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News Archive for Week of January 4, 2021

Trump Supporters Ditch Twitter En Masse After Trump Ban


Poll: 71% of Trump Supporters Believe Civil War Is Likely


CCP-Friendly Marriott Ceases Contributions to GOP Objectors


ACLU Speaks Out Against Big Tech Censorship


Marcus: Twitter Is the Enemy of the American People


Nye County GOP Letter's Wild Claim: It's Not Over


Conservatives Head to Parler Following Twitter Ban of Trump


Google Removes Parler from App Store to Thwart Trump


Goodwin: Dems Blowing House Control with Trump Vendetta


Apple Bans Parler from Its App Store


Kamala Allies Are Upset with Clownish Vogue Magazine Cover


Has President Trump Joined Parler?


Arvay: Was the Capitol Storming America's Reichstag Fire?


Parler Was #1 Most Downloaded App: 210K+ on Friday Alone


Multiple Threats of Violence Before and During Inauguration


Poll: 71% of Trump Supporters Believe Civil War Is Likely


Twitter Bans Trump Permanently


Baumann: Impeachment Proceedings? Not So Fast


Giuliani Urges a Declassifcation Spree


Twitter Bans Trump Permanently


Dem Senator May Foil Biden's Plan for $2K Stimulus Checks


Rush: The Swamp Is Scared of the Next 12 Days


Weckesser: When Refs Won't Make Calls, Gloves Come Off


BLM Activist Took Part in Storming of Capitol


Davidson: 10 Times the Dems Urged Violence vs. Trump, et al.


Pelosi: We Must Prevent Trump from Launching Nukes


Petition to Recall CA Governor Reaches 1 Million Signatures


Epoch Times: A Time for Choosing - A Test for Our Souls


Tommy Lasorda - Legendary LA Dodgers Manager (1927-2021)


ABC Demands "Cleansing" Trump Movement from America


Biden: It's Too Late to Impeach Trump


Trump Responds to Twitter Ban: "Big Announcement Soon"


Rush Limbaugh Cancels His Twitter Account After Trump Ban


Dems Cheer Twitter for Engaging in Political Censorship


Law Enforcement Identifies Antifa Thugs Who Entered Capitol


Hinderaker: Enough with the Outrage


Thomas: Remember When the Democrats Rioted?


Kruiser: Miracle - Media Finally Finds a Mob It Doesn't Like


Arama: Here Comes the Crackdown


Master: With Certification, Congress Has Betrayed the Nation


Dems, Trump Cabinet Members Mull 25th Amendment Ouster


Johnson: We Ain't Going to Submit and We Won't Forget


Trump Will Not Attend Biden's Inauguration


Dominion Files $1.3 Billion Libel Lawsuit vs. Sidney Powell


Publisher Cancels Sen. Hawley's Book Due to Capitol Riot


Carlson Warns Establishment in Aftermath of Capitol Incursion


Tradup: Washington's Revenge of the Nerds


US Capitol Police Chief to Resign


Flashback: Media Joked When Left-WIng Mob Threatened WH


Smith: Doing Better


Hollis: They Are Trying to "Chinafy" Us - It Must Be Resisted


Biden Wins and US Economy Loses 140,000 Jobs in December


Impeach Trump? Pelosi's House Goes on Vacation Instead


Barone: Why Immigrant Voters Trended Toward Trump


Rasmussen: Trump Approval 49%


Joondeph: To the GOP - Trump You!


Lafayette: Dem-Controlled Senate Spells Doom for Harris


Sources: Capitol Invaders Included Known Anfifa Members


Trump Economy: Dow Soars to Another All-Time High


Twitter Deletes Video of Trump Calling for Peace in DC


Surber: Never Trumpers Got Their Wish


Rep. Omar Draws Up Articles of Impeachment for Trump


President Trump Commits to "Orderly Transition" of Power


Taft: If Only Left and Right Had Condemned Violence in 2020


Hunt: With Georgia Blue, Moderates Will Rule


Congress Certifies Electoral Win for Biden


Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Female Protester in Capitol


Widburg: Where Do We Go from Here?


Biden to Name Judge Merrick Garland as Attorney General


Hunter: Florida vs. New York


Congress Hides and Shelters as Invaders Storm US Capitol


Trump Posts Video Urging Protesters to "Go Home in Peace"


Mounk: The Problem for Democrats with a 50-50 Senate


Liberals Start to Push for Breyer to Retire from SCOTUS


Trump Hits Goal: 450 Miles of Border Wall Completed


Shurk: In DC, Oligarchy  Beats Democracy Every Time


Peter Navarro Releases 32-page "Art of the Steal" Report


GA Runoff: Democrats Warnock and Ossoff Win


Stossel: Good News - Mideast Youths Reject Fundamentalism


Pence Says He Lacks Authority to Accept or Reject Electors


Tobin: What Should Trump Do with the Time He Has Left?


Alabama WR DeVonta Smith Wins Heisman Trophy


President Trump Leads Massive Pre-Certification Rally


Last Known Civil War Widow Has Died at the Age of 101


Prager: I Now Better Understand the "Good German"


Mexican President Offers Asylum to Julian Assange


Congress Begins Debates on GOP Objections to Electors


Here We Go Again: 32,400 Votes Taken from Perdue on Live TV


Fuentes: Appeasing China


Lechter: Pence's Appointment with Destiny


Rittenhouse Pleads Not Guilty in Kenosha Protest Shootings


Iran Claims It Is Installing 1,000 Centrifuges to Enrich Uranium


Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol Grounds as Vote Looms


Chilling Audio Reveals Threat to Fly Plane into US Capitol


Trump Supporters Nationwide to Sound Horns at 12 ET Today


NYT: Pence Does Not Believe He Can Block Certification

Trump: Pence and I Agree He (Pence) Has the Power to Act


Antifa Attacks Sen. Hawley's Home and Threatens His Family


Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma Has Not Been Seen for 2 Months


Bahr: Hard Truths We Face as Patriotic Americans


Lively: America's Second Revolution Begins NOW


Hounsell: I Don't Care that You're Offended by Stupid Things


Stashes of Bricks Appear Overnight Near DC's Freedom Plaza

National Guard Deployed in DC Ahead of Electoral Vote Count


DC Mayor Issues Gun Ban Ahead of 1/6 Pro-Trump Rally


Kamala Steals "Childhood Memory" from 1965 MLK Interview


GA State Senators Call on Pence to Delay 1/6 Electoral Vote


Georgia Insiders: Senate Races Are Too Close to Call


GA Sen. Loeffler: I Will Oppose Electoral College Certification


UK's Boris Johnson Orders New National COVID Lockdown


Widburg: There's Evidence of Vanished Votes in Pennsylvania


John Muckler - Hockey Professional for 50+ Years (1934-2021)


Publicist: Oops - "Bond Girl" Tanya Roberts Is Alive After All


Kerry Vincent - Food Network's "Queen of Cake" (1945-2021)


Weakened Pelosi Re-elected Speaker with Less than Majority


Joe Biden's Inaugural Parade Canceled as Event "Reimagined"


Trump Awards Medal of Freedom to Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan


117th Congress Opening Prayer Ending: "Amen and Awoman"


Pandemic: NYC Billionaires Have Added $81B to Fortunes


Sen. Johnson: Election Investigations Protect Democracy


Trump Sues GA Secretary of State for Confidential Call Leak


AOC and "The Squad" Sell Out, Vote to Re-elect Pelosi


Study: Hair Lice Drug May Cut COVID-19 Death Risk by 80%


Trump Announces He Will Attend January 6 Rally in DC


Schlichter: I'm Not Unifying


GA Secretary of State Leaks Trump Call to Washington Post


All Eyes Are on Pence for January 6 Electoral College Debate


11 More GOP Senators Will Contest Electoral College Results


Senator Cotton Will Not Contest Electoral College Results




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