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News Archive for Week of July 6, 2020

Ki​mball: All of This Is Really About November 3


Widburg: Hollywood's New Blacklist Victims - White People


Goya CEO Refuses to Apologize for Praising Trump


Feds Deny Minnesota Gov's Request for Post-Riots Bailout


Kelley: The Left Can No Longer Call Themselves Liberals


Judge Allows Petition for Election to Recall Seattle Mayor


Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on Floyd's Death

Geraghty: No One Is Ever Woke Enough


Libs Push to Nix Debates Amid Biden's Growing Incoherence


Biden's 2020 Platform Would Abolish Suburban Communities


David Limbaugh: Authoritarian Left Fears Level Playing Field


Gardey: Tracking Biden's Mental Decline - It's Getting Worse


Did FL Officials Inflate Recent COVID Case Numbers by 30%?


Amid Coronavirus, Tyson Turns to Robot Butchers


Shock Poll Shows Trump on Track to Win Reelection


Rush: What's So Special About "The Offended"?


It's Finally Happening - "The Far Side" Is Back


Most of NYC's Women/Minority Businesses Might Not Survive


CA May Release 10% of Inmates in Pandemic Response


Erdogan Signs Decree Converting Hagia Sophia into Mosque


42% of US COVID-19 Deaths Are in 3 Northeast Blue States


Trump Commutes Roger Stone's Prison Sentence


Appeals Court Stays Decision to Dismiss Michael Flynn Case


Pro-Trump Women's Org Demands Its Own NYC Street Mural


Conrad Black: Dems' Nightmare Campaign of Outright Idiocy


Silver Lining: American Credit Card Debt Plummets


COVID-19 "Victim" Promoted by NBC Didn't Even Have Virus


Poll: Approval of Trump's COVID-19 Response Hits New Low


Brown: Why It Sucks to Be a Democrat in 2020


Dead Cat Receives Voter Registration Application in the Mail


Black Lives Matter Goes Silent on Martin Luther King


Statue of Escaping Slave Vandalized with BLM Graffiti


Keltz: The Media and 2020 - It's Deja Vu All Over Again


Neumayr: Biden - Puppet of the Far Left


NYC Mayor to Ban All Large Events - Except BLM Protests


NYPD LImits Retirement Applications - 400% Surge This Week


Wells Fargo Donates $400M to Assist Minority Businesses


Report: Wells Fargo to Cut Thousands of Jobs

Chicago Blackhawks Refuse to Change Name or Indian Logo


Flynn Judge Seeks Reconsideration of Dismissal Order


Alex Pullin, Olympic Snowboarding Champion (1987-2020)


National Scrabble Ass'n Bans up to 226 "Offensive" Words


Lipson: Can Biden Avoid the Debates?


Woke NFL Players Silent About Jackson's Anti-Semitic Posts


SCOTUS: Trump Cannot Shield Tax Records from Grand Jury


Communities of Color Hit Hardest by Rising Gun Violence


AG Barr Launches Fed Crackdown on Violent City Crime


Proposed Dem Platform Gives Asylum to 11M-22M Illegals


Shootings in de Blasio's NYC Triple from One Year Ago


Fundraising Figures in State Races Spell Trouble for Dems


Kudlow: Virtually All Data Still Show a V-Shaped Recovery


Mak: Dems Are Now Party of Dumb - GOP Needs to Be Smart


VIDEO: Biden Calls Police "The Enemy", Calls for Defunding


Supreme Court: Employers May Deny Free Birth Control


NFL Star Posts Fake Hitler Quote in Anti-Semitic Tirade


Morse: We Are in a Civil War - Come to Terms with It


Gindler: The Gangsterization of the Democratic Party


Ivy League Cancels All Fall Sports


1960s Style Liberals Fear Woke Inquisition's Cancel Culture


Report: NFL's Redskins Will Become Washington Warriors


Eating Their Own: Leftists Want to Cancel "Hamilton"


Greenfield: "Black Lives Matter Effect" Killing Black Children


Hunter: The Left Will Come for You Sooner Than You Think


Tapson: Just Say "No" to the Revolution


Border Patrol Called in to Restore Order in Riot-Torn Portland


DOJ Announces New Indictments of Portland Rioters


Impeachment Witness Lt. Col. Vindman Retires from Military


Brooks Brothers Files for Bankruptcy


US Serves Formal Notice of Plan to Withdraw from WHO


NBA Approves List of Leftist Messages for Player Jerseys


Prison Wants to Ensure Maxwell Doesn't Meet Epstein's Fate


Trump Expected to Refile this Week to End DACA


WHO Is Monitoring Bubonic Plague Outbreak in China


Families Call on BLM to Address Black Community Violence


Members of Angry BLM Mob Invade Christian Church Service


Prager: If America Is So Racist, Why So Many Race Hoaxes?


Schlichter to Democrats: What If It's All a Lie?


Schlichter to GOP Saps: You Need to Quit Being Idiots


ANTIFA Rioters Turn Portland, OR into a War Zone


Joondeph: COVID Cheerleaders Change the Rules Mid-game


CDC: As Deaths Fall, COVID May No Longer Be an Epidemic


Media Buries Falling COVID Death Rate to Continue the Panic


Victor Davis Hanson: An Industry of Untruth


Harvard Undergrads Will Pay Full Tuition for Online Classes


DHS: No Foreign Students in US If Classes Are Only Online


Lowry: Unhinged Left Likens Patriotism to White Supremacy


Charlie Daniels, Country Music Legend (1936-2020)


Ennio Morricone, Oscar-Winning Composer (1928-2020)


Big Boy Replaces Iconic Mascot with Obscure "Dolly"


Ralliers at BLM Event: "Death to Israel, Death to America!"


Supreme Court 9-0 Decision: Electors Must Follow State Law


Dow +459.67, Nasdaq Rings in Another Record Close


Will Biden Sign a Pledge to Protect American Monuments?


Antoine: Can We Be Allowed to Be Adults, Please?


Lewandowski: Enthusiasm Trouble? Not for Trump Campaign


As the Crisis Deepens, Q Says Rise or Die


Daily US COVID Deaths Hit 3-Month Low for 2nd Straight Day


Earl Cameron, James Bond "Thunderball" Actor (1917-2020)








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