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News Archive for Week of February 1, 2021

Smith: The Thirty Tyrants


Brown: Question of Election Fraud Will Not Go Away


Super Bowl: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31, Kansas City Chiefs 9


George Shultz - Former Secretary of State (1920-2021)


Time: "Cabal" and "Shadow Campaign" Helped Biden Win


Biden: It Will Be 10 Years Until US Reaches Full Employment


Millions Jobless as Biden Packs Labor Force with Foreigners

Biden to Remove Yemen's Houthi Militia from "Terrorist" List


List of 20 Suspected Leftists, Antifa Members in Capitol on 1/6


Trump Considering Launching His Own Social Media Platform


Leon Spinks - Heavyweight Champ Who Beat Ali (1953-2021)


Super Bowl 2021: Predictions, MVP Picks, and More


Moseley: What to Expect from Trump's Impeachment Trial


Dan Bongino on Parler's Return: "We're Shooting for Monday"


Wyoming GOP Censures Liz Cheney After Impeachment Vote


VIDEO: Late-Night Delivery of 10,000s of Illegal MI Ballots?


MSNBC Host: Use Drone Strikes on Domestic Terrorists?


Surber: Trump Fatigue?


Feldman: Rigging the Election for China and Profit


Breakthrough? Israeli Drug Cures COVID in 30 of 30 Cases


Fox News Cancels Highly Rated Lou Dobbs' Show


Fox News Suffers Worst Ratings in 20 Years


Biden Administration Releasing Illegals without COVID Tests

Conrad Black: Biden's Rapidly Deflating Honeymoon Balloon

Survey: Most GOP Voters Would Join a Trump Third Party


SCOTUS Announces It Will Consider Major Election Lawsuits

Poll: 65% of Republicans Say Biden Not Legitimately Elected


Christopher Plummer - "Sound of Music" Star (1929-2021)


Starr: Roberts Should Declare Trump Trial Unconstitutional


Supreme Court: CA Churches May Open Despite Pandemic


NY Judge Rules GOP Candidate Won Last Open House Race


French President Condemns Big Tech's Censorship of Trump


MUSIC VIDEO: "Fake Woke" Slams Cancel Culture - 4M Views


Barnette: Americans' Problem? We've Always Been Free!


Illegal Border Crossings Are Jumping Back to "Crisis" Levels


New US COVID Cases Plummet 40% in One Week


Widburg: China Has a Very Big Problem


Hinderaker: Dem Governors Have Devastated Their States

Analysis: Lockdown States Suffer More COVID Deaths


Trump Sends Scathing Letter and Resigns from SAG-AFTRA


Bart: Once There Was a Country


House Removes Marjorie Taylor Greene from Committees


CA Less than 100K Signatures Away from Recalling Newsom


Senate Passes Resoluiton to Advance COVID Relief Package


Biden Vows Flood of 110,000 Extra Refugees Next Year

Biden's Plan for Fighting COVID: Send Every American a Mask

Dr. Fauci Flip-Flops on Double Masking in Just Five Days


Leftist Activist Hogg Launching Woke Competitor to MyPillow


Trump Shattered Record for Greatest Stock Market Rise Ever


MyPillow CEO to Release 3-Hour Film on  2020 Election Theft


Busted: "Terrified" AOC Wasn't Even in Capitol During Riots


Sarandon Rips Biden, Dems Over Failure on Stimulus Checks


Gun Sales Spike in January as Biden Enters White House


Kassam: AOC, Dems No Longer Care About "Kids in Cages"


Over $1 Trillion from Earlier Stimulus Bills Remains Unspent


Two Weeks In, Biden's Approval Rating Is Already Below 50%


Devine: Noxious Nancy Suddenly Reveres Police Officers


Hemingway: Remember When Chuck Schumer Incited a Mob?


Ross: The Big Difference Between Dems and Republicans

Smith: For the GOP, Election Reform Is Imperative


O'Connor: It's Maxine Waters' Dem Party Now


House Republicans Vote to Keep Cheney in Leadership Role

Jen Psaki's Old Tweets Trash Supporters of Trump, Sanders

Jen Psaki Tweeted a Gay Slur at Sen. Lindsey Graham


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Crashes Big Tech's Power


Simonson: With Trump Gone, Tables Finally Turn on Cuomo


Sen. Rand Paul Denounces Biden's Transgender Sports Policy


Parler CEO Says He Has Been Fired by Board


Pentagon Purges Advisory Boards of Trump Loyalists


Biden to Open Special COVID Vaccination Sites for Illegals


Adams: With Trump Gone, What Now for CNN and MSNBC?


Arvay: Donald Trump, the Cleaning Lady, and the Economy


Ben Shapiro: The Inequality of "Equity"


How Socialism Wiped Out Venezuela's Spectacular Oil Wealth


Jeff Bezos Is Stepping Down as CEO of Amazon


Comedians for the State: "Nothing" to Criticize Biden About


Z Man: The Death of Civic Nationalism


Famed PA Groundhog Predicts 6 More Weeks of Winter


WH Cannot Explain Why Biden Has Yet to Call Netanyahu


Biden WH Accused of Screening Daily Briefing Questions


Rasmussen: Biden "Approval Index" Negative Since Day 1


Red States Are Pushing Back on Biden's Executive Orders


Data Maven Claims Absolute Proof Biden Won Due to Fraud


White House Confirms Space Force Will Continue Under Biden


Republicans Prepare to Oust Liz Cheney from Leadership CEO: Delete "Demonic" Big Tech from Your Lives


CDC: Most Nursing Home Workers Avoiding COVID Vaccine


Hal Holbrook - Legendary Award-Winning Actor (1925-2021)


US Deaths Since 2/1/20: COVID-19 421K, Pneumonia 376K


20 Million COVID Vaccine Doses Have Gone Missing


21 Men Accuse Lincoln Project Co-Founder of Sex Abuse


Alexander: Will Big Tech Purge Us from the Entire Internet?


GOP Wants $1,000 Stimulus Checks, and for Fewer People


Morse: From GamerGate to Stock Market Revolt


Investigators: Don't Charge Capitol Officer Who Shot Rioter


Utah Poll: Romney More Popular with Dems than Republicans


McCarthy: What Keeps the Left Up at Night?


Trump Nominated Again for Nobel Peace Prize


Boose: Welcome to Soviet America


Texas to Fully End Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood


Backlash vs. Sephora for Canceling Pro-Trump Christian Star


White: Teachers Unions Have Pushed Their Luck Too Far


Has Fox Nation Found Jimmy Hoffa's New Jersey Grave?


Myanmar Leader Detained as Military Takes Over Country


Dustin Diamond - "Saved by the Bell" Star (1977-2021)


The Interesting History of Groundhog Day

Ken Starr: Senate Has No Jurisdiction to Try a Private Citizen


Widburg: When Beauty Norms Meet Sucking Up to Power


Peek: It Took Only 10 Days to Expose Biden for the Fraud He Is


Australia Lawmakers Heading Toward Regulation of Big Tech


Schlichter: GameStop Lets You See the Matrix


Key AZ County Preventing Valid Audit of 2020 Election Results


Victor Davis Hanson: Why Are Progressives So Illiberal?


Twitter Suspends Christian-Based Family Organization



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