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News Archive for Week of January 13, 2020

"Parasite" Wins Top Film Prize at SAG Awards


Anti-Trump Women's Marches Draw Lackluster Crowds


100,000 Trump Supporters Request Tix to Wildwood Rally


Chiefs Head to First Super Bowl Since 1970 with 35-24 Win


49ers Earn Super Bowl Berth with 34-20 Win Over Packers


Illegal Alien Crossings Down 78 Percent from a Year Ago


China's Economic Growth Falls to 30-Year Low


Consumer Confidence Reaches 19-Year High


US New Housing Starts Skyrocket to 13-Year High


Newt: History Will Condemn House Dems for Impeachment


Prince Harry, Meghan to Give Up "Royal Highness" Titles


Supremes to Consider Key Electoral College Question


Can the Democrats Produce a Daily Impeachment Show?


Public Schools Are Now Left-Wing Programming Facilities


The Dems' Final Doomed Effort to Undo the 2016 Election


McGregor Marks Return to Octagon with 40-Second KO


Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 All Hit Record Highs


Final Days for Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar?


Pro-Trump Iraqi Refugee Launches GOP Bid vs. Rep. Omar


ISIS Leader Dubbed "Jabba the Jihadi" Captured in Iraq


Even CNN's Tapper Admits Parnas Has Credibility Problem


Ukraine Foreign Minister Dismisses Parnas "Bombshell"


Trump Ends Michelle Obama's School Lunch Rules


The Left's Great Lie Is a Pervasive Threat to Our Culture


Sanders Refuses to Fire Violent, Pro-Gulag Field Organizer

Elizabeth Warren Has a Credibility Problem


Dems Getting Nervous as Their Base Tunes Them Out


Senate Passes USMCA - Another Trade Win for Trump


New Classified Leaks Probe Focuses on James Comey


Caravan Members Caught and Bused Back to Honduras


Bernie Sanders Casts Vote Against USMCA


Video: Sanders Field Organizer Advocates Riots, Gulags


Federal Spending, Deficit Hit New Record Last Quarter


Bernie Sanders: Deja Vu and 1972?


Pelosi: Pretense, Posturing, Perfidy, and Pens


Christopher Tolkien, J.R.R.'s Son and Editor (1924-2020)


San Francisco Shows What Leftism Does to Civilization


VA Governor: Gun Ban for Massive 2nd Amendment Rally


"Bombshell" Impeachment Witness Parnas: Another Dud


Dems' Obsession with Lev Parnas: 10 Things to Know


WSJ's Strassel: Parnas' Trump Claims "A Fantastical Tale"


Gleeful Dems Sign "Somber" Impeachment Resolution


Smiling Pelosi Hands Out Souvenir Impeachment Pens


More People Flee New York Than Any Other American City


Trump Signs Historic Trade Deal with China


Facebook Bug Reveals Greta's Posts Written by Her Father


Campaign Tweets Pic of Bloomberg's Face on a Meatball


Desperate Liz Warren: I Will Cancel All Student Loan Debt


House Finally Transmits Impeachment Articles to Senate


Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Drop 10,000 to 204,000


Trump Approval at 51%, Approval Index at +1%


Dow Closes Above 29,000 for First Time Ever


Dems Go Silent as Iranians Blame Regime, Praise Trump


Critics Claim CNN Rigged Debate Against Sanders


Report: Tom Brady's Gillette Stadium Suite "Cleaned Out"

MLB Rocked by Houston Astros' 2017 Cheating Scandal


Debate #7: Winners and Losers


Iran Hanging Gays: Why is the Gay 2020 Candidate Silent?


Massive Trump Rally in Milwaukee, 37,000+ Watch Online


Sanders and Warren Clash Moments After Debate Ends


Iran Closer "Than Ever Before" to Regime Collapse


Ken Jennings Wins "Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time"


Dem Debate #7: Dull Night of the Living Dead


An Introduction to Q


Stan Kirsch, Actor in "Highlander", "Friends" (1968-2020)


IRS Arrests Avenatti at California Bar Association Hearing


Senate Impeachment Trial to Start Next Week


Sanders Told Warren a Woman Could Not Win in 2020


Podhoretz: Debate Was Dullest Political Event in Years


Spengler: How Fragile Is Iran's Theocracy?


Trump Gets Massive Ovation at CFP Championship Game


Burrow's 6 TDs Lead LSU to College Football National Title


Queen Issues Official Statement on Meghan and Harry


US Treasury: China Is No Longer a Currency Manipulator


Iranians Take to the Streets Against Islamic Regime


Iranian Government Opens Fire on Demonstrators


Democrats No Longer Dismiss Bernie Sanders' Odds


What Happens Once Senate Gets Articles of Impeachment


Gun Permit Applications Way Up in NY Jewish Community


Cory Booker Suspends 2020 Presidential Campaign


Tonight's Democratic Debate: What to Know


"Joker" and "The Irishman" Lead 2020 Oscar Nominations


MRC: Broadcast News' Trump Coverage Is 93% Negative


Severe Weather, Tornados Pound US South and Midwest


Why Should We Care What Soleimani's Plans Were?


Report: Sanders Told Warren a Woman Can't Win in 2020


Clemson vs. LSU: CFP National Championship Preview

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