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News Archive for Week of March 16, 2020

Coronavirus, Civil Liberties, and Public Health


Malaria Drug Chloroquine: 100% COVID-19 Cure Rate (So Far)


Longman: FDA Must Approve Hydroxycholorquine Now


WaPo Calls for End to Daily CV Briefings as Approval Soars

Trump Should Follow Successful S. Korea Model to Beat CV


Harris Poll: Most Approve of Trump's Handling of CV Threat


Biden Plans to Attack Trump with Shadow CV Briefings


Kenny Rogers, Country Music Icon (1938-2020)


Penn: US Needs 60-Day Plan to Battle CV and Save Economy


Coronavirus Shutdowns Place Financial Strain on Churches


Vice President Pence, Wife Test Negative for COVID-19


Senator Rand Paul Tests Positive for COVID-19


New FDA-Approved CV Test Yields Results in 45 Minutes


Report: Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for COVID-19


75+ Million Americans Now Under Coronavirus Lockdown


Phase 3 Coronavirus Legislation Will Aid Small Businesses


Israeli Pharma Firm Donates 6M Chloroquine Doses to US


Dr. Oz: Chloroquine Could Be Coronavirus Game Changer


Pandemic's Real Harm: Destroying Our Constitutional Rights


Clueless Celebs Slammed for Idiotic, Tone-Deaf Video


Flashback: How Media Covered Trump's China Travel Ban


Trump Peddles Hope, Media Peddle Hype


Reps. Buck & Biggs: Panic and Fear Should Not Set Policy


Don't Drink the Government Kool-Aid on the Coronavirus


This Is a Cold!


US Orders Up to a Year-Long Break on Mortgage Payments


Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Trump's Smart Move


Nat'l Guard General Refutes Nationwide Quarantine Rumors


Early Signs WA State's Coronavirus Curve May Be Flattening


More Government E-mails Found on Hillary's Private System


Florida: Beach Crackdown on Defiant Spring Breakers


IRS Moves Tax Filing Day from April 15 to July 15


NY Governor Will Sign Work from Home Executive Order


Stocks Tumble Again - But Is the Bottom Near?


Easter Masses Cancelled in Many Locations Across US


We Are So F***ing Done with China


Dems' Extremism Is Losing Them the Abortion Issue


Bayer Donates 3M Chloroquine Tablets to Fight COVID-19


CA Governor Orders 40 Million to Stay in Homes


Texas Announces Shutdown Amid Coronavirus Threat


NJ Dem Governor Thanks Trump for Help in CV Crisis


CNN's Dana Bash: Trump Is the Kind of Leader People Need


Same Story for Millenia: Fear Makes Power


Omar Praises Trump's "Incredible" Response to CV Threat


Gas Drops to 99 Cents, Sells Out at Kentucky Station


Instead of Focusing on Virus, Dems Were Busy Impeaching


How Long Will Americans Tolerate Corona-Madness?


Stocks Finish Up, Oil Has Huge Recovery


Poll: Most Independents Oppose Media's Politicization of CV


Israeli Nobel Laureate: Coronavirus Spread Is Slowing

End Is Near? Sanders Deactivates Campaign Facebook Ads


List of Coronavirus Lies the Mainstream Media Keep Telling


SCOTUS Rulings Strengthen Trump's Hand on Immigration


Americans Overwhelmingly Approve of Trump Travel Bans


Trump Signs $100B Relief Plan Providing Paid Leave


Tulsi Gabbard Ends 2020 Campaign, Endorses Biden


Florida Spring Breakers Ignore Coronavirus Precautions


Coronavirus: Italy, Iran Pay Price for Close Ties with China


Salt Lake City Area Hit with 5.7-Magnitude Earthquake


Philly Police to Stop Arresting Criminals Due to CV Concerns


TB to TB? Tom  Brady headed to Tampa Bay, Sources Say


Why Coronavirus Economic Crash Will Likely Be Short-Lived


Coronavirus Will Give President Trump His Biggest Win


Mueller's Case Against Russian Defendants Is Dismissed


Biden Crushes Sanders in AZ, FL, and IL Primaries


Pranksters Replace Google's Dem Donkey Logo with a Rat


Lyle Waggoner, "Carol Burnett Show" Star (1935-2020)


Stimulus? Trump Wants to Send Americans Checks ASAP


Stocks Down Sharply as Market Volatility Continues


5 America-Destroying Schemes Dems Are Proposing


Unopposed, Trump Still Gets 100,000 More Votes than Biden


Trump Clinches GOP Nomination


Report: Mnuchin to Request $850B in Coronavirus Stimulus


Will the Real Victim of the Flu "Crisis" Be Your Rights?


SF Bay Area Imposes Near-Lockdown on Residents


Mnuchin: Stocks Will Surge Once Coronavirus Threat Abates


Coronavirus: US Vaccine Trial Has Begun


Study: High Temps, Humidity Reduce COVID-19 Transmission


Dow Closes +1,049 for Net Gain over Past 3 Days


Tom Brady Is Leaving the New England Patriots


States, Cities Across US Close Bars and Restaurants over CV


Kentucky Derby to Be Postponed for First Time Since WWII


Victor Davis Hanson: America in New Upside-Down World


Let's Talk About Biden's Terrible, Economy-Destroying Ideas


Coronavirus Threat: The Top 8 Most Totalitarian Proposals


How Coronavirus Will Strengthen Trump's 2020 Campaign


Trump's Mar-a-Lago Resort Closes for Deep Cleaning


Biden Poised to Win Big in Tuesday's Primaries


NYC Shuts Down Schools, Bars, Restaurants, Movie Theaters


Fed Slashes Interest Rates Close to Zero to Help Economy


Nashville Businesses Defy Mayor and Remain Open


Stocks Bomb Out Again as Epidemic of Hysteria Continues


New COVID-19 Cases Plummet in China and South Korea


El-Erian: Big Virus Shock Can Be Contained and Reversed



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