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News Archive for Week of January 25, 2021

Horowitz: A Tsunami of Hate


Widburg: Leftists Trying to Destroy Trump's New Attorneys


Root: How to Make Trump and America Great Again


Daily New US Coronavirus Cases Hit Lowest Level Since 11/4


GOP Candidate Increases Lead in Last Undecided House Race

Secretary of State Orders LGBT Flags Flown at US Embassies

Greenfield: Dem Govs Deploy MORE Nat'l Guard to DC - Why?


Does DC Statehood Require a Constitutional Amendment?


Davis: GameStop Saga Is Part of "Elites vs. Populists" War


Carlson: Why Are Dems More Afraid Now that Trump Is Out?


Moran: Biden Exec Orders Overwhelmingly Favor Blue States


McCotter: Is This the Normal You Voted For?


Canto: Is Biden's Presidency the Reincarnation of Carter's?


Top Lawyers Depart Trump Impeachment Defense Team


Bradford: The Justice System Is Rigged Against the Right


NFL Blockbuster QB Trade: Goff to Lions, Stafford to Rams


State AGs Blast Biden for Record Number of Executive Orders

Biden Family Is Already Cashing in on Joe's Presidency


US Halts Plan to Give COVID Vaccines to Gitmo Detainees


Stocking: Kerry's Family Sure Polluted the Earth a Lot in 2020


Reddit Rebels May Have Just Saved AMC Theatres from Debt


Nor'easter to Slam East Coast, Mid-Atlantic

Pelosi's "Incitement" Claim Against Trump Is Falling Apart


Thompson: Abusers Derive Power Only If Victims Consent


Robinhood Expands Trading Restrictions to 50 Stocks


Hounsell: Corporate Fascism Is the Greatest Threat to the US


Matthews: So Much for Joe Biden, Moderate


Van Buren: We Must Apply First Amendment to Social Media


FBI: Suspect Planted Pipe Bomb the Night Before Capitol Riot


GOP Angry Over Probation for Ex-FBI Lawyer in Russiagate


Smith: Article V Convention - Backstop vs. Runaway Statism


BLM Movement Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Krause: The Marxist War on Art and America


John Chaney - Famed Temple Basketball Coach (1932-2021)


Bed, Bath & Beyond Stock Collapses 36% After MyPillow Ban


Trump Pollster: Effort to Cancel Trump Is "Backfiring"


Dem Lawmakers Introduce Bill for Nationwide Mail-in Voting


Why GameStop's Stock Surge Is Shaking Wall Street


Biden Signs Exec Order Allowing US to Fund Global Abortions


9/11 Mastermind, Gitmo Detainees Set to Get COVID Vaccines


New Survey: Liz Cheney's Political Future Is Looking Bleak


GM Plans to Offer Only Electric Vehicles by 2035


Tucker: Robinhood, GameStop, and Wall Street's Rigged Game


Cicely Tyson - Pioneering Hollywood Icon (1924-2021)


DC Police Chief Wants Permanent Fence Around US Capitol


Dem AG: NY Way Undercounted Nursing Home COVID Deaths


GOP's 2022 Senate Prospects Clouded by Retirements


Trump Meets with McCarthy, Commits to Fight for GOP in 2022


Victor Davis Hanson: The "After Trump" Era Begins

Kruiser: Press Can't Cover Up Biden's Opening Train Wreck


GameStop: Retail Investors Strike Back

Congress to Hold Hearings Over GameStop Trading Saga


Pakistan Court Frees Accused Daniel Pearl Murderer

Biden Administration Is Restoring Relations with Palestinians


Key Biden Nominee Open to Raising Taxes on Middle Class


Boorman: The "Private Company" Fig Leaf for Totalitarianism


POLL: Trump Leads All Contenders for 2024 GOP Nomination


Schlichter: Stop the Third Party Insanity


Walsh: Hatred Has Pickled Pelosi


Ben Shapiro: Biden Is Anything But "Normal"


Dem Senators Now Mulling Alternatives to Impeachment Trial


Bonchie: Reddit Trolls Beat Stock Market - Elites Are Furious


Kerry to Jobless Oil and Gas Workers: Go Make Solar Panels


CVS Begins In-Store COVID Vaccinations


Biden Absent from Coronavirus Briefings


Cloris Leachman - Emmy and Oscar Winner (1926-2021)


Biden Rule: Women Soldiers Must Shower with Transgenders


Democrats Introduce Washington DC Statehood Bill


Second Police Officer at Capitol Incursion Commits Suicide


Biden WH Warns: No Questions from Conservative Media


Moseley: The Senate Cannot Impeach Donald Trump


China Using "More Accurate" Anal Swabs for COVID Tests


Widburg: Is McConnell Willing to Abandon the Filibuster?

Vespa: Biden Agenda May Come to Screeching Halt in Senate


Chaves: Did Capitol Rioters Receive Inside Help?

"The Trio": What Q's Spokesmen Are Saying Now

Massive Brands Decide to Sit Out the Super Bowl


Biden Signs Exec Order Banning the Term "China Virus"


Biden Signs Exec Order to Make All Federal Vehicles Electric


Union Leader Who Endorsed Biden Turns Against Him


Biden's $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Bill Is in Trouble


Texas Judge Blocks Biden's Plan to Pause Deportations


Gelernter: To Hell with Unity


2021 Starts Off with Startling Spikes in Violent Crime

McConnell Votes to Declare Trump Trial Unconstitutional

Dem Senator Leahy, Not Roberts, Will Run Impeachment Trial

Democrat Prospects of Convicting Trump in Senate Fade Away


2021 Starts Off with Startling Spikes in Violent Crime

McConnell Votes to Declare Trump Trial Unconstitutional

Dem Senator Leahy, Not Roberts, Will Run Impeachment Trial

Democrat Prospects of Convicting Trump in Senate Fade Away


Zito: Why the US Hispanic Conservative Movement Is Surging


Walsh: Our Pandemic Fears Kill What Makes Life Worth Living


Senator Leahy Is Briefly Hospitalized


Bete: What Happened with All Those January 6 Arrests?


Bonchie: Dem Senator Sinema Breaks Chuck Schumer's Heart


Prager: The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election


A Hardcore Libertarian Take on the Storming of the US Capitol


Biden: Impeachment Trial "Has to Happen" But Likely to Fail


Gingrich: Biden's Actions Speak Louder than Words


Twitter Bans My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Forever


Leitch: It's Time to Hate Tom Brady Again


Alexander: So What's Next for QAnon?


Biden Sets Record for Executive Orders Signed in First Week


WND: New Bill Would Allow Dems to Steal Elections Forever

The Highest Paid Federal Employee Is... Dr. Fauci

Treasury Dept. Again Seeks to Put Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill

Hahn: Impeach Harriet Tubman


Dershowitz: Trump Impeachment Trial Is Unconstitutional


House Dems Deliver Trump Impeachment Charge to Senate


2011 Flashback: Pelosi Celebrates Mob Invading State Capitol


Trump Formally Opens "Office of the Former President"


Joondeph: Right on Schedule, COVID Pivots for Biden


Bill Maher: We Can't Keep Blaming Everything on Trump Now


Tulsi Warns About Dem Crackdown on "Domestic Terrorism"


Cannon: If Hawley, Cruz Are Cancelled, Conservatism Is Next


Hawley: It's Time to Stand Up Against the Muzzling of America


Buccaneers, Chiefs Are Headed to the Super Bowl


Supreme Court Orders Dismissal of Trump Finances Cases

Dozens of Other Vaccines Are Working Their Way to Public

Biden Admin Blames Trump WH for Vaccine Rollout Delays


Report: Trump Abandons Idea of Creating Third Political Party


Disney+ Blocks "Racist" Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Aristocats


Jenkins: Transgender Agenda Will Eviscerate Title IX


Growing Number of GOP Senators Oppose Impeachment Trial


Will Ivanka Challenge Rubio in 2022 FL Senate Primary?

Biden Stops Trump Order that Cut Prices on Insulin, EpiPens

Poll: 22 Percent Believe Biden Can Unite the Country


Ute Tribe: Biden Drilling Freeze an Attack on Our Sovereignty



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