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News Archive for Week of July 27, 2020

Poll: Trump Leads Biden 48% to 46%, 309 Electoral Votes


Crouere: Hockey Scores a Goal for America


CDC: Hospitals Have $ Incentive to Overcount COVID Deaths


Johnson: Someone Is Lying About COVID


Chicago Homicides Increase 50% in 2020, 139% in July


Witness: Clinton Visited Epstein Island with Two Young Girls


GOP Plans to Keep National Convention Closed to Press


Hoft: COVID Deaths Are Overstated and Need to Be Audited


Klavan: Gaslight Nation


Rasmussen: Trump Approval 50%


Trump Says He Will Ban Chinese TikTok App from US


Wilford Brimley, Homespun Character Actor (1934-2020)


Their True Colors: Portland Rioters Turn to Burning Bibles


3 Factors Are Massively Inflating the COVID Fatality Count


CDC: It Is in the Public Health Interest to Reopen Schools


WebMD Poll: Only 1 in 4 Would Take a New COVID Vaccine


Poll: 78% Blame China for Global Spread of Coronavirus


51 Global Studies Find HCQ Effective in Treating COVID-19


FBI Tried Unsuccessfully to Tie Trump to Epstein Case


American Accused of Blasphemy Shot in Pakistan Courtroom


SCOTUS Denies Request to Halt Border Wall Construction


Athey: Who Deserves a Funeral?


Sweden's Herd Immunity Yields Sharp Drop in COVID Cases


Smith: Dems Are Riding a Shark - And It May Consume Them


Seattle Lawmakers Move to Abolish Entire Police Force


Polls Now Show a Closer Presidential Race


Biden's Running Mate Announcement Pushed Back


O'Connor: The Dems' Jihad Against Hydroxychloroquine


Unsealed Maxwell Docs Implicate Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew


Court Overturns Boston Marathon Bomber's Death Sentence


Thau: 5 Reasons Wearing Masks Is Anything But Harmless


Dems Block Temporary Extension of Unemployment Benefits


Now Dr. Fauci Wants Us to Wear Goggles Too


Tide Turning? Trader Joe's Pushes Back Against PC Idiocy


Rush: Trump Blows Up Left with Election Delay Tweet


If People Can Line Up for John Lewis, We Can Vote in Person


247 Viewers Watch Biden Read Teleprompter from Basement


Jonte: Why We Should Believe None of the MSM Polls


Herman Cain, 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate (1945-2020)


A Noninvasive COVID Test that Yields Results in 30 MInutes?


Censorship: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results


Seattle Rioters Bomb Police Station, Mayor Blames Trump


Obama Uses John Lewis' Funeral to Take Pot Shots at Trump


Big Tech Censors Debate About Hydroxychloroquine


Federal Court Agrees to Rehear Flynn Case


NASA Launches Rocket to Mars


Alan Parker, Oscar-nominated UK Filmmaker (1944-2020)


Barr Destroys Nadler in Another Dem House Hearing Disaster


10 Coronavirus Charts and Graphs You Need to See


Schlichter: Dem Liars Barely Even Try to Fool Us Anymore


100+ Police Agencies Pulling Out of Democratic Convention


Victor Davis Hanson: Our Summer of Cultural Suicide


No-Lockdown Sweden: Daily COVID Cases Hit 4-month Low


Surber: Biden Is in Trouble


St. Louis in July: More Homicides than Coronavirus Deaths


Federal Agents Begin Leaving Downtown Portland


John McNamara, Manager of Ill-Fated '86 Red Sox (1932-2020)


WH Challenges Big Tech Censorship in Petition to FCC


YouTube, et al. Shut Down Doctors Who Testify HCQ Works


Dem Researcher: Big Tech Is Stealing Election from Trump


Adams: Media Still Pretend Portland Riots Are Peaceful


Politico Prematurely Confirms Harris as Biden's VP Pick


CDC Director: More Suicides, Overdoses than COVID Deaths


Shapiro: Left's Tolerance of Violence Should Frighten Us All


Hemingway: Left Must Learn to Accept Election Results


Bannon's Radio Free China


Oprah's "O" Print Magazine Calling It Quits


McDonald's Closing 200 US Locations in Wake of COVID-19


Jordan Stuns Dems with Devastating Video of Leftist Rioters


Widburg: Social Media Giants Let China Affect US Healthcare


Biden: Will Pick Running Mate Next Week


Trump Admin Says It Will Reject New DACA Applicants


NFL to Transform Fields, Helmets into BLM Billboards


Trump Reroutes Pharma Manufacturing from China to NY


Trump Admin Holds Talks to Pull Fed Troops OUT of Portland


Barr to Dems: When Is It OK to Burn Down a Federal Court?


Facebook/YouTube/Google/Twitter Ban Viral Doctors Video


New COVID-19 Outbreak Threatens MLB Season


Hunter: To Hell with Professional Sports


Jacoby: Fear of Speech Is Replacing Freedom of Speech


Weir: How Biden Plans to Destroy the Suburbs


Rush: The Campaign Against Hydroxychloroquine Continues


PHOTO: Fauci at MLB Game - No Mask, No Social Distancing


Trump Doubles Biden in Spanish Language Advertising


Rep. Nadler: Antifa Violence in Portland Is a "Myth"


WH Economic Advisor Kudlow: $1,200 Check Is Coming


Moderna Begins COVID Vaccine Trial with 30,000 Volunteers


Armed Neighborhood Patrols Are Appearing in Minneapolis


Rush: Democrats Deny Reality at Surreal Barr Hearing


Are Portland's Mostly White Protesters Eclipsing BLM?


Kudlow: US Economy Still Poised for 3rd Quarter Rebound


"Hidin' Biden" Refuses Interview with Fox's Chris Wallace


Joondeph: Are Fake News Polls Hiding a Trump Landslide?


Only a Trump Administration Can Restore Law and Order


NYC's "Black Lives Matter" Street Mural Defaced Yet Again


Why Is the WaPo Publisher Heading the Reagan Foundation?


Hunter: Black Lives Don't Matter to #BlackLivesMatter


Rutgers English Department Declares Grammar "Racist"


Trump Team, Senate GOP Agree on COVID Relief Package


Rwandan Refugee Admits to Torching Nantes Cathedral


Markets: Gold Soars to All-Time High


John Saxon, "Nightmare on Elm Street' Actor (1935-2020)





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