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News Archive for Week of January 6, 2020

Only 45 Attend Texas Rally with Bloomberg, Judge Judy


"Profiles in Corruption" Hits #1, Exposes Leading Dems


CEA: Bottom Half's Net Wealth Is Up 47% Under Trump


Iran Admits to Downing Ukraine Jetliner, Blames Trump


Golden Globe Winner "1917" Tops Weekend Box Office


Packers Hold Off Surging Seahawks for 28-23 Win


Down 24-0, Chiefs Roar Back and Defeat Texans 51-31


Iowa Caucus Polls: 4 Candidates in Close Contention


Upcoming Dem Debate: 2 Billionaires, 0 People of Color


Sir Roger Scruton, Conservative Thinker (1944-2020)


House Passes Meaningless War Powers Resolution


Report: US Seeking to Resume Talks with North Korea


Report: Iran's Only Female Olympic Medalist Defects


Derrick Henry, Titans Stun Top Seed Ravens 28-12


Dominant Defense Helps 49ers Defeat Vikings 27-10


Media Blame Trump for Literally Everything from A to Z


Fear of Sanders Win Grows Among Dem Establishment


Prosecutors: Video Footage Outside Epstein's Cell Erased


World's Single Largest Cause of Death in 2019: Abortion


Pelosi to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate Next Week


Poll: Sanders Leads Iowa for First Time as Caucus Nears


John Kerry Laments Ruined Iran Deal, Blames Trump


Israeli Analysts: Soleimani's Death a Huge Blow to Iran


Iran Ambassador: Trump Is Crushing Iran with Sanctions


Marianne Williamson Ends 2020 Campaign


Could This Be the Beginning of the End for Iran's Mullahs?


12/30/19: Dems Blame Trump for Hanukkah Stabbing


9/17/18: Left Blames Trump for Hurricane Activity


DOJ Probe of Clintons Reportedly Ends with a Whimper


Marianne Williamson's 15 Quirkiest Campaign Moments


Mme Tussauds Removes Wax Figures of Harry & Meghan


Neil Peart, Rush Drummer (1952-2020)


Trump Ignites Crowd at Packed Toledo, OH Rally


Elizabeth Wurtzel, "Prozac Nation" Author (1967-2020)


Edd Byrnes of "Grease" and "77 Sunset Strip" (1932-2020)


Up to 90% of Australian Brushfires Started by Arsonists


Food Stamp Use Has Declined Drastically Under Trump


NY Moves to Register Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens to Vote


UK: House of Commons Formally Approves Brexit Deal


McConnell to Senate: Prepare for Trial, Articles or Not


Bombshell Book: Bidens Siphoned Millions in Tax Dollars


PM Boris Johnson: UK Still Backs Iran Nuclear Deal


Pentagon: Ukraine Jetliner Likely Downed by Iran Missiles


As Dem Primaries Near, Joe Biden's Free Ride Is Over


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Quit as Senior Royals


Dow Nears 29,000 as Middle East Tensions Fade


Appeals Court Releases $3.6 Billion for Border Wall


Pelosi Will "Probably" Send Impeachment Articles "Soon"


Warren Campaign Scrambling for Survival


Australia Fires Expose Green Folly


Justice Ginsburg Announces She is "Cancer-Free"


Warren Won't Criticize Soleimani, Bashes Trump Instead


Iran Missile Reportedly Hits Ukrainian Plane, 180+ Killed


Feinstein Demands Pelosi Send Impeachment Articles


Trump Plays His Cards Right and the Middle East Exhales


Buck Henry, Acclaimed Screenwriter (1930-2020)


ADP Report: 202K New Jobs Added in December


Trump Vows New Sanctions on Iran


Your Bluff Has Been Called, Speaker Pelosi


Poll: Sanders Leads Dems Huge Among College Voters


Poll: 47% Approve of Trump Drone Strike on Soleimani


Iran Blinks - For Now


Esper: General's Planned Attack on US Was "Days" Away


Trump Is Quietly Winning Bigly at the Border


Stocks Hit All-Time High After Trump's Iran Speech


Planned Parenthood Reports Record Number of Abortions


Senate GOP: Impeachment Articles by Sunday or Else


Here We Go: Schiff Calls for Hearings into Iraq Airstrike


Aussie Authorities Arrest 183 for Fire-Related Offenses


Wait - Didn't Iran Deal Outlaw the Missiles Iran Just Fired?


Rush: Why the Left Sides with Iran Terrorists over America


Sanders, 78, Keeping Health Records Under Wraps


Israeli Think Tank Has Soleimani's Number, and More


Iran Fires Missiles at US Military Bases in Iraq


Guess Which Dems Were Silent About Iran Missile Firing


Trump-Trashing Dems Were OK with 2,800+ Obama Strikes


Rep. Duncan Hunter to Resign from Congress


Census Projection: GOP Gains in 2020 Electoral College


House Agenda Memo Makes No Mention of Impeachment


Minuscule Turnout for Washington DC Anti-Trump Protest


Iraq Parliament Votes to Expel US Troops from Iraq


Iran Journalist to US Media: Don't Fall for Iran Propaganda


Trump Threatens Iraq with Sanctions After Vote to Expel


Iran Abandons Nuke Deal It Never Abided By to Begin With


Pelosi: House Will Vote on an Iran Resolution This Week


Globes Host Ricky Gervais Rips Hollywood Elite


HarrisX Poll: Trump Approval at All-Time High Among GOP


Top 10 Atrocities from the Left's Now-Vaunted Soleimani


Backing Trump, UK Deploys Royal Navy to Persian Gulf


Victor Davis Hanson: Iran, Not US, Is in a Dilemma


US Casualties in Terror Attack on Military Base in Kenya

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