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News Archive for Week of December 9, 2019

US Has World's Highest Rate of Single-Parent Households


CNN, MSNBC Hedging Bets on Impeachment Farce


Oakland Raiders Bid Farewell Amid Shower of Boos, Trash


Trump Gets Huge Ovation from 70,000 at Army-Navy Game


Rush on Dems, FISA: They Know They've Been Caught


SCOTUS Will Hear Trump's Bid to Shield Tax Records


Report: Trump to Withdraw 4,000 Troops from Afghanistan


Lindsey Graham Will Help Impeachment "Die Quickly"


Pelosi Signals House Impeachment Vote Next Week


Corbyn's Defeat a "Catastrophic Warning" to 2020 Dems


Trump: Massive New US-Britain Trade Deal Is Next

Democrats' Impeachment and the Boy Who Cried Wolf


LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Wins 2019 Heisman Trophy


UK: Conservatives Gain Biggest Majority Since 1987


Danny Aiello, Oscar Nominated Actor (1933-2019)


Report: Trump Signs Off on Trade Deal with China


Navy 31, Army 7


Boris Johnson: "A Powerful Mandate to Get Brexit Done"


Obama Administration's FISA Abuse is Massive Scandal


Netflix Christmas Film Depicts Jesus as Gay, 1M+ Protest


Poll: Public Support for Impeachment Has Cratered


Dem Strategist: Impeachment a "Total Disaster" for Dems

Orthodox Jews Support Trump: 54% in 2016, 89% Today


It's Not a Coup - It's a Civil War


Judiciary Committee Approves Articles of Impeachment


Farage: The Brexit War Is Over


Trump to Attend Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia


Impeachment: The Democrats' Bad Poker Faces


Impeachment Vote: Wide Scale Dem Defections Possible


Delingpole: Britain Just Dodged the Marxist Bullet


Stocks Hit Record Highs on China Trade Deal Optimism


FBI's FISA Application - 51 Violations, 9 False Statements


Poll: Impeachment Helping Trump in Battleground States


DNC Announces 4 Dem Primary Debates for Early 2020


Our Outrage over the Dems' Impeachment Farce


CNN Skips Live Coverage of Hearing on FBI FISA Abuse


Dem Impeachment Blues, Abortion Extremism Connected


Nervous Moderate House Dems Float Censure Alternative


Trump Executive Order Combats Colleges' Anti-Semitism


NJ Killers Deliberately Targeted Jewish Supermarket


House Approves Space Force as 6th Military Branch


House Approves Paid Family Leave for Federal Workers


Sources: Alan Dershowitz May Join Trump Legal Team


Trump-Basher Thunberg is Time's 2019 Person of the Year


Trump-Basher Rapinoe Sportsperson of the Year


Rapinoe Turns Around and Bashes Sports Illustrated


Trump Whistleblower, Fellow Dems: Guardians of the Year


US, Mexico, Canada Reach USMCA Trade Deal


Eastwood's "Richard Jewell" Is an Indictment of the Media


6 Dead in Jersey City Gun Battle, Including 2 Suspects


Trump Hershey Rally: 12,000 Inside, 30,000 Livestreamers


So Obama Knew All Along About FBI Bid to Spy on Trump


2018 Flashback: The Wretched Decline of Time Magazine


Disney's Iger, Dem Fundraiser: Businessperson of the Year


Harris Poll: Dems' New #1 Choice Is... Hillary Clinton


FISA Report: IG Horowitz Goes Full Comey


Navy Suspends Training for Saudis in US after Shooting


US Attorney Durham Disagrees with Report Conclusion


Jerry Nadler's Underwhelming Articles of Impeachment


Russia Banned from Olympics Over Doping Scandal


FISA Report: No Political Bias in FISA Process


Karl Rove: Get Ready for a Contested Dem Convention


Family Apprehensions at Border Fall 90% in 6 Months


Trump's Gains with Black Voters Could Win 2020 Election


Carroll Spinney, "Big Bird" Puppeteer (1933-2019)


Swing State Polls: Impeachment Completely Under Water


Some Democrats Already Planning More Impeachments


FISA Warrants "Inaccurate, Incomplete, and Unsupported"


Report: Democrats to Unveil 2 Articles of Impeachment


SCOTUS Upholds Mandatory Ultrasound for Abortion


Schiff Fails to Show Up at Impeachment Hearing


Paul Volcker, Former Fed Chairman (1927-2019)


Impeach Trump Because of... Slavery???


European Stocks Drop for 7th Time in 9 Sessions


Obama Gave Publisher Contract, Got $65M Book Deal


White House, Pelosi Have Tentative Deal on USMCA


Ron Liebman, "Angels" Tony Award Winner (1937-2019)


Judiciary Committee Report: "Motives" Are Impeachable


Pelosi: Impeachment "Isn't About Politics at All"


Barr Indicts 8 for Funneling Illegal Money to Hillary in 2016


Nadler: Articles of Impeachment Vote Possible This Week


Wage Growth Tops Mortgage Rate - First Time Since 1972


René Auberjonois, M*A*S*H's Father Mulcahy (1940-2019)


College Football Playoff Seeding Announced


Projecting All 41 Bowls including College Football Playoff

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