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News Archive for Week of June 1, 2020

Feldman: COVID-19 and Gun Control Support Died this Week


Ben Stein: My View of Looters


Mob Turns on Minneapolis Mayor Who Won't Defund Police


Video Shows George Floyd Railing Against Mob Violence


Candace Owens: I Don't Support George Floyd - Here's Why


Kurt Thomas, US Gold Medal Gymnast (1956-2020)


LA Mayor Garcetti Calls His Own City's Cops "Killers"


Study: ANTIFA Thugs Are Tech Economy's College Discards


Beaton: Failing in Their 3-Year Coup, the Left Riots


Dreher: Fleeing the Collapsing Imperium


Inquirer Editor Resigns Over "Buildings Matter Too" Headline


Nolte: Dems Want to Abolish Police, Confiscate Our Guns


Calm Mostly Prevails in Large City Protests Across US


Trump Recovery Is Ahead of Schedule


BLM Protesters Deface London Statue of Abraham Lincoln


Harsanyi: The Lockdowns Are Now a Scandal


NFL Pledges Allegiance to Black Lives Matter


Biden Officially Clinches Democratic Party Nomination


Chaves: Virtue-Signaling Epidemic Is Worse than COVID-19


Mayor Garcetti to Cut $150 Million from LA Police Department


Dow Up 800+ Points, Closes Above 27,000


Entire Buffalo Police Team Resigns over Officers' Suspension


Police Groups Break with Biden


Report: Trump to Pull 9,500 US Troops from Germany


Crowd Boos de Blasio at Floyd Vigil: "Get the F*** Outa Here!"


Why Should We Trust Health Experts Ever Again?


Ann Coulter: On the Other Hand, There's Rodney King


Protesters Expected to Swarm White House Area on Saturday


Lake of Ozarks Memorial Day Partiers -  No New CV Cases


Don Surber: COVID-19's Big Winners Are the Globalists


Autopsy: Floyd Died of Cariopulmonary Arrest, Had COVID-19


De Blasio: No to Jewish Funeral, Yes to Huge Floyd Service


The Riots Remind Us Why We Need the Second Amendment


Patel: Time for Normal People to Take Back Our Country


Dow Up 800+ Points on Record Surge in US Jobs


No New Coronavirus Deaths in NYC - First Time Since March


Presser: GOP Already Has the Lock on Diversity


NASDAQ Races to Record Intraday High


Barr: We Have Evidence ANTIFA Involved in Instigating Riots


NASA Tracks Stadium-Sized Asteroid Headed Toward Earth


Last Civil War Pensioner Dies at Age 90


AMC Theaters May Be Going Out of Business


Nearly All DC Rioters Freed, Most Avoid Felony Riot Charges

St. Louis: All Arrested Rioters Released without Charges


Iran Frees US Navy Veteran Held for Nearly Two Years


NYC Arsonists to Be Freed Instantly under Bail Reform Law


Two NYPD Cops Shot in Confrontation with Brooklyn Suspect


Obama Lectures Nation on Race Relations, Praises Malcolm X


NBA Approves 22-Team Format to Complete 2019-20 Season


2016 CNN/ORC Poll: Race Relations Worsened under Obama


Over a Dozen Major Race Riots Occurred on Obama's Watch


NYC Police Union President: "We Are Losing the City"


BET Founder Calls for $42 Trillion in Reparations to Blacks


St. Louis: Retired Black Police Captain Murdered by Rioters


Bonchie: Coronavirus Lockdowns Exposed as One Big Scam


Thousands March on de Blasio's Home, Demand He Resign


Carlson: With No One Keeping Order, Nations Collapse


Civil Rights Era Activist Rejects "Systemic Racism" Claim


Curry: It's Not 1968 the Democrats Want, It's 1932


Whoopi Goldberg Lambastes Looters: "Enough Is Enough"


VA Dem Gov to Remove Richmond's Prominent Lee Statue


Rush: Sweden Proves the Lockdown Was Unnecessary


Governors Back Protests after Months of Banning Gatherings


Rush: New York Is What Awaits Us if Trump Loses Presidency


De Blasio: Protests Are Allowed but Prayer Services Are Not


Johnny Majors, Legendary NCAA Football Coach (1935-2020)


Someone Is Delivering Stacks of Bricks to US Riot Sites

Solid Majority Support Calling in Military to Support Police

Wes Unseld, NBA Hall of Fame Legend (1946-2020)


Trump: GOP Convention Will Not Be Held in North Carolina


Stocks Surge as Protests Abate and Job Losses Slow


Gov. Cuomo Blasts NYC Mayor, NYPD on Handling of Riots


400+ NYC Looters Freed under Cuomo's Bail Reform Policy


Looters Attack, Vandalize Stores in Midtown Manhattan


Rich Lowry: Want to End Riots? Let Police Do Their Jobs


Floyd Riots vs. Boston Tea Party - No Comparison


Psychologists: Shutdowns and Joblessness Led to Riots


Federal Riot Troops Deployed to Washington DC and Miami


Massive Spike in Gun and Ammunition Sales in May


Trump to Designate ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization


Twitter Suspends Conservative Leader for Anti-ANTIFA Posts


Dreizin: Big City Mayors Don't Want to End the Chaos


Minneapolis Police Begin to Make Large-Scale Arrests


Top Doctor: CV Is Becoming Less Lethal, Losing Potency


Hunter: Democrats' Chickens Come Home to Roost


4 St. Louis Cops Shot in Raging Gun Battle with Rioters


Rush Limbaugh, Breakfast Club Spar over White Privilege


Video: Asian Murder Hornet Is No Match for Praying Mantis


Several Famed Museums Reopen Across Europe


Autopsy: George Floyd's Death Not Caused by Asphyxiation


MI Governor Lifts Stay-at-Home Order as COVID-19 Declines


Stock Futures Higher Despite Violent Protests Across US


Dennis Prager: The Left Couldn't Care Less About Blacks


Wohlstetter: When Mayors Reward Riots, Expect More


Video: Atlanta Mayor Condemns Rioters with Fiery Message


Dems Silent About Social Distancing as Mobs Riot and Loot


Rioting DC Leftists Vandalize Lincoln and WWII Memorials


Miller: End the Lockdown, Stop the Riots


NYC Democrat Mayor's Daughter Arrested at Riot


SpaceX Astronauts Dock at International Space Station


MN Democrat Governor's Daughter Tweets Intel to Rioters


NASA: SpaceX Is About Hope, Moon, Mars... and China


Christo, Creator of Dramatic Public Art Displays (1935-2020)


Spero: Leftists Oppose Regular Americans More than Rioters


MN Attorney General's Son Tweets Support for ANTIFA







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