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News Archive for Week of July 13, 2020

Biden Promises to Repeal Non-Existent "Muslim Travel Ban"


Rural OR Seeks to Join Idaho as Portland Violence Escalates


Catron: Why the Polls Predict Trump Will Win


Herz: Deferred Disease Disaster Dawning on Democrats


McCullough: It's Time to Shame the COVID-19 Liars


Portland Leftists Hysterical About Federal Policing Agents


NYC's BLM Street Mural Vandalized Twice on Saturday


What Happened to Kamala Harris' Face?


Coronavirus Death Rate Drops for 12th Straight Week


Fauci Holds Up NY as a Model for Fighting Coronavirus


Civis Americanus: How to Cancel "Cancel Culture"


CDC "Mistakenly" Includes Antibody Tests as New CV Cases


Fraud: FL Motorcycle Crash Deemed a "Coronavirus Death"


Widburg: Blacks Are Losing Control over Black Lives Matter


McMillan: Governors Are Now Monarchs, and We're Peasants


Feehery: It's About the Trump Voter


Chicago: 1,000 Rioters Attack Columbus Statue, Cops Injured


Large Crowd of Mask-less Revelers Floods NYC Street


A Conservative Movie Studio to Counter Far-Left Hollywood?


John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon (1940-2020)


Scientists: Cholesterol Drug Clears Lungs of COVID in 5 Days


Justice Ginsburg Says Cancer Has Returned


Mayor De Blasio: NYC Is Safer with Fewer People in Jail


France's Historic Nantes Cathedral Is Burning - Arson?


Conrad Black: Democrats Don't Have the Winning Hand


Group Throws Paint on De Blasio's BLM Street Mural


Why White House Has Cut CDC out of COVID Data Collection


Jashinsky: Silent Majority Isn't Good Enough in Culture War


Mutual of Omaha Indian Chief Logo (1950-2020)


Michelle Malkin: Mask Mandates Are a Public Health Menace


Chicago Police, Protesters Clash Near Columbus Statue


Keltz: The Veil Has Dropped from the Mainstream Media


Gensert: Democrats Are Forcing a Civil War


Margolis: What the Media Hide about US COVID Fatality Rate


Widburg: Yes, You Are Being Lied to About COVID-19


"DivestU" Redirects Donations Away from Leftist Colleges


Grammatico: Is Michelle Obama Biden's Trump Card?


Boose: Trump Remains the Only Man in DC to See the Danger


Milloy: Canceled - America's Energy Dominance


Black Leaders Call on NYPD to Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit


30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Drops Below 3% for First Time


RNC Announces Plans for Scaled-Back GOP Convention


Georgia's GOP Governor Suspends All Local Mask Mandates


Portland Police Squash and End Leftist "Autonomous Zone"


Jesus Statue Found Beheaded Outside Miami Church


15 Women Allege Sexual Harassment by NFL's Redskins


June Retail Sales Surge 7.5%, Higher Than Expected


Countless FL Labs Way Overstate COVID-19 Positivity Rates


Florence Littauer, Christian Speaker and Author (1928-2020)


Rush: Blue State Govs Will Do the Shutdown Dance Until 11/3


National Police Ass'n "Overwhelmingly" Endorses Trump


Arps: BLM's Silence on Child Murders Will Be Its Undoing


FL Hospital Reported COVID Positivity Rate 10x Too High


CA to Release 18,000 Prisoners "To Slow Spread of COVID"


CHOP 2.0: Portland Protesters Declare Autonomous Zone


Report: Wuhan COVID Lab Scientists Have Defected to West


Reynolds: Misreporting of COVID Deaths by Alarmist Media


Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist Front Organization?


Trump Demotes Campaign Manager Brad Parscale


Victor Davis Hanson: The NFL Is on the Brink


TX Health Department: COVID-19 Less Lethal than Flu


Joanna Cole, "Magic School Bus" Author (1944-2020)


Pasadena's 2021 Tournament of Roses Parade Is Cancelled


Smithsonian Lectures on "Whiteness" in Racist Manifesto


Bari Weiss Resigns from NYT, Citing Its "New McCarthyism"


Jeffrey Epstein "Madam" Ghislaine Maxwell Is Denied Bail


McCain: NY Owes America an Apology for Coronavirus


Rasmussen: Trump Approval 48%, Up from 42% in Late June


"America's Got Talent" Host Axed After Anti-Semitic Rant


Twitter Is Now Censoring Photos of Goya Bean Cans


Polls Show Backlash Against Leftist Mob Rule Is Growing


Naya Rivera, "Glee" Star (1987-2020)


Tuberville Defeats Sessions in GOP's Alabama Primary


Biden Quotes Mass Murderer Mao Zedong During Fundraiser


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Home After Hospital Discharge


Did You Know Riots Have Raged in Portland for 6+ Weeks?


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized with Possible Infection


Did You Know the Dems' National Convention Is Underway?


Murderer Becomes First Fed Prisoner Executed Since 2003


Rush: Rioting Disappears from Media Because It Hurts Dems


Rush: Redskins Change Name, Nobody Gets Any Happier


Trump Admin Official: COVID-19 Vaccine by End of Summer


Catron: Why Has Biden Hired 600 Lawyers?


Dow +556.79 as Tech Selloff Ends as Quickly as It Began


Grant Imahara, "Mythbusters" Host (1970-2020)


Trump Campaign Has 50% More Staffers than in 2016


NBA Bans "Free Hong Kong" Jerseys, But "Kill Cops" Is OK


Poll: 90% of Evangelicals Support Trump's Re-Election


New York City's BLM Street Mural Splattered with Red Paint


NFL's Jackson to Visit Auschwitz After Anti-Semitic Posts


Virgil: Welcome to Year One - All Prior History Is Cancelled


NYC Weekend: Shootings Far Exceed Coronavirus Deaths


Washington Redskins (1937-2020)


Iran's Nuclear Facilities Are Mysteriously Under Attack


WV Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty to Altering Mail-In Ballots


Massive US Warship Explosion Injures 17 Sailors, 4 Others


"Buy-cott": GOPers Buying Goya, Donating to Food Banks


Taki: Death of a Nation


Young Mom Murdered, Allegedly for Saying "All Lives Matter"


Fargo: Actually, America Is Falling OUT of Tyranny


NYC: Zero CV Deaths for First Time Since Pandemic Began


Schlichter: Why You Should Be Optimistic About a Trump Win


Pelosi: No Regrets About Initially Downplaying COVID Threat


Kelly Preston, Actress and John Travolta's Wife (1962-2020)


Leftist Haters Torment Teen Daughter of Slain Police Officer

Benjamin Keough, Elvis Presley's Grandson (1992-2020)








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