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News Archive for Week of June 29, 2020

Trump to Hold Outdoor Rally in Portsmouth, NH on July 11


Irony: Leftists Slam "Hamilton" for Not Being Woke Enough


COVID-19 Herd Immunity May Be Much Closer Than We Think


Trump to Establish Vast Outdoor Park with Statues of Heroes


Nick Cordero, B'way Star Who Battled COVID (1978-2020)


How Trump - Not Biden - Has Helped Make Black Lives Better


With COVID, BLM Riots, and Lib Mayor, NYC Is a No-Go Zone


Kanye West Announces He Will Run for President in 2020


Leftists Stomp, Dance on US Flag near White House on July 4


Trump's Fiery Mt. Rushmore Speech Decries Leftist Fascism


Baltimore Mob Topples Columbus Statue - No Police in Sight


England's Pubs, Restaurants, and Hairdressers Reopen


Cohen: Trump Boosts Jobs, Biden Appeases Mobs


Biden Campaign Refuses to Release Cognitive Test Results


Brian Joondeph, MD: Is the COVID Surge More Fake News?


Flynn: Joe Biden and OPEC Threaten US Oil Independence


WI COVID Cases Hit New Record - With Zero New Deaths


Nashville Cancels July 4 Festivities but Allows BLM Protest


Daily US COVID-19 Deaths Hit Lowest Level Since March 23


Stanford MD: COVID Death Rate Under Age 45 "Almost" 0%


New Peer-Reviewed Study Shows HCQ Saves Lives


US Economy Adds 4.8M Jobs, Unemployment Falls to 11.1%


Judicial Watch Sues DC for Equal Access to Paint Streets


Pavlich: Democrats Are Fine with Watching America Burn


Richburg: The Hong Kong We Know Is Dead


California Governor Bans Christians from Singing in Church


Catron: A Black Running Mate Won't Save Biden


FBI Arrests Epstein's Longtime Associate Ghislaine Maxwell


Conrad Black: Voters Should Grant Dems' Their Death Wish


Leftists Block Road to Mt. Rushmore Ahead of Trump Event


Activists Plan to Storm DC in July 4 Weekend Protests


160 Walmart Parking Lots Becoming Drive-in Movie Theaters


Independence Day - A Great Day with a Colorful History


Davis: So Long Sports - Nice Knowin' Ya


Marcus: Joe Biden Owns the Democratic Party's Insanity


Davidson: 5 Ways to Fight Back in the Cultural Civil War


Pollak: Democrats Want a Socialist American Revolution


Record US Gun Sales Amid Coronavirus, BLM Protests


Schlichter: Stop Making Sense


Trump, RNC Raise Record $266 Million in Second Quarter


Report: NFL to Play Black Nat'l Anthem Before Week 1 Games


Daily Coronavirus Deaths in Reopened GA Hit 3-Month Low


US Factory Activity Surges Higher than Expected in June


Former Candidate Herman Cain Hospitalized with COVID-19


Hugh Downs, Broadcasting Legend (1921-2020)


Perazzo: Exposing the Lies of Black Lives Matter


NYC to Cut NYPD Budget by $1.5 Billion - Amid Crime Spree


Duke: The Coming Collapse of the Republic


Is Justice Alito Looking to Quit the Supreme Court?


Florida Governor Will Not Reverse Course on Reopening


Protester Caravan Descends on Wealthy Hamptons Estates


Chicago Shootings in June 2020 Increase 75% vs. June 2019


Will Woke Taliban Seek to Cancel White Superheroes Next?


Wallison: Totalitarianism Is Growing Among Us


Seattle Mayor: CHOP Closed Due to Violence, Safety Issues


Biden Says He Won't Hold Rallies - Due to Coronavirus


COVID Data Are Encouraging If You Dig Deep Enough


Parler Is a Freer Alternative to Twitter - For Now


CA Sheriff Refuses to Enforce July 4 Beach Closure Order


Senate Republicans Plan New Coronavirus Aid Package


VDH: Trump Will Win If He Responds to Righteous Voter Rage


Kurtz: Biden and the Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs


DHS Deploys Special Unit to Protect Monuments Over July 4


China Enacts New Powers to Silence Hong Kong's Dissidents


Report: New Virus that Can Infect Humans Found in China


Joondeph: Media Learned Nothing from 2016 Polling Fiasco


Carl Reiner, Longtime Comedy Legend (1922-2020)


US Pending Home Sales Soar 44.3%, Exceeding All Forecasts


Recent Data Suggest Lockdowns Were a Colossal Mistake


Stocks Surge to Notch Best Quarter Since 1998


Rush: White Woke Libs Think African-Americans Are Helpless


Daniels: Driving Conservatives Underground


Conrad Black: Why Trump's Goose Isn't Cooked Yet


Press Ignores Protests as Source of New COVID-19 Wave


Report: Intel Behind Russian Bounty Story... Doesn't Exist


Consumer Confidence Jumps to 3-Month High


Democratic Party Begins Demonizing Mount Rushmore


De Blasio Proposes $1 Billion Cut to NYPD Annual Budget


More Abortion Cases Still Wending Way to Supreme Court


US Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Law

Pollak: Roberts Shows Supreme Court at Stake Again in 2020


Coronavirus Drug Remdesivir to Cost $3K+ for Treatments


Trump Expects Twitter Will Ban Him Shortly Before Election

Did Tulsa Arena Management Sabotage Trump Rally Turnout?


COVID Cases Surge, But Daily US Deaths Near a 3-Month Low


Schlichter: America's Problem Is Systemic Liberalism


Another Fatal Shooting in Seattle's CHOP Protest Zone


CA Dems Seek to Cancel Name of John Wayne Airport


Barr May Act Against Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives


CDC: COVID Infection-Fatality Rate Is Now Down to 0.5%


Massive Explosion Rocks Suspected Nuclear Site in Iran


Widburg: White Leftists Think They Know Better than Blacks


Sources: Ex-MVP QB Cam Newton Reaches Deal with Patriots







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