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News Archive for Week of January 27, 2020

Dems' New Impeachment Strategy: Denigrate Acquittal


Chiefs Win Super Bowl 31-20 on 4th Quarter Rally


Graham: Intelligence Committee Will Call Whistleblower


After 20 Years, Coach Andy Reid Finally Wins the Big One


Dick Morris: Bernie's Path to Locking Up Dem Nomination


CNN's Toobin: All History Will Remember Is "Trump Won"


Latest Poll: Sanders Leads by 7% in Iowa


Four Things to Watch for in the Iowa Caucuses


UK Daily Mail: Ice-Cool Mahomes Is America's New Hero


Senate Expected to Acquit Trump on Wednesday


What You Need to Know About the 2020 Race in Iowa


Halftime Show: Vulgar Stripper Schtick, Kids in Cages


This Year's Best Super Bowl Commercials


Roger Simon: Why We Need a Trump vs. Sanders Election


Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Early Spring


Whistleblower May Be Implicated in Biden-Burisma Cape


Trump Takes Out Another Top Middle East Terrorist


8th US Case of Coronavirus Reported


Chief Justice Roberts Unwittingly Outs the Whistleblower


Police End Islamist Machete Attack in South London


DNC Members Discuss Rule Changes to Stop Sanders


Sources: Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filing Is Imminent


Brexit Is Complete: Britain Finally Leaves the EU


Super Bowl LIV: Previews, Predictions, and Picks


A New Swamp Creature Emerges: Chief Justice Roberts


DNC Overhauls Debate Rules to Include Bloomberg


Ex-Ukraine Prosecutor Sues, Demands Probe of Joe Biden


Impeachment Effort Was Worse than a Waste of Time


Fox: NO to Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad, YES to Drag Queens


Firage Takes Britain out of Europe with a Stellar Flourish


Don Surber: Media Frankensteins Hate Their Creation


RNC Hits New All-Time Record for December Fundraising

Senate Votes Against Calling New Impeachment Witnesses


Mary Higgins Clark, Suspense Novel Author (1927-2020)


Biden, Sanders Are Dem Frontrunners in Nearly All Polls


How Not to Impeach a President


Flynn Moves to Dismiss; DOJ Seeks Probation Only


Former Trump Aide Carter Page Sues DNC for FISA Abuse


Rush: Dems Know They've Been Beaten Again


Warren Falls to #4 in Both Iowa and New Hampshire


("Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!") Nadler Steals Podium from Schiff


8 Reasons Why Trump Will Be Reelected


Countdown to Brexit: It's a Done Deal at 11 pm in London


Before Caucuses, Trump Taunts Dems at Iowa Rally


Alexander Opposes Witnesses in Crushing Blow to Dems

Murkowski Opposses Witnesses, Paving Way to Acquittal


GOP Now Believes It Has the Votes to Block Witnesses


Rush: The Slow Strangulation of the Biden Campaign


It's Time to Pull the Plug on the Impeachment Farce


Mexico Deports 2,000 Caravan Migrants Back to Honduras


Congressional Races: Dems Hold Fundraising Advantage


Drug Deaths Fall for the First Time in Nearly 20 Years


Leaked Video: Chinese Nurse Says 90,000 Are Infected


Trump Signs Trillion-Dollar USMCA While Dems Impeach


Sources: Roberts Stops Paul from Naming Whistleblower


Palestinians Must Wake Up to New Reality in Mideast


Will Southern Primaries Bury Bernie As They Did in 2016?


How Trump's Peace Plan Will Change the Middle East


Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella was Outed Back in October


How It All Went Right: Brexit Wound Has Almost Healed


Feds Discover Illegal 3/4-mile Tunnel on Southwest Border


Mark Levin: Bolton Story Changes Nothing Even If True


Last-Second Impeachment Game-Playing: Kavanaugh 2.0


Report: GOP Scores Huge Win in Key Texas House Race


TV Network Blackout: Dems, Media Allies Go Totalitarian


CNN's Toobin: Burisma's Hunter Biden Hiring Was Sleazy


Trump Hits Dems Hard at Raucous Wildwood, NJ Rally


4 Polls in Iowa and NH: Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie


Dem Senator: Trump Could Be Impeached for Tweets


Dershowitz Delivers Spirited Constitutional Defense


Dems Want Witnesses? Time for McConnell to Go Nuclear


Lawyer: Bolton's Book Manuscript Was Leaked to NYT


Jack Burns, Popular 1960s Comedian (1933-2020)


Kobe's "Mamba Mentality" Skyrockets to #1 on Amazon


McConnell Does Not Have the Votes to Block Witnesses


Report: Kobe Helicopter Was Cleared to Fly in Dense Fog


Supreme Court: No Green Cards for Foreigners on Welfare


Wuhan Virus: 5 US Cases Now Confirmed


FL Governor DeSantis Ends "Common Core" Standards


Record Number of GOP Women Are Running for Office


Epstein Probe: "Zero Cooperation" from Prince Andrew


Pam Bondi Lays Out Case Against Bidens, Burisma


Bolton Brouhaha: Dems' Predictable January Surprise


Grammy Awards Ratings Dip to All-Time Low


2020 Grammy Award Winners


Details Emerge About Kobe Helicopter Crash Victims


Rush: Perfectly Timed Bolton Leak Follows Old Playbook


175,000+ Ticket Requests for Trump's Wildwood, NJ Rally


Impeachment Trial Day 6: Opening Arguments Continue


Sen. Hawley: Subpoenas for Bidens, Schiff, Whistleblower


75 Years After the Liberation of Auschwitz


Dem Focus Group: Voters Not Interested in Impeachment


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