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News Archive for Week of June 8, 2020

Poll: Blacks in US Overwhelmingly Oppose Defunding Police


CHAZ Thugs Choke, Sexually Assault Seattle Street Preacher

CBS Cheers CHAZ's Artwork and "Street Fair" Atmosphere


Zogby Poll: Majority Agree Trump Will Beat Biden 51%-43%


Riots, Fires in Atlanta: Police Shoot Taser-Wielding Black Man


77% of Truckers Won't Deliver to Cities that Defund Police


NYC Inmates Released Due to COVID Commit 450+ Crimes


Seattle BLM Forces All Whites to Back of the March


Black Imprisonment Rate Plummets by One Third Since 2006


Walsh: Time to Face Facts - We Can No Longer Be United


Poll: Most Democrats Wish Cuomo, not Biden, Were Nominee


Social Distance Scolds Return as Floyd Protests End


Berenson: Media's Latest Attempt to Stir COVID-19 Hysteria


Roger Simon: A New Silent Majority Is Coming


DOJ Indicts 50+ ANTIFA Members for Recent Violence


Seattle Cops Can't Respond to Rapes, Robberies in CHAZ


Boat Parades Across US Celebrate Trump's 74th Birthday


US Celebrates National Flag Day


Gun Sales Indicate Where America Is Heading Politically


Minneapolis City Council's Unanimous Vote: Replace Police


Shelby Steele: Left Manipulates "White Guilt" to Grab Power


Seattle Mayor: Anarchy in City Could Be "Summer of Love"


Seattle Mayor Sends CHAZ Portable Toilets, Cleanup Crews


MSNBC Likens CHAZ to a Pedestrian Street Festival


White Celebs "Take Responsibility" in Cringeworthy Video


Weir: Rioters Have Given Trump a Landslide Election Victory


Rapper/Warlord "Taz from CHAZ" Is a Huge Homophobe


"Anti-Racism" Protesters Deface Abolitionist Monuments


Joondeph: Why Don't These #BlackLivesMatter?


Undercover Video: Super-Rich Lefties Funding Extremists


HBO Max Removes "Gone with the Wind"


Aguilar: Gone with the Woke


Hellner: Stocks Reacting Badly to Seattle, Not New CV Cases


GOP Convention Moving to Jacksonville?


Mel Winkler, Actor in "Doc Hollywood" (1941-2020)


Biden: George Floyd's Death Bigger than MLK Assassination


Biden Doing Worse than Clinton Among Hispanic Voters


NFL Pledges $250 Million to Social Justice Causes


Seattle: Police Urged to Take Back CHAZ Before It's Too Late


Trump to WA Governor: Take Back Seattle Now - Or I Will


NYC to Rename Streets, Paint "Black Lives Matter" on Them


Mayor's Wife: Police-Free NYC Would Be "Like Nirvana"


Chicago Mayor Pleads with Walmart and Others Not to Leave


Kudlow Predicts 20% Economic Growth in 3rd, 4th Quarters


Dems Insult Blacks, Using Honored African Cloth as PR Prop


Pence: No Uptick in Coronavirus Cases Following Protests


WH Coronavirus Task Force Has Become All but Invisible


Schlichter: Media Suppresses Anyone Who Thinks Like You


"Autonomous Zone" Leftists Already Have a Huge Problem


Abraham Lincoln Monument Torched in Chicago


Richmond Mob Tears Down Jefferson Davis Statue


Leaked 2015 Democratic Party Memo: "Don't Support BLM"


Stocks Plunge on Renewed COVID-19 Fears, Fed Outlook


Steyn: If Black Lives Matter, Report Chicago Gun Deaths


Group Topples Minnesota Capitol's Columbus Statue


Anarchy in Seattle - ANTIFA Seizes Control of Neighborhood


Camden, NJ Crime Rate Dropped After Police Reforms


Law-and-Order African Americans Stand with Trump


Rasmussen: Trump Approval Among Blacks Is Over 40%


Seattle City Council Member Helps BLM Take Over City Hall

Paramount Network Cancels "Cops" Show After 33 Years


Report: ANTIFA Seeks Armed Aid to Hold Seized Ground


Poll: 80% Want to Keep or Increase Police Funding


Walter Williams: The True Plight of Black Americans


Lawson: Be Courageous, America - We Do Not Kneel


ANTIFA Seizes Seattle Police Precinct, Sets Up Own Gov't


Richmond, VA: Columbus Statue Torn Down, Thrown in Lake


Arsonists Target California Homes Flying American Flags


Boston, MA: Columbus Statue Beheaded


Democrat Cities: Fourth-World Scourges


LA Pride Will No Longer Be Involved in Sunday's BLM March


GOP Senators to FCC: Clarify Section 230 Big Tech Immunity


Valentine: Not All Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter


Report: 16+ Obamagate Criminal Referrals Headed to DOJ


Lawsuit: MI County Has More Registered Voters than Adults


Trump Campaign Rallies Will Start Up Again in Next 2 Weeks


Ford: We Didn't Hire Trump to Be a Uniter


Washington Examiner: Fake Polls Destroy Media Credibility

21 Famous People, Mostly White Libs, Who Wore Blackface


NC Speedway Opens by Billing Race as a "Peaceful Protest"


Hinderaker: Does America Want Submissive Leaders?


Nolte: Attendance-wise, Saturday's DC Rally Was a Huge Flop


New COVID-19 Cases in Minnesota Fall Despite Mass Riots


Minneapolis City Council to Disband Police Department


24 Hours, 18 Murders - Chicago's Worst Day in 60 Years


Bonnie Pointer of the Pointer Sisters (1950-2020)


De Blasio to Move NYPD Funds over to Social Services


Bomberger: 10 Reasons I Won't Support Black Lives Matter


Chumley: Democrats Know Their Time Is Growing Short


Marcus: The Lockdowns Are Now Intentional Cruelty


AG Barr: 750 Officers Injured in "Peaceful" DC Protests


Coronavirus Rally: Nasdaq Closes at All-Time High


Biden Finally Comes Out in Opposition to Defunding Police


Dow Surges +461.46 -- Up Nearly 9,000 Points Since March


Facebook, FCC Join Trump in War on Tech Censorship


US Records Fewest Daily COVID-19 Deaths Since March 26


Tierney: They Blinded Us with "Science"


BLM Activist: Cities with Worst Police Brutality Run by Dems


NYPD Ex-Chief: 300 Police Injured, 600 Consider Resigning


New York City Begins to Reopen Today


George W. Bush, Mitt Romney Won't Back Trump's Reelection


Joondeph: Desperate FakeNews Media in Overdrive


Biden Refuses to Take Stand Against Calls to Defund Police







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