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News Archive for Week of June 22, 2020

It's a White Thing: Only 17% of BLM Protesters Are Black


China Hit by Worst Floods in 80 Years - 3 Gorges Dam Next?


Filmmaker Reveals Harlem Blacks Favor Law Enforcement


Understanding What's Really Going On with Coronavirus


Bill Maher Mocks White Folks Trying to Out-Woke Each Other


Princeton to Remove Woodrow Wilson's Name from School


272 NYPD Officers Have Filed to Retire Since Floyd's Death

MPLS City Council Members Ban Cops, Hire Private Security


Rush: Do Not Let Them Shake Your Confidence in Trump


Stark: The DNC Panic Is Palpable


Taha: The BLM Movement Is the Enemy of African-Americans


Millions of New Gun Owners Could Sway Future Elections


Clueless Biden: "We Have Over 120 Million Dead from COVID"


4 Charged in Attempt to Topple DC's Andrew Jackson Statues


Chicago: At Least 7 Killed, 20 Injured in Weekend Shootings


Barr: 500+ Federal Investigations Launched Against Rioters


Trump Signs Exec Order Protecting Monuments and Statues


"Eat the Rich": BLM Mob Storms Beverly Hills Neighborhood


Seattle: Many CHOP Activists Are Now Refusing to Leave


Farewell Twitter - 500,000 Users Sign Up with Parler in 3 Days


Even Where COVID Infections Rise, Death Rates Are Falling


Lechter: The Democrats Built That


Biden Cancer Nonprofit Spent Most Money on Lavish Salaries


Biden Refuses to Express Opinion about Statue Destroyers


House Passes Dead-on-Arrival DC Statehood Bill


Cuomo: Tearing Down Monuments Is "Healthy Expression"


Nolte: A History of the Woke Taliban's "Noose" Hoaxes


Trump Admin Calls for Supreme Court to End ObamaCare


House Dems Block Resolution Condemning Violence, Rioting


Most Protesters Are White and Blacks Are Starting to Laugh


Census Bureau: Whites Under Age 16 Now a Minority in US


DC Statehood: Democrats' Attempt to Grab Power in Senate?


Protesters Plan to Topple DC's Emancipation Memorial


Thomas Blanton, 1963 KKK Church Bomber (1938-2020)


Yahoo: National Anthem Racist Because Slaveowner Wrote It


Dunn: The Left Craps Out


Close to 20% of NYC's Hotels Are Housing the Homeless


CHOP Organizers Decide It Is Time to Pack Up and Go Home


Amazon Renames Seattle NHL Venue "Climate Pledge Arena"


House Democrats Will Vote to Make Washington DC a State


Homeless Overrun "No Police" Neighborhood in Minneapolis


New COVID Infections Rising, But Deaths Remain Flat


Tidal Wave of Users Exit Twitter for Free Speech Alternative


Gallup Study: Media Rank Dead Last in Public Trust


Rush: BLM Is Powered by Wealthy White Millennial Women


BET Founder Mocks Misguided White Virtue-Signalers


Here's the Good Coronavirus News that the Press Is Burying


Fake Noose: The NASCAR Hate Crime that Wasn't


Rush: CV Death Rate Is 75% Lower in Non-Shutdown States


Lipson: Defund the Thought Police


Supreme Court Bolsters Trump's Rapid Deportation Power


Dem Primary Support Tanks for Presumptive Nominee Biden


New FBI Notes Confirm Obama Directed Anti-Flynn Operation


Parker: Is Biden Even Remotely Ready to Take on Trump?


Nolte: Left's Demand for Racism Far Exceeds the Supply


Philly Mayor: Remove Columbus Statue for "Public Safety"


Report: Ratings for "Woke" ESPYs Crash by 81 Percent


Appeals Court Orders Dismissal of Gen. Flynn Criminal Case


Trump Prepares Order Protecting US Historical Monuments


Senate Approves 200th Trump Judicial Nominee


Black Lives Matter Calls for Tearing Down Jesus Statues Next


Facebook Moderators Brag About Deleting Pro-Trump Posts


Conrad Black: War on Statues Is War on Civilization


Twitter Censors Trump (Again) for Warning Lawless Agitators


Emmett Tyrrell Jr.: Unfriendly Fascism from the Democrats


Nolte: Mount Rushmore Is Doomed to the 1619 Riots


MLB, Union Finalize 60-Game Schedule Starting in Late July


Rush: Trump Will Win Big Because Civilization Is at Stake


Horowitz: Media Mislead You About a COVID Spike in Florida


200 Miles of Border Wall Built, 500+ More Miles Underway


NY Primary: AOC Wins, Incumbent Engel Trails Leftist Foe


Report: Shootings Soar After NYPD Disbands Anti-Crime Unit


OR County Exempts "People of Color" from Mask Mandate


Victor Davis Hanson: When the Madness Ends, What Then?


Joel Schumacher, Director of "The Lost Boys" (1939-2020)


Group Warns: Leading COVID Vaccines Use Fetal Stem Cells


Seattle Mayor Finally Says City Will "Wind Down" CHOP Zone


Trump's Tulsa Rally Sets All-Time Fox News Ratings Record


6.7 Million Watch Trump's Tulsa Rally Online


Billion Dollar Investment Company Is Leaving Seattle


McManus: Welcome to the Summer of Slay, America


Trump Sets Immigration Pause to Open Jobs for Americans


Protesters, Police Clash Again in Washington DC


Jiang: Digital Yuan - China's Plan to Topple the US Dollar


Primary Day: Establishment Dems vs. Far Left Challengers


Another Shooting in Seattle's Police-Free Protest Zone


Thompson: America Is Not Plagued with "Systemic Racism"


Ying Ma: Corporations Too Spineless to Say US Is Not Racist


WND: Don't Clean Up the Left's Mess


Widburg: Dems, Leftists Snatch Defeat from Jaws of Victory


Removing Aunt Jemima - Did White Libs Check with Blacks?


Free Speech Platform Parler Calls for "Twexit" from Twitter


NYC Museum of Natural History to Remove Roosevelt Statue


10 Shot in Minneapolis, Up to 100 Brawl with Weapons


TN Passes Heartbeat Bill, Protecting Most Unborn Children


Weekend Violence in Chicago: 16 Dead, 30 Injured


Report: Trump Will Refile Order Ending DACA "Soon"


Daily Coronavirus Deaths Hit Lowest Level Since March 23


Twitter, Facebook Remove Trump's Funny Parody Baby Video


Poll: Repubs Love Trump Far More than Dems Love Biden







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