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News Archive for Week of March 23, 2020

Pelosi Calls for Probe into Trump's Handling of Coronavirus


Media Abandon Their Principles in Biden #MeToo Cover Up


Former Senate Staffer Alleges Biden Sexually Assaulted Her


Nolte: Trump's Health Threat Approval Ratings Top Obama's


DHS: 40+ Miles of Border Wall Built During CV Outbreak


DHS Declares Gun Makers, Retailers "Essential Businesses"


Trump: NY-NJ-CT Coronavirus Quarantine Not Necessary


Dr. Birx: Coronavirus Data Not Matching Extreme Predictions


Jimmy Wynn, Longtime Houston Astros' All-Star (1942-2020)


Trump Keeps His Head in Crisis While the Rest Lose Theirs

Goodwin: Dems Must Bench Biden, Find Another Candidate


Will the EU Survive Coronavirus?


John Callahan, "All My Children" Star (1953-2020)


RI Governor Has National Guard Tracking Down New Yorkers


Highly-Cited Model Revises CV Death Estimate Downward


Dr. Fauci: CV Mortality Rate May Just Be Closer to a Bad Flu


Hydroxychloroquine: Help Is on the Way!


Don Surber: Democrats Fear a Cure


Former GOP Senator Tom Coburn (1948-2020)


Saints' QB Drew Brees Donates $5M to Louisiana CV Effort


Dr. Raoult's New Chloroquine CV Treatment Helps 79 in 80


Chloroquine: Trump Was Right and Media Were Wrong


Average Gas Price Almost Down to $2 per Gallon


The Political Battle over Hydroxychloroquine


Abbott Unveils Portable 5-Minute Coronavirus Test


Tucker Carlson Predicts Dems Will Find a Way to Oust Biden


The Reasons for Germany's Remarkably Low CV Death Rate


America's Superb, Underappreciated President


It's Official: Trump Signs $2T Coronavirus Relief Package


Michigan Threatens Doctors Prescribing Chloroquine for CV


COVID-19 Won't Kill Us but Government's Overreaction Might


Netanyahu Finally Deemed Winner of Israel's Elections


Poll: 61% of Voters Approve of Trump's CV Response


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive for COVID-19


Huge Ratings: Millions Watch Trump's Daily CV Briefings


Nolte: No One Is Watching Biden's Live-Streaming Webcasts


Where's Joe? Biden Has All but Disappeared


Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (Who?) on Biden's VP Shortlist


MLB Jerseys Being Made into Masks for CV Medical Workers


Ford, GE, 3M Teaming to Produce CV Emergency Equipment


Gov. Cuomo Causes NY Ventilator Shortage, Blames Trump


Curly Neal, Harlem Globetrotters Legend (1942-2020)


Chloroquine: Scientific Evidence Is on Trump's Side


$2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package Clears the House

Senate Passes CV Stimulus Package in Unanimous 96-0 Vote


Possible Delay in Friday's House Stimulus Vote?


Dr. Fauci: "Of Course" I Would Prescribe Chloroquine


Mayor: NYC Releasing 1,000 Prisoners Due to CV Concerns


Biden Places April Democratic Debate in Doubt


New Orleans Emerging as Next New Coronavirus Epicenter


House Support of Senate Coronavirus Deal Still Uncertain


Dems Push for Investigation of Trump over CV Response


Poll: 55% Disapprove of Media's Handling of CV Response


Let's Not Swat the Mosquito and Get Hit by the Train


MSNBC's Mitchell Laments Trump's High Approval Numbers


Professor Raoult - The Man Who May Stop COVID-19

156 Million Americans in 17 States Now Under Lockdown


Pelosi Caves, Says She Will Try to Get Senate Bill Passed


Could a "Draft Cuomo" Movement Be in Democrats' Future?


Let's Just Say It - Joe Biden Is Probably Not Okay


Trump Wants America Re-Opened by Easter Sunday, April 12


Even NBC Calls Out Dems for Playing Politics with CV Relief

Despite Late Selloff, Dow Finishes +495.64

Prince Charles Tests Positive for COVID-19


Respected JP Morgan Strategist: Stocks Will Surge 40%


Schlafly: End the Dem Governor-Induced Economic Coma


Biden's Live-Stream CV Speech Is an Unmitigated Disaster


WH, Senate Agree on $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package


Tokyo 2020 Olympics Officially Postponed Until 2021


Glimmer of Hope: CV Deaths in Italy Fall Two Straight Days

Trump Announces Timeframe for Re-Opening US Businesses


Pat Buchanan: Must We Kill the Economy to Kill the Virus?


2020 Dem Nomination: Is Gov. Cuomo Waiting in the Wings?


CV Shutdown: Time to Consider the Economic Costs


Congressional Dems Are Tanking Biden's 2020 Odds


Stocks Surge on Hope that CV Rescue Plan is Close


Who Is Our John Galt?


Pelosi Proposes 1,120-Page CV Bill Stuffed with Pork


Irate Cruz: Dems Treating CV Bill Like a Partisan Xmas List


Trump: I Am Not Signing Off on an Unrelated Dem Wish List


Democrats Block Senate Coronavirus Relief Package


Fox News to Host CV Town Hall with Trump, WH Task Force


IOC Member: 2020 Tokyo Olympics to Be Postponed


Want to Beat the Coronavirus? Reopen America Now


Will Costs of a Great Depression Outweigh Risks of CV?


Poll: Americans Reject Hysterical Criticism of Trump


Back to Work by March 30: A Coronavirus Imperative


For Dems, Harming Trump More Important than Saving Lives


Joe Biden Has All But Disappeared from Public View


Trump: Economy Must Return to Business as Usual Soon


Anheuser-Busch NY Turns to Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer


Holocaust Survivor Is Israel's First Coronavirus Fatality


Canada Pulls out of 2020 Olympics Due to Virus Concerns



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