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News Archive for Week of February 10, 2020

President, First Lady, "The Beast" Delight Daytona 500 Fans


The Curious Case of America's Suicide Crisis


The Federalist: Why the Bloomberg Bump is a Bubble


Roger Stone Demands New Trial


Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Was Anti-Trump Russia Hoaxer


Spectator: Biden Is Perfectly Positioned to Stage a Comeback


Surveys: Democrats Much More Prone to Mental Illness


Dershowitz: Roger Stone Sentence "Utterly Irresponsible"


Gallup Poll: 61% Are Better Off Now than 3 Years Ago


As Dem Candidates Flounder, Impeachment 2.0 Gains Steam


US Lab Says It Developed Coronavirus Vaccine in 3 Hours


Finally, Trump Is Gaining Control of WH Personnel System


The Phony Press Trope About All Those Dem "Moderates"


Pentagon Secures $3.8 Billion for 177 More Border Wall Miles


Bill Barr: Trump Needs to Stop Tweeting About DOJ


New Hampshire Man Attacks Pro-Trump Teen at Polling Site

Florida Man Attacks Trump Supporters with a Cane Sword


Barr Agrees to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee


McClatchy, Publisher of 30 US Newspapers, Files Chapter 11


Paula Kelly of "Night Court" and "Sweet Charity" (1943-2020)


Trump's Huge NH Turnout More than Twice Obama's in 2012


Israel Unveils Laser Weapon that Shoots Down Small Drones


Turnout Numbers for Dems in NH Signal Big Trouble


Dems Demand Barr Resign Amid Stone Sentence Storm


Rush: AG Bill Barr Is Blowing Up the Mueller Travesty


Trump is Moby Dick, the Democrats Are Captain Ahab


Sanders Leaps Ahead of Biden in Most Recent National Polls


Sanders Is a Greater Existential Threat to Dems than Trump


Republicans Fear Bloomberg as Biden Fades


A Wake-up Call for Dems from Van Jones


Trump Derangement Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment


Red States Gain on Blue States in Economics, Demographics


Actor Jussie Smollett Indicted for Alleged Hate Crime Hoax


Impeachfest: Pelosi to Launch New Investigation of Trump


Stocks Hit New Highs as Coronavirus Fears Ease


Sanders Wins NH; Buttigieg, Klobuchar Also Earn Delegates


The Spectacular Collapse of Joe Biden as Dem Frontrunner


Rush: Why the Democrats Are Imploding


President Trump, Don't Go Changin'


The Democratic Establishment Is Out of Time


Sanders Overtakes Biden in National Poll for the First Time


Andrew Yang Ends Presidential Campaign


Great Exploitations: Greta Thunberg Lands a BBC TV Show


Trump Easily Wins New Hampshire Republican Primary


DOJ to Reduce Sentencing Recommendation for Roger Stone


Biden Leaves NH Ahead of Primary Night, Heads to SC


Climate Science Does About-Face on Worst-Case Scenario


Trump Wins Again: US Carbon Emissions Fell in 2019


Federal Court Approves Merger Between Sprint and T-Mobile


Stocks Hit Record Highs as Coronavirus Worries Ease


The Wages of Trump Derangement


James Carville: "End of Days" If Dems Nominate Sanders


Poll: Bloomberg Surpasses Warren for 3rd Place Nationally


6 Things to Watch in the New Hampshire Primary Results


Could Coronavirus Take Down China's Dictatorship?


Juan Williams: The Door Is Open for Bloomberg


NH Poll: Sanders, Buttigieg Lead, Klobuchar Has Momentum


Victor Davis Hanson: The Once and Future Scandal


Trump Cuts 70 Obama Holdovers from Nat'l Security Council


AG Barr Announces New Sanctions Against Sanctuary Cities


Oscars' TV Ratings Fall to All-Time Lows


Trump's Proposed Budget Would Cut $4.4 Trillion in 10 Years


Why Democratic Enthusiasm is Down


Awkward: Warren Stops by Local NH Diner and No One Cares


Oscars Stage Becomes Left-Wing Political Soapbox


Stalled Out: Biden's Bus Breaks Down on NH Highway


Iowa Final Results: Buttigieg Earns 14 Delegates, Sanders 12


Did Buttigieg Campaign Add Applause Track to CNN Clip?


US Charges 4 Members of Chinese Military with Equifax Hack


Iran Hit by Cyberattack Prior to Attempted Satellite Launch


Is China Hiding How Bad the Coronavirus Is?

Trump Campaign, RNC Raise $100M+ During Impeachment

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