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News Archive for Week of March 2, 2020

Dick Morris: Biden Should Take Alzheimer's Test


GOP Eyes Biden's Mental Health and There Will Be No Mercy


Michael Goodwin: Hillary Comeback a Real Possibility

Confused Biden: "We Can Only Re-Elect Donald Trump"


Leading Infectious Disease Doctor: Fear Is the Real Epidemic

NYC: Bail Reform Sparks 22.5% Surge in Major Crime


Joe at Missouri Rally: "I'm an O-Biden-Bama Democrat"


Trump: Campaign Rallies Won't Stop over Coronavirus Fears


Absent a Deal, 3 FISA Provisions Will Expire this Week


Clinton: I Had Affair with Monica to "Manage My Anxieties"


Poll: Repubican Voter Enthusiasm Hits Record High


Super Tuesday Turnout Suggests Trump Is Biggest Winner


Trump Signs $8.3 Billion Coronavirus Package


Daylight Saving Time Begins


Eastman: It's Time to Dial Back the Coronavirus Drama


Attorneys General Join in Rebuke of  Schumer


Economy Adds 273K Jobs, Unemployment at 50-Year Low


Ideological Diversity? 1% of Harvard Faculty Supports Trump


Schumer Gives Lame Apology for Threat Against SC Justices


Henri Richard, All-Time Great Hockey Legend (1936-2020)


Migrant Family Border Apprehensions Down 92% Since May


2020 Race Is Now a Referendum on Barack Obama


Let's Review the Good Ole Days of Obama/Biden


Leftists Outraged that Government Is Arresting Illegal Aliens


Stocks Pare Losses Late, End Turbulent Week Up


Democrats Should Be Very, Very Nervous over Joe Biden


Trump Announces Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities


Jenkins: Why I Take Coronavirus Hype with a Pinch of Salt


Sen. Schumer Threatens Supreme Court Justices with Harm


20,000+ Refugees Stuck Near Greece/Turkey Border


New COVID-19 Cases in China Declining, Recoveries Soaring


Rosalind Walter, Inspiration for Rosie the Riveter (1924-2020)


Warren Holds Off on Making Biden/Sanders Endorsement


Don Surber: Jennifer Would Have Saved the Democrats


Elizabeth Warren Ends 2020 Presidential Campaign


Biden's Big Night Not Enough to Solve Dems' Bernie Problem


ABA "Deeply Troubled" by Schumer's Menacing Comments


Brazile On-Air Meltdown Over Brokered Convention Question


Jobless Claims Fall, But Coronavirus Fears Tank Stocks


DNC Changes Debate Rules ito Exclude Tulsi Gabbard


Congress Reaches $7.8 Billion Deal to Address Coronavirus


Team Sanders Still Fired Up Despite Super Tuesday Setbacks


Bloomberg Ends Presidential Campaign, Will Support Biden


Stop Gaslighting - Biden Is Still Biden and He's Not OK


The Left's Politicization of Coronavirus Backfires - Bigly


Trump Donates Entire 4Q Salary to Fight Coronavirus


Dennis Prager: We Go from Hysteria to Hysteria


Biden's Super Tuesday Performance... No Big Deal


5 Takeaways from Super Tuesday Results


Super Tuesday Exposes Age Divide - Bad Sign for Democrats


Stocks Rally - Dow Up Nearly 1,200 Points


Biden Dominates Super Tuesday Map, Sanders Salvages CA


Sessions Forced into Runoff for Alabama Senate Seat


DHS Chief: 700 Miles of Wall Already Built or on the Way


2020 Bernie Sanders Is Losing to 2016 Bernie Sanders


Israel: Netanyahu Defeats Gantz, Just Short of Majority


House to Vote on $8.3 Billion Coronavirus Response Package


Warren Finishes Third in Home State of Massachusetts


Supreme Court to Reconsider Constitutionality of Obamacare


Tornadoes Slam Nashville, Causing Widespread Damage


Fed Cuts Interest Rates by 0.5% but Stocks Still Tumble


Judge Orders Hillary Clinton Deposition in E-Mail Flap


Rush: Abortion Still the Leading Cause of Death in America


How Can You Measure "The Temperature of the Earth"?


Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric (1935-2020)


Bloomberg to Reassess Campaign after Super Tuesday Flop


Trump, GOP, Raise $86 Million in February


The Only Thing Dems Have to Offer Is Fear Itself


"Hardball" Chris Matthews, MSNBC Part Ways


At 77, Biden Is Now the Youngest Man Left in Dem Primary


James Lipton, "Inside the Actors Studio" Host (1926-2020)


Bobbie Battista, Long-Time CNN Anchor (1952-2020)


Klobuchar Ends 2020 Presidential Campaign, Endorses Biden


Buttigieg Suspends 2020 Presidential Campaign


Super Tuesday: What to Watch for State by State

Despite Biden's SC Win, Super Tuesday Polls Favor Sanders


Joe Biden's Hollow Victory and Other Commentary


Sanders Raises Whopping $46.5 Million in February


Rebound: Dow, S&P, Nasdaq Score Enormous Point Gains


DOJ Brief Accuses Harvard of Discrimination against Asians


"Judge Judy" Will End in 2020-21 after 25 Seasons


Supreme Court to Consider Constitutionality of CFPB


Bannon: Virus Crisis Provides Trump His "Churchill Moment"




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