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News Archive for Week of June 15, 2020

Tucker Carlson: Racial Tension Is Rising in US - By Design


Marcus: Blame Conservative Cowards for Falling Statues


Supercut: Media's Double Standard for Protests vs. Rallies


Hemingway: Is High Tech Censorship on the Rise?


Tiz the Law Wins Spectator-less Belmont Stakes


President Trump Rallies the Crowd in Tulsa


Father's Day: A Tradition That Goes Back 100+ Years


National Guard Presence in Tulsa Deters Leftist Lawbreakers


Trump Blasts Media for Ignoring CV While Covering Protests


Ward: Viruses Don't Play Favorites, But the Media Does


500,000+ People Watch President's Tulsa Rally on YouTube


Crowd Roars as Trump Tosses Glass of Water to Mock Media


Supreme Court Rules Against Trump's Bid to End DACA


2 Shot in CHAZ/CHOP Zone, Police and Paramedics Blocked


7 Times Justice Roberts Was a Leftist Hack


Muhammad Ali's Son: Dad Would Have Hated "Racist" BLM


Hellner: The Morons of the Pandemic


Bye Bye Eskimo Pie - Another Food Product Mascot Vanishes


Shurk: As in 2016, Democrats and Press Think We're Stupid


Mortgage Rates Drop to Another Record Low


China Develops Weapons to Fry US Electric Grid


DC Rioters Destroy Another Statue as Police Just Watch


Poll: Nearly 8 in 10 Say It Is Now Time to Restore Order


Walls Work - CNN Builds a Wall to Protect Its Headquarters


Tulsa Prepares for Trump's Saturday NIght MAGA Rally


Facebook Bans Trump Ad Denouncing ANTIFA Violence


Cohen:​ It's Time to Bench Fauci


Rush: Will Police Unions Abandon the Democrats?


Schlichter: Trump Is Winning the Information War in Seattle


Commentary: We Must Stop the Great Unraveling


Carlson: Google, Big Tech Are Chief Threat to Our Liberties


Sir Ian Holm, "Lord of the Rings" Star (1931-2020)


Twitter Censors Trump's CNN Parody Tweet


David Limbaugh: The Silent Majority Can Be Silent No More


Portland Police Dismantle Protest Zone Near Mayor's Home

WA Mayor Is Pro-BLM - And Then Rioters Trash Her House


Atlanta Police Walk After Ex-Officer Charged with Murder


Will NYPD Make July 4 "Independence from Cops" Day?


Senate Vote to Remove Capitol's Confederate Statues Fails


Klobuchar Pulls Out of VP Selection, Touts "Women of Color"


Sahara Dust Blown from Africa May Pause Hurricane Season


Report: Lockdowns Closed 40%+ of Black-Owned Businesses


Vera Lynn, Beloved WWII Allied Forces Singer (1917-2020)


Juneteenth Roots Lie in the Declaration of Independence


Victor Davis Hanson: How Cultural Revolutions Die - Or Not


Kruiser: Seattle CHAZ/CHOP - One Long Trump Campaign Ad


New York's Murder Rate Is Up - Way Up


Over 40 LAPD Transit Offers Call Out on Wednesday


NYC's City Council Proposes $1 Billion Cut to NYPD Budget


Quaker Oats Announces It Will Retire "Aunt Jemima" Brand


BLM Activist: "3 White Boys" on Rice Krispies Box Is Racist


Zogby Poll: 55% Believe Biden Has Dementia


Lowry: If It's OK to Protest, How Can You Ban Funerals?


DOJ to Propose Rolling Back Big Tech's Legal Immunity?


Jean Kennedy Smith, Last Surviving JFK Sibling (1928-2020)


Luther: BLM Is an Existential Threat to America


Do We Want a Civilization Based on Vandalism?


VIDEO: Brandon Tatum - How to End White Privilege


Poll: "All Lives Matter" Preferred Over "Black Lives Matter"


Seattle Installs Concrete Barriers to Protect CHAZ/CHOP


Ben Shapiro: Our Totalitarian Moment


Walter Williams: Poor Are Most Dependent on Law and Order


Peterson: COVID Has Laid the Groundwork for Revolution


Fischer: Black Lives Matter to Dems... Only Before Election


"Gone with the Wind" Returns to HBO Max - With Disclaimer


Supreme Court Redefines Sex in Landmark LGBT Ruling


Google Threatening to Demonetize 2 Conservative Websites?


Ghana MInister Invites American Blacks to Resettle in Africa


Rasmussen Poll: 34% of US Voters Think a Civil War "Likely"


Retail Sales Up 17.7% in May, an All-Time Record


Over ONE MILLION Sign Up to Attend Trump's June 20 Rally


Poll: Young Americans Less Patriotic Than Ever Before


Horowitz: Media's Latest Lie to Scare People About COVID-19


Bobby Lewis, "Tossin' and Turnin'" Singer (1925-2020)


Why Roberts, Gorsuch Voted with Liberals in LGBT Case


Local GOP Leaders Nationwide See Trump Landslide Ahead


430+ Police Injured or Killed in Recent Left-Wing Violence


NYPD Cops Hospitalized after Drinking Poisoned Milkshakes


Rush: Ignore Conventional Wisdom - Biden Can't Beat Trump


Biden, DNC Raise $80 Million in May


NY Fed Manufacturing Index Has Largest Increase Since 2001


Only 1.4% of Minnesota Protesters Test COVID-19 Positive


Rush: Totalitarians Saw How Easy It Was to Shut You Down


Vespa: Why COVID Experts' Credibility Is in Smoldering Ruins


US Daily Coronavirus Deaths Hit Lowest Level Since March


De Blasio Welds Parks Shut in NYC's Jewish Neighborhoods


Dupree: Leftists Understimate the Conservative Majority


Down Nearly 400 Points, Dow Rallies to Close +157.62


CHAZ Purportedly Changes Its Name to CHOP


Moran: Is Oscar Becoming a Participation Trophy?


Kudlow: Extra Jobless Payments Will End as Planned in July


Taft: CHAZ Is Everything Its Organizers Said They Opposed







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