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News Archive for Week of February 15, 2021

Bitcoin Tops $50,000 for First Time Ever


Lincoln Project Isolated as Donors and Allies Flee


Biden: We Didn't Have a Vaccine When We Came Into Office


Bannon: Trump for Congress in 2022? Speaker of the House?


Hoft: Biden and Gang Are Scared to Face the American People


Z Man: The Impeachment Show


Cleveland: Biden Proclaims Unity While Sowing Division


D'Abrosca: Dispelling the Nonsense of the Capitol Trespass


Margolis: Will Biden Be the Most Anti-Israel President Ever?


Canto: What's Next for Trump Derangement Syndrome?


Biden Pulls 65 Pending Trump Executive Orders


Dems Push 9/11-type Commission After Failed Impeachment


NY Dems Slam Cuomo Over COVID-19 Nursing Home Cover-up


Arne Sorenson - CEO of Marriott International (1959-2021)


GOP Presses Pelosi for Answers on Pre-1/6 Security Decisions


Daily New US COVID Cases and Deaths Are Lowest in Months


Cochrane: Urban to Rural - The Next Migration Is Now


Kruiser: Mitch the Squish Is Back


Republicans Prep Campaign vs. Dems Over Lost Pipeline Jobs


Winter Storm Forces Rolling Power Blackouts in Texas


Presidents Day Welcome for Trump Outside Mar-a-Lago


Global Shares Hit Fresh Peak


Moran: Media Telling Us It's OK to Love the First Lady Again


Turley: Why the Rage Will Continue Post-Impeachment


Parler Resumes After Finding New Computer Servers


Rowe: Constitutions Limit the Government, Not the People


Biden Urges Congress to Pass Strict New Gun Control Laws


McCullough: The MAGA Five

Gingrich: Joe Biden Is Trumpism's Best Asset


Hinderaker: Should Republicans Impeach Biden and Harris?


Study: 94% Drop in COVID-19 Cases with Pfizer Vaccine

"Perseverance" Rover to Land on Mars This Week


Wintry Weather Is Making a Rare Dip to the Gulf Coast


7 GOP Senators Who Voted to Convict Trump Face Backlash


Michael McDowell Wins Rain-Delayed Daytona 500




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