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News Archive for Week of July 20, 2020

NYT Fudges Data to Claim Spike in COVID Hospitalizations


Lang: Fake Media Ban Comments to Protect Their Monopoly


Casket of Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Crosses Selma Bridge


Olivia de Havilland, "Gone with the Wind" Star (1916-2020)


Trump Unveils Executive Orders to Cut Drug Prices


Biden's Florida Campaign Alienates Hispanic Organizers


Portland: Why Do Libs Back Rioters over Law-Abiding Feds?


Weaker US Dollar Could Push Stock Prices Higher


Stanford Biophysics Prof: US COVID Over by Late August


McCarthy: The Distraught and Desperate Dems Are Flailing


Federal Court Temporarily Blocks Seattle's Anti-Police Law


MLB Opener Attracts Record 4 Million TV Viewers


Florida Launches Investigation of Faulty Coronavirus Data


Seattle Police Declare Riot - Cops Injured, Property Destroyed


New Seattle Law Bans Cops from Using Pepper Spray, etc.


Trump Admin Backs Partial Extension of Jobless Benefits


Showalter: Blacks Are Sick of White Leftist Camera-Hogging


Opposing Armed Militias Converge in Louisville


A&E Has Lost Half Its Viewers Since Dropping "Live PD"


VIDEOS: Portland Violence the Media Refuse to Show You


Regis Philbin, Legendary Television Host (1931-2020)


What Explains Drudge's Drastic Turn to the Left?


Fraud Begins to Mount in FL's COVID Death Count Reporting


Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac Co-Founder (1946-2020)


DOJ Brings Charges vs. Portland's Fed Courthouse Rioters


ACLU Sues to Count Illegals in Congressional Apportionment


California Churches Defy Governor's Lockdown Order


O'Connor: Silent Majority Won't Be So Silent Come November


Black Trump Supporter Murdered after Pro-Trump Interview


Buck Sexton: Democrats Are Now the Riot Party


WaPo Settles Lawsuit with Covington Catholic Student


Rasmussen: Trump Daily Approval Holds Steady at 49%


Rasmussen: Black Voter Approval of Trump at Record 43%


New Home Sales in June Rose 13.8%, Beating Expectations


CATO Survey: 62% Are Afraid to Share Their Political Views


DHS: Trump Border Shutdown Has Kept 88,000 Illegals Out


Whiton: 7 Reasons Why Trump Will Win Reelection


Interest in Q Surges in Wake of Twitter Ban


Rogan: Trump Is Winning the National Policing Argument


Devine: Delusional Dems Intent on Trying to Fool Americans


Trump: No "Big, Crowded" GOP Convention This Year


Huh? Redskins Are Now "Washington Football Team"


Schlichter: Stop Whining About Trump's Mean Tweets


Battleground State Polls Show Trump Is Crushing Biden


Med Journal Study: Lockdowns Do Not Lower COVID Deaths


Despite COVID Surge, FL Hospital Bed Availability Is 21%


Marcus: Why Won't the Media Interview Portland's Rioters?


Biden's Lead Among Black Voters Is Less than Hillary's Was


Lim: Three Races that Will Decide Senate Control


Chicago Mayor Orders Removal of Columbus Statues


Flight From Cities: Existing Home Sales Soar Nearly 21%


Hollis: If Unborn Lives Don't Matter, No Lives Matter


DHS Chief: Federal Officers Will Not Retreat from Portland


Antle: Cries of "Racism" Poisoned Our Politics


Trump Raises $20M from 300K Donors in Virtual Fundraiser


Arms Industry: Gun Buys Up 95% in 2020, Ammo Up 139%


Smith: The 29 Percenters


Trump Signs Order Barring Illegals from Census Count


Hellner: Presidential Polls Look as Fake as Russiagate


Poll: More Now Distrust CDC, Believe COVID Deaths Inflated


FUNNY VIDEO: Woke vs. Racist - What's the Difference?


Biden Fumbles "Aneurysm" as Only 19 Watch His Livestream


Annie Ross, Renowned Jazz Singer and Actor (1930-2020)


National Retailers: NYC Now the Worst Place to Do Business


Mysterious Fires and Explosions Continue to Plague Iran


Rasmussen: Trump Approval - 49%


Portland Goes to Hell: The Death of an American City


Dow Closes Above 27,000, Nasdaq Hits Another Record High


Is There a Google Blacklist to Suppress Conservative Sites?


Dennis Prager: The Dehumanization of Blacks


Popular MI High School Teacher Fired for Pro-Trump Tweet


Twitter Bans Star of David Images as "Hateful"


Catron: Will Teachers' Unions Reelect Trump?


Smith: 5 Words Trump Can Say to Win the Black Vote in 2020


Codevilla: The COVID Coup


Biden: We Need More Islam Taught in Schools


Seattle Rioters Fire Mortars at Police Stations, Destroy Stores


Armed St. Louis Couple Charged for Defending Their Home


Anti-Slave-Labor Bill Targets China and Companies Like Nike


Homeland Security to Deploy 150 Agents to Chicago


NBC Poll: Biden at Abysmal 26% Approval with Young Voters


Trump Challenges Biden to a Cognition Assessment Test


Chicago Police Video: 49 Cops Injured in BLM/Antifa Ambush


Irony: Amazon Bans Documentary on Speech Censorship


Kruiser: In Search of the Invisible Biden Voter


Dr. Joondeph: Media Malpractice on COVID Numbers


Roger Simon: Trump Has Already Won the 2020 Election


Portland Community Leaders Seek Moratorium on Violence


Michelle Malkin Beaten by BLM, Antifa Thugs at Denver Rally


Chase: Coronavirus - Good News for a Change


Kurt Schlichter: Brace for the Backlash


Is Former Editor Bari Weiss Planning to Sue the NY Times?


Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, Olympic Skater (2000-2020)


Bodega Owners Reject Goya Boycott, AOC Hardest Hit


Property Damage, Looting in Downtown Seattle Protest March


Trump Tele-Rallies: 2.5M+ Online Views in Just a Few Days





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