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News Archive for Week of January 20, 2020

Rahm: Candidate Bernie Would Do More Harm than Good


What Talent: Michelle Obama Wins Grammy for Talking


Iowa's Largest Newspaper Endorses Elizabeth Warren


NH's Largest Newspaper Endorses Amy Klobuchar


Poll: Biden, Sanders Far Ahead of the 2020 Dem Pack


Andrew Yang to Return to Dem Debate Stage in February


Why Won't Schiff Release Testimony of 18th Witness?


Americans Come Together to Mourn Kobe's Death


3 Rockets Hit US Embassy Compound in Baghdad


Kobe Bryant: One of the Greatest Basketball Players Ever


CNN's Toobin Admits GOP, Trump Are Winning at Trial


5 Big Points by Trump's Impeachment Defense Team


MSNBC Anchor: Dems Failed to Land Impeachment Case


Is Wuhan Virus Linked to China Bio Weapons?


FISA Court Admits Carter Page Spy Warrants Not Valid


Impeachment Trial: Team Trump Steps Up to Make Its Case


Dems' Impeachment Case Already Lies in Smoking Ruins


France Confirms 3 Wuhan Virus Cases, First in Europe


Saudi Sheikh Leads Prayers at Auschwitz Holocaust Site


New Signs of Iran Weakness After Soleimani's Death


Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) Dies in Tragic Helicopter Crash


Poll: Sanders Opens Up 7-Point Lead in Iowa


Spy Warrant Ruling Could Void ALL Mueller Convictions


Wuhan Virus: Second US Case Confirmed


Low Viewer Ratings for Dems at Impeachment Trial


34 Soldiers Now Diagnosed with Iran Attack Head Injuries


Half-Empty Spectator Gallery Puzzles Senators


Senator Nadler Loses It and Calls Trump a Dictator


Big 3 Networks All But Ignore Massive DC March for Life


Wuhan Virus: Disney, McDonalds Shutter China Locations


5 Trump Policies that Ended the Border Crisis


Hillary Documentary Attacks Bernie: "Nobody Likes Him"


Schiff: Voters Shouldn't Get to Decide About Trump


Jim Lehrer, PBS Newsman (1934-2020)


Fake News: CNN Admits Making Up GOP Senators' Quotes


6 Dem Senators Who Could Side with GOP in Trump Trial


Wuhan Virus: 40 Million Chinese Now Quarantined


Schiff Has Teary-Eyed Meltdown in Closing Statement


Another Sanders Staffer Calls for Gulags (and Guillotines)


CNN Poll: Sanders (27%) Surges Ahead of Biden (24%)


Mexico Forces Break Up Remainder of Latest Caravan


Tulsi Sues Hillary over "Russian Asset" Comments


Brexit Nears Finish Line - UK to Leave EU on January 31


Planters Confirms: Mr. Peanut Died Trying to Save Friends


Why the Dems Screwed Bernie -- And Need to Do It Again


Wuhan Virus: 6 Chinese Cities Now Quarantined


While Senators Yawn, Left-Wing Media Gush Over Schiff


Dems Call for Impartiality While Declaring Trump Guilty


Must See: List of Trump's Accomplishments After 3 Years


Trump's New Visa Restrictions to Reduce "Birth Tourism"


Senators "Weary and Bored" as Schiff Drones On


Trump Will Be First President to Speak at March for Life


Impeachment Day 3: Dem Aggressiveness Is Backfiring


Wuhan Virus Lockdown: 5 Cities, 20 Million People


NY Giants' QB Eli Manning Retiring After 16 Seasons


Terry Jones of Monty Python (1942-2020)


Why Not a Single Republican Is Poised to Convict Trump


Impeachment Day 2: Quantity Does Not Equal Quality


Schiff's Insane 2-Hour Russia Conspiracy Rants Backfire


Mexico Has Become Trump's Wall


China Quarantines Wuhan City to Contain Coronavirus


"Profiles in Corruption" Exposes Biden, Other 2020 Dems


Mexico Captures, Deports Migrants Who Entered Illegally


2.4 Million Households Off Food Stamps Under Trump


National Poll: Bloomberg (9%) Now 4th Among 2020 Dems


US Sees First Case of Deadly, Contagious China Virus


Rush: President Promotes American Greatness in Davos


Conrad Black: Trump Haters, Prepare for Disappointment


Trump's Results vs. Dems' Hate-Filled Stunts


Impeachment Trial: Dems Are Losing Their Minds


Team Trump Destroys Schiff as Impeachment Trial Opens


Iran Lawmaker Offers $3 Million Reward for Killing Trump


Landslide Coming? Dems, Independents Flock to Trump


22,000 Peacefully Attend Pro-Gun Rally in Richmond, VA


Rush: Drive-By Media, Dems Wanted Violence in Virginia

NY Times Endorses Klobuchar, Warren for President


US Student Loan Debt Stands at $1.7 Trillion


NYC Homeless Deaths at All-Time High Under De Blasio


What if Justice Ginsburg Retires During the Senate Trial?


Today's Woke Left vs. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Dems Still Don't Know Why Trump Won in 2016


Mexico Blocks 2,500 Trying to Enter from Guatemala


McConnell Proposes a Swift Impeachment Proceeding


Trump Approval Among Farmers Hits Record 83%


Proposed Impeachment Rules Hand Dems a Dilemma


Hundreds of Migrants Force Their Way into Mexico


Not One Democrat Voted to Protect Women's Sports


Desperate Dems Badmouth Economy Even as it Booms


Virginia Gun Sales Near a 30-Year High


Mitch's "Kill Switch" Will Block Dem Impeachment Antics

Heavily Armed Gun Rights Ralliers Descend on Richmond


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