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News Archive for Week of February 3, 2020

CNN Opinion: Democrats Whine While Republicans Govern


Oscars: The Complete Winners List


Whom Will Dem Establishment Back if Biden Collapses?


"Parasite" Dominates the Oscars on a Historic Night


James Carville on Dems: "We're Losing Our D!!mn Minds"


Trump Campaign, RNC Raise $100M+ During Impeachment


Real Story of Dems' Iowa Caucus: Turnout Is Dismally Low


Democrat Rep. Schiff Calls for More Investigations of Trump


225,000 New Jobs in January; Unemployment Ticks Up 0.1%


"Moderate" Buttigieg Fails to Denounce Late Term Abortion


2 US Soldiers Killed, 6 Wounded in Afghanistan Attack


Man Crashes Van into Trump Registration Tent; No One Hurt


Buttigieg Fails to Answer Half of NYT Foreign Policy Survey


2020 Dems: Biden Maintains Steady Lead in National Polls


All Except Klobuchar Would Be OK with a Socialist Nominee


NH Poll: Buttigieg, Sanders Nearly Even, Biden Distant 4th


Trump Triumphs: Appeals Court Rejects Emoluments Lawsuit


Trump Fires Anti-Trump Impeachment Witness Vindman


Vindman Brothers Reassigned to Department of the Army


Trump Fires Anti-Trump Impeachment Witness Sondland


Dumpster Fire: IA Dems, DNC Squabble Over Caucus Results


Trump's Syria Withdrawal a Disaster - For Iran and Turkey


Dems: Corrupt, Insane Posse Masquerading as Political Party


Robert Conrad, Star of "The Wild, Wild West" (1935-2020)


Hollywood Reporter: Guide to the 2020 Oscars


New Hampshire Democratic Debate: Winners and Losers


Democrats Hate What Trump Is Highlighting About Them


Rush Limbaugh Joyfully Returns to the Airwaves


Poll: SOTU Triples Support for Trump Among Black Viewers


Orson Bean, Famed Actor and Comedian (1928-2020)


Bloomberg Nets a Grand Total of 20 Popular Votes in Iowa


Pat Buchanan: Are the Bells Tolling for Amy, Liz, and Joe?


C-Span Callers Disgusted: "I Will Never Vote Democrat Again"


Facing Virus and Economic Ruin, China Folds in Trade War


SOTU: Trump Delivers Good News While Pelosi, Dems Pout


NASA Astronaut Returns After Record 368 Days in Space


iowa Results: Buttigieg Appears to Edge Sanders by 0.1%


Why Biden's Collapse in Iowa Means Trouble for Democrats


Calls Begin for Nancy the Ripper to Resign as Speaker


Trump Strikes Ominous Tone at Post-Acquittal Presser

Conrad Black: Romney's Discreditable, Dishonest Vote


China Is Gaining on US in Space Technology


NH Dem Debate Tonight: Everything You Need to Know


Trump Acquitted Forever by Majority Vote in Senate


Pierre Convicto: Trump-Hater Romney Sides with Dems


Bitter, Petulant Pelosi Rips Up SOTU Speech Transcript on TV


US Evacuees from China Quarantined at Bases


DNC Chair Calls for Recanvass of Iowa Caucuses


Iowa Democratic Party Appears to Reject Call to Recanvass


Kirk Douglas, Hollywood Icon (1916-2020)


Our Long National Nightmare Is Over


A Week of Political Karma for the Democrats


Kurt Schlichter: Three Glorious Days of Democrat Agony


Rush Limbaugh Reveals He Has Advanced Lung Cancer


Dems Hiss at News that 7 Million People Are Off Food Stamps


Entire Dem Race Looking Like a Giant Dumpster Fire


Video Shows Pelosi "Pre-Ripped" Pages of SOTU Transcript


Three Takeaways from the Failed Impeachment


Thai Doctors Report Coronavirus Treatment Breakthrough


Greta Thunberg Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


SOTU Honors Veterans, Minorities, School Choice Mom


Rush Awarded Medal of Freedom at State of the Union


Schlafly: Benefits of the Dems' Impeachment Debacle


Gallup Poll: Trump Approval at Highest Level to Date


A Moving, Statesmanlike State of the Union Address


State of the Union: Trump's Economy by the Numbers


Nasty Left Swipes at Limbaugh Following Diagnosis


Dem Iowa Caucus Disaster: Part of a Plan to Stop Bernie?


Senate Impeachment Vote Scheduled for 4 pm ET Today


Kansas City Prepares for Massive Super Bowl Parade


Schiff: We Proved Our Case and GOP Senators Know It


Dem Sen. Manchin Signals He May Vote To Acquit Trump

Buttigieg: 63 Million Who Voted for Trump Are Racist

Poll: Black Support of Trump Doubles to 42% in One Year


Dems' Nightmare Scenario Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes


Unhinged Schiff: Trump Could Sell Alaska to Russia


GOP Iowa Caucuses Run Smoothly, Trump Wins Easily


Trump Campaign Blasts Dems' Iowa Caucus Train Wreck


Sanders Releases Internal Numbers Showing He Won

Mayor Pete Seems to Declare Victory in Speech


Schlichter: Dems' Total Failure Delights Real Americans


Tech Glitches Delay Dems' Iowa Caucus Results


Bad News for China: Second Deadly Disease Breaks Out


Fraud: More Registrations than Voters in 8 Iowa Counties


Survey: 50%+ of US Churches Now Use Armed Security


American Thinker: The Winter of NeverTrump Discontent



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