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News Archive for Week of February 8, 2021

Presidents Day: Interesting History, Fun Trivia Questions


Trump Celebrates Acquittal, Foreshadows Political Future

VIDEOS: Pelosi Lashes Out at GOP in 2 Post-Trial Meltdowns


Trump Attorney: My Family, Law Firm, Home Are Under Siege


Ted Cruz' List of Hilarious Impeachment Questions Goes Viral


McConnell, Who Voted to Acquit, Trashes Trump After Trial


NYT Survey: Nearly All Pediatric Doctors Say Open Schools


Bonchie: Dems' Have a New Plan for How to "Get" Trump


UK Economy Suffers Biggest Drop in 300 Years


Hollywood Celebs Come Unhinged Following Trump Acquittal


Jill Biden's Valentine Display on WH Lawn: Tacky or Not?


President Trump Is Acquitted in Senate Impeachment Trial


Impeachment Managers Call for Witnesses, Then Back Off


Dept. of Defense Memo: Nat'l Guard May Stay in DC Until Fall


Valentine's Day History and Traditions


Davidson: The Party of Attack Imagery and Outright Attacks

Younnokis: What if the Leftists Want a Civil War?

Gutknecht: Take'm to Court!

Coke Plans to Test a Paper Bottle in Europe This Summer


Ex-Governor: Cuomo Coverup Is One of NY's Worst Scandals


ACLU Ignores Big Tech Censorship, Focuses on Transgenders


Psaki Won't Say If Israel, Saudi Arabia Are "Important Allies"

Gas Hits Highest Price in 12 Months

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Schmidt Resigns Amid Scandal


Biden Has STILL Not Reached Out to Israel's Netanyahu


Grieve: Trump's Next Play? Election Integrity


Showalter: Impeachment Snoozer - What Kind of Trial Is This?


O'Neill: The Persecution of Gina Carano


Biden to Allow 25,000 Migrants into US Amid Pandemic


Nikki Haley: Trump Let Us Down - Time for GOP to Move On


Cuomo Aide Admits NY Hid Nursing Home COVID Death Data


DEVASTATING TRIAL VIDEO: Democrats' Hypocrisy Revealed

Mirengoff: Trump Defense Team Bounces Back

Trump Legal Team Concludes Arguments in Under 3 Hours


Biden Declares Border Emergency Over, Ends Funding of Wall


Biden's Postmaster General Plans Slower Delivery, Rate Hikes


Hollis: We Don't Want a "Back to Normal" Republican Party


Impeachment Trial Barrels Toward Saturday Acquittal of Trump


Singleton: Using COVID Fear to Divide and Rule


Freeman: Yes, Conservatism Is a Counterculture


New Line Announces Reimagined Non-Musical "Wizard of Oz"


Chick Corea - Jazz Fusion Pioneer (1941-2021)


Shurk: American Police State - No Questions Allowed

Cooke: Our Illiberal Moment

Solway: The Decline of Intelligence in the West


Chinese New Year Begins: Year of the Ox


Dems' Next Play When Impeachment Fails: 14th Amendment


Twitter Permanently Bans James O'Keefe's Project Veritas

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Has Been Banned from Instagram


Indoor Dining Returns to New York City


Jeep Yanks Springsteen Super Bowl Ad After DWI Revelation


Trump Impeachment Trial: Day 3 Highlights

GOP Senators Unmoved by Dems' Trump Trial Prosecution

Impeachment Trial Might End as Soon as Saturday


Victor Davis Hanson: World Goes On While America Sleeps


Dallas Mavs Quickly Reverse Decision, Play National Anthem


Budget Deficit Totals Record $735.7 Billion Through January


Schlichter: Stop Calling It an Insurrection


Inflation Breaks Out to Multiyear Highs in Global Markets


Davis: Sham Impeachment Trial Is Clearly Unconstitutional


GOP Senators Castigate Trump's "Disorganized" Legal Team


Poll: Rep. Greene's Popularity Among Republicans Surges


Greene: Public Servants or Parasites?


Larry Flynt - "Hustler" Magazine Founder (1942-2021)


Oldest European Beats COVID Just Before Her 117th Birthday


5 Biggest Moments from Wednesday's Session of Trump Trial


Peer-Reviewed Study: CDC Inflated COVID Deaths by 1600%


Zogby Poll: More Americans than Not Believe Civil War Likely


Hoft: Dems Broke Chain of Custody Laws in All Swing States


Dunn: Beating Democrat Electoral Corruption

Roach: The Coming Military Purge


Afghanistan: No US Troop Combat Deaths for an Entire Year


Biden WH Walks Back Promise to Open Schools in 100 Days


Senate, Including 6 in GOP, Votes to Proceed with Trump Trial

Dems Begin Trump Trial with Heavily Doctored Clips from 1/6


WHO Stands with Beijing, Absolves Wuhan Lab of COVID Leak


Ben Shapiro: TDS - When the Hateful Think They Are Virtuous


Dershowitz Slams Trump Lawyer's Rambling Opening Speech


Bay: Will the Biden Admin Undermine the Abraham Accords?

Marty Schottenheimer - NFL Coaching Legend (1943-2021)


NY Stock Exchange Threatens to Leave NY Over New Tax

Twitter Considers Subscription Fees for "Revenue Durability"


Dallas Mavs' Owner Mark Cuban Cancels the National Anthem


Biden COVID Death Toll Exceeds All US Deaths in Vietnam War

Super Bowl Ratings Crash to Lowest Level Since 1969


David Hogg's Pillow Company Is Off to a Predictable Start


Rep. Waltz: We Don't Know Why Nat'l Guard Is Still at Capitol


Benko: A Conservative Case for Biden's "Path to Citizenship"


Zito: The Kids Aren't All Right


Report: Law Enforcement Ignored Intel Ahead of Capitol Riot


Meadows: Trump Offered Security Assistance Prior to 1/6


Kelly: What Happened to Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick?


Sheld: Let the Impeachment 2.0 Games Begin


McCarthy: Trump Impeachment Trial - What You Need to Know

Schumer, McConnell Reach Agreement on Trump Trial Details

Levin: Why Roberts Is Not Presiding Over Impeachment Trial


New US COVID Cases Hit Lowest Level Since October

CBO: $15 Minimum Wage Would Cost US 1.4 Million Jobs

Biden Expected to Roll Back Deportations of Illegals


Super Bowl Jeep Ad: Phony Bruce Springsteen Sells Out

Ron Wright - GOP Congressman (1953-2021)

Mary Wilson - Co-Founder of The Supremes (1944-2021)


Green: Why Are the Democrats Acting So Guilty?


McCann: Betrayal of Americans by Biden and Ruling Oligarchy


Dem Senator Admits Trump Trial May Be Unconstitutional


Fans Flout COVID-19 Rules to Party on Streets After Bucs' Win


Nullifcation, Here We Come


Moran: Here Come the "Climate Lockdowns"


Biden to End Asylum Deals with Central American Countries

BLM and Antifa March Through DC, Chanting "Burn It Down"

Candace Owens Teases Presidential Run




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