4 Days after Banning It


Carlson: COVID-19 Originated in China Lab, Not Food Market


Rick Perry: Energy Sector on Verge of Collapse Due to CV


Blackout: TV News Silent on Biden Sex Abuse Allegations


Dershowitz: Temporary Relaxing of Civil Liberties Is Justified


The Coincidental Chinese Virus


Does Nancy Pelosi Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak?


Italian Officials Believe Italy Has Reached Coronavirus Peak


Fauci Silences Reporter Who Suggests Trump Acted Too Late


Bernie Supporters Poll: 15% Will Vote for Trump over Biden


Governors Order Shutdown of US Toilet Paper Manufacturers


Italy Starts Mass Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine


Enthusiasm Gap Spells Doom for Biden Campaign


Birx: 100K-200K US COVID-19 Deaths "Best Case Scenario"


Dr. Zelenko: 699 CV Patients Treated, 100% Success Rate


Mnuchin: Small Business Loans Available Starting April 3


FDA Approves Emergency Use of Chloroquine Drugs for CV


"My Pillow" US Factories to Make 50,000 Face Masks a Day


CV Tracker: Hard-Hit Italy, Spain Appear to Be Over the Hump


Governors Are Blocking Doctors' Attempts to Save Lives


France Approves Chloroquine After 78 of 80 Cured in 5 Days


Trump Extends CV Guidelines and Lockdown to April 30


Actor John Krasinski Creates "Good News" YouTube Channel


What on Earth Is Going On with Joe Biden?


Stocks End Lower, Capping Worst Quarter Since 1987


Israeli PM Netanyahu Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Dow +690.70 as Investors Focus on Efforts to Slow Down CV


Coronavirus: We Should Follow Sweden's Example


Macy's Will Furlough the Majority of Its 125,000 Employees


Coronavirus: There Are NO Non-Essential Jobs


Why Biden Won't Dare Tap Andrew Cuomo for VP


The President Cuomo Fantasy


Trump: US Won't Pay for Harry and Meghan's Security


NY Mayor Threatens to Close Houses of Worship Permanently


Tornado Rips Through Arkansas Town, Injuring at Least 6




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