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News Archive for Week of January 11, 2021

Phil Spector - Famed Record Producer, Murderer (1939-2021)

Caruana: The Fight Against Big Tech - A Plan for Action


Biden to Propose Path to Citizenship for Millions of Illegals


Migrant Caravan Pushes into Guatemala, Heading for USA


Hunter: Google Is Evil


Solway: Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie


Stocking: Oh Look, Leftists Are Harassing Cops Again


Biden Day 1: Transgender Rights in Sports and Bathrooms


Apple CEO: We Don't Consider Parler Free Speech


As Trump Term Ends, Media Suddenly Oppose Lockdowns


Shapiro: America's Biggest Owner of Farmland Is... Bill Gates


Parler CEO, Family Go Into Hiding After Death Threats


Feds Back Away from Claim of Assassination Plot at Capitol


Betty White Celebrates Her 99th Birthday


Dershowitz: House Impeachment Violated US Constitution


Armed Forces Will Not Hold Farewell Tribute Event for Trump


Shock Poll: 79% Believe America Is Falling Apart


Magicians Mark 100 Years of Sawing People in Half


Ring: "Trump Nation" Numbers at Least 150 Million Americans


Game Changer - Multiple Leftists Arrested for Capital Riot


Rush: CNN Accidentally Proves Impeachment Based on a Lie


National Guard Troops at US Capitol May Use Lethal Force


Friedman: The Cult of Trump?


David Limbaugh: Real Threat to Democracy Comes from Left

Victor Davis Hanson: An Impeachment Incitement


Biden's "Unity" Talk Haunting Him Amid Trump Impeachment


Hinderaker: Did the Democrats Steal the Presidential Election?


NRA Files for Bankruptcy, Leaves New York for Texas


Pelosi Floats Plan to "Prosecute" Republican Lawmakers


Pillow Guy's Bold Claim: Trump Will Be Serving 4 More Years


McCaughey: Regulate Social Media Like Pubic Utilities

Conrad Black: Dems Cling Desperately to Trump Hatred

Newsweek: Big Tech Censorship Threatens Our Freedoms


Massive Israeli Raid Hits Iranian Targets in Syria


Hollis: No National Healing Without an Accurate Diagnosis


New Poll Is Bad News for Anyone Who Voted for Impeachment


Hunter: Dems Aren't Going to Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste


Trump Declassifies Stack of Russiagate, Obamagate Docs


Undercover Video Exposes Twitter CEO's Censorship Plans


Mexico President Mounts Int'l Campaign vs. Big Tech Censors


BLM Activist Who Stormed Capitol Is Arrested and Charged


Siegfried Fischbacher - Siegfried & Roy Magician (1939-2021)


CNN Reporter Breached Capitol Disguised as Trump Fan


Jobless Claims Spike to 965,000 After Dem Wins in Georgia


Did FBI Know of Capitol Attack Plans Prior to Trump Speech?


Biden Unveils $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package


Roger Stone's Wife Hospitalized After Leftist Goon's Attack


Schlichter: Refuse to Be Silenced


VDH: Assault on Capitol Has Let Loose the Electronic Octopus


Harshey: Americans Forced Underground


James Comey: Biden Should Consider Pardoning Trump


Timmerman: Our Leaders Have Betrayed Us


Here Are the 10 Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump


Zumwalt: The Democrats' "Loyalty Through Fear" Program


Gelertner: Why Is the GOP Glad Trump Lost?


Master: A Message to All Republican US Senators


Editorial: Cuomo's Vaccine Blunder - Yet Another COVID Fail


Solemn Pelosi Again Dons Black "Morticia Addams" Dress


Andrew Yang Is Running for Mayor of New York City


GOP Rep. to File Impeachment Articles vs. Biden on 1/21


Gab Defies Big Tech, Restores All of Trump's Twitter Tweets


McConnell: Senate Will Not Reconvene Early for Trial


Pelosi: "It Breaks My Heart" to Impeach Trump


Democrat House Impeaches Trump (Again)


Polling Approval Numbers: Trump 49%, Congress 28%


Here​ Are Some Free Speech Alternatives to Big Tech


Twitter, Facebook Lose $51 Billion in Value After Trump Ban


Here Are the Companies Cutting Off Trump and Supporters


Catron: An Article V Convention Is Long Overdue

J​oondeph: Will COVID Numbers Now Shift for Biden's Benefit?


Solomon: 3 Key Unanswered Questions About Capitol Siege


Polling Approval Numbers: Trump 49%, Congress 28%


Trump to Supporters: No Violence, Lawbreaking or Vandalism


YouTube Suspends Trump's Channel for "Inciting Violence"


NYC Moves to Terminate Contracts with Trump Organization


Levin: I Was Never Told Not to Discuss Election Fraud


Faria: The Sports Writers Who Hate Sports


Hunter: Do Not Believe These People


Facebook Bans PatrioticMe, Seller of Pro-America Products


Dem Senator Manchin: Impeachment Ill-Advised at This Time


Uganda Bans Facebook, Twitter for Pre-Election Censorship


Taibbi: We Need a New Media System


GOP Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Censure Trump


Report: McConnell Is Signaling Support for Impeachment

Pelosi Names Impeachment Managers, Including Swalwell


Parler Sues Amazon, Alleging Antitrust Violations and More


Facebook to Remove All Mentions of "Stop the Steal"


Sheldon Adelson - Republican Megadonor (​1933-2021)


Parler Finds Refuge with Right-Leaning Web Hosting Service


Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Facebook and Twitter


Rush: Wake Up and Understand What We're Up Against!


FBI Internal Memo Warns: Armed Protests in 50 State Capitals


Trump Claims January 6 Speech Was "Totally Appropriate"


Twitter's Shares Fall 12% After It Bans Trump


Rasmussen: Trump Approval for January 12 - 49%


Signs​ of a Trump-Pence Truce After Their First Talk After 1/6


Dershowitz: You Can't Impeach Trump After He Leaves Office


Rush: Dems Want to Make Sure Trump Will Never Run Again


Sowell: Is Truth Irrelevant?


Cumulus Orders Levin, Bongino Not to Discuss Election Fraud


College Football Championship: Alabama 52, Ohio State 24


Rush: They'll Erase Us on Social Media - and Erase Our Votes


German Chancellor Merkel: Trump Twitter Ban "Problematic"


Gab Adds Nearly 1M Users a Day Amid Twitter Mass Exodus


House Dems Release Impeachment Resolution Against Trump


Inflammatory Rhetoric? Look at What All These Dems Said


Zelikovsky: What Is the GOP's Problem?


Exactly Where and How Did Trump Incite the Mob?


V​ictor Davis Hanson: 2021 Will Be Crazier than 2020


GOP Rejects Dems' Bid to Invoke 25th Amendment


Hacked State Dept. Site Posts Fake Trump Resignation Time


Facebook Locks Out Ron Paul


Gutknecht: Understanding the Rage


Kimball: The "Virtue" of the New Totalitarians


AWESOME VIDEO: Egard Watches Celebrates Freedom


Bongino Vows Parler Will Be Back by the End of the Week


Streiff: It Looks Like the Big Tech Conspiracy Just Killed Parler


Geller: There Was No Revolution


Forbes Will Target Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers


Pollack: Get Ready for the Biden Gun Grab


Pelosi: House Will Move Forward with Impeachment Process




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