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News Archive for Week of January 18, 2021

Rasmussen: Biden Approval Already Below 50%


Biden Moves to Block Oil and Gas Leases on Public Land


Lennox: Biden Honeymoon Is Over Before It Even Started


Hinderaker: Shutdowns Kill


Guess Who Opposes Mail-in Voting in an Upcoming Election?


Gorka: Trump Will Return


Petition to Recall CA Governor Passes 1.2 Million Signatures


DOJ Considers Not Charging Peaceful Capitol Trespassers


Typing "" Redirects You to the White House Website


CNN: Dem Prospects of Impeachment Trial Conviction Erode


Unions Show Signs of Voter Remorse As Biden Reality Sets In


Key Advisor: Trump Plans to Focus on Election Integrity


Noem: SD Unemployment Falls Below Pre-Pandemic Levels


Biden's Plan to Halt COVID Trajectory: "Nothing We Can Do"


Larry King - Famed Talk Show Host (1933-2021)


US Forces Are Back in Syria One Day After Biden Takes Power


Dustin Poirier Stuns Conor McGregor at UFC 257


Michigan Mega Millions Ticket Wins $1.05 Billion Jackpot


Rep. Budd: How We Move Forward on Election Integrity


Nat'l Guard Asks Troops to Remain in DC Until Mid-March


Megyn: Forget Unity - Dems Have Awakened a Sleeping Giant


Pollak: Biden Kills Up to 70,000 Jobs on First Day in Office


COVID Narrative Shifts with Biden Inauguration

CNN's COVID Counter Chryon Has Suddenly Disappeared

Poll: Trust in MSM and Social Media Hits All-Time Low


Guardsmen Forced to Sleep in Parking Garages

President Trump Offers to Let Guardsmen Stay at His DC Hotel


Marcus: Mitch McConnell Needs to Go


Dr. Jill Biden Hands Out Cookies to Guardsmen in Photo Op


Hank Aaron - Legendary Home Run King (1934-2021)


Angry Governors Order National Guard Troops Home


Biden Removes Military Flags Trump Had in Oval Office


Bernie Sanders Inauguration Meme Steals the Show


With Biden In, Big Tech Now Cracks Down on Antifa Accounts


Left-Wing Violence Explodes on Day of Biden's Inauguration


Reynolds: Militarized Inauguration Shows Dems' insecurity


Parler Loses Court Bid to Have Amazon Restore Service


Will Biden's Executive Orders Face Nationwide Injunctions?


Coincidence? WHO Updates Its COVID-19 Testing Criteria


Biden Ends Women's Sports with Anti-Science Exec Order


GOP Rep Files Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden


Biden Cancellation of Keystone Pipeline Angers Canada


Report: Senate GOP Negotiating Terms of Impeachment Trial


Biden Removal of Churchill Bust from Oval Office Angers Brits


Israel to Name Train Stop at Temple Mount After Trump


TN Mayor Lowers US Flag to Half Mast on Inauguration Day


TX AG to Sue Biden Admin Over "Illegal Deportation Freeze"


Biden Signs Stack of Exec Orders to Roll Back Trump Agenda


Green: Now We've Got Them Right Where We Want Them


Lennox: Even in Victory, the Left Remains Miserable


Voters​ Enraged as Dems Back Away from $2,000 Checks


Biden Ends Trump Travel Ban, Halts Border Wall Construction


National Guard Keeping 25,000 Troops in Washington


Unhinged Pelosi: Trump Could Be "Accessory to Murder"


Biden Inaugural Attended by 200,000... Flags


Rush: Biden Calls Us Domestic Terrorists, Then Calls for Unity

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Dozes During Biden's Inaugural Speech

Fox News' Wallace: "Best Inaugural Address I've Ever Heard"


McCaughey: Biden's Timid COVID-19 Plan

Biden WH Removes Trump's List of Accomplishments


FBI Agent's Affidavit: 1/6 US Capitol Attack Was Pre-Planned

Biden to Cancel Trump's Patriotic 1776 Commission

READ: The 1776 Report


Quo Warranto: Overturning the Election AFTER Inauguration

Read the Full Text of Biden's Inaugural Address

Politico Is No Longer Covering Up Biden's Cognitive Decline

Poll: 73% of Voters Believe America Is on the Wrong Track

VIDEO: President Trump's Farewell Address

Rush: The Democrats Will Overstep

Rasmussen: Trump Final Approval 51%

Crowds of Supporters Greet Trumps as They Arrive in Florida

Trump Pardons 73, Including Steve Bannon and Lil Wayne

Dunn: The Glass-Jawed Party

President Trump Declassifies "Crossfire Hurricane" Docs

Last Day: US Determines China Is Committing "Genocide"

Report: Trump Discussing Creating a New Political Party

WaPo Finally Admits Riot Planned Days Before Trump Speech

McConnell Points Finger at Trump in Capitol Riot

Don Sutton - Hall of Fame Dodgers Pitcher (1945-2021)

Mitch McConnell and Wife Financially Tied to Chinese Gov't

Hinderaker: Apres Trump, Le Deluge

Google Rival DuckDuckGo Sees Record Activity

Celebs Join Inaugural: Gaga to Garth, Miranda to Moreno

Twitter Shares Down 17% So Far in 2021

Weingarten: How the US Could Lose to China

CIA Director Gina Haspel Announces Resignation

Guatemalan Police Dismantle Caravan Headed for US

Biden to Prppose 8-Year Citizenship Path for Illegals

Fox News Plunges Into Cable Ratings Sewer

Buchanan: Now, the Left Owns It All

Katie Couric Calls for Deprogramming "Cult of Trump"

Colon: What "Forever Trump" Really Means

Prager: Why the Left Has to Suppress Free Speech

MyPillow Banned at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, and Wayfair

MyPillow CEO Dares Dominion to Sue Him on Election Claims

Green: What Happened to the Unity Thing?

Green: Is It Time for Shareholders to Sue Big Tech?

Widburg: Dems Have a Newfound Love for Physical Barriers

Parler CEO: Platform Could Be Back by End of January

Sen. Hawley Gets New Publisher for Book on Big Tech Abuses

Texas Readies for Lawsuits Against Biden Administration

Poll: Americans See "Other Americans" as Biggest Threat

Paulding: What's Going on in Washington DC?

Rush: Assault on Free Speech Will Soon Target Talk Radio

FBI, Fearing Insider Attacks, Vets DC's National Guard Troops

Schlichter: No Thanks, I'll Be Skipping the Inauguration

5 Acts of Obvious Election Fraud You May No Longer Discuss

McCullough: Sue Jack, Save Freedom

Disgraced Lincoln Project Co-Founder Resigns

Report: Biden Team Now in Talks to Revive Iran Nuclear Deal

Biden Plans to Cancel Permit for Keystone Pipeline Project

Parler Is Back Online with a Message to "Lovers and Haters"

Iran Vows Destruction of Israel within 20 Years in New Bill

GOP Prepares to Fight Radical Biden Policies in 50-50 Senate

Biden's "Soak the Rich" Tax Hikes in Trouble on the Hill

Baseball Family Patriarch to Launch "Unbiased" News Site

Study: COVID Transmission in Schools Is Nearly Non-Existent

Migrant Caravan Pushes into Guatemala, Heading for USA



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