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News Archive for Week of December 7, 2020

UK Ad Terrifies Children by Showing Santa Dying of COVID-19


Feds Subpoena Hunter for Key Docs in Shady Business Deals


Trump Designates Christmas Eve as a Federal Holiday


Team Trump: Plaintiffs with Standing to File TX-Style Lawsuits


Still Time: Team Trump Can Press Legal Claims into January


Barr Knew Hunter Was Being Investigated and Kept Silent


FDA Approves Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use


Georgia GOP Taking Steps to Avert Fraud in Senate Runoff


Oracle Becomes Latest Big Tech Company to Flee California


Reactions to SCOTUS' Decision, and the Cases Still Out There


Powell Says She Is Filing 4 New Cases Directly with SCOTUS


Study: Lockdowns Have Harmed Children's Mental Health


Charley Pride - Pioneering Black Country Star (1934-2020)


Conrad Black: Trump Shouldn't Cling But Should Rise Again


Trump Gets Rock Star Welcome at Army-Navy Football Game


Violence Flares as Antifa, Proud Boys Clash at DC Protest


Tulsi Gabbard Bill: Ban Biological Men from Women's Sports


Handy E-Mail Lists for Contacting Key State Legislators


Army 15, Navy 0


New Hunter Biden E-Mail Further Implicates Joe Biden


Lin Wood: Georgia Case Finally Docketed at Supreme Court


Arizona GOP Takes Election Case to US Supreme Court


Giuliani: We're Not Finished


Texas GOP Chair Allen West Hints at Secession


Team Trump Files Emergency Petition with GA Supreme Court


Nolte: Fox News Has Been Losing to CNN Since Election Night


Walmart Preps 5,000+ Stores for Vaccine Rollout


Thousands Expected to Rally for Trump in DC This Weekend


SCOTUS Denies Texas Lawsuit


Widburg: Why Media Are Now Covering Hunter's Corruption


Kelly: GOP Senators Can't Be Bothered with Election Cheating


NYC's Iconic 21 Club Is Closing Down


Survey: Only 50% of US Adults Would Take COVID-19 Vaccine


Treacher: So, Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Real After All, Huh?


CDC: Unusually Low Number of Seasonal Flu Cases


Time Magazine Names Biden and Harris "Person of the Year"


6 Things to Know About Texas' Supreme Court Lawsuit


Schlichter: The Dems Are in Bed with China, Literally


6 States Formally Join with Texas in Supreme Court Lawsuit


Pennsylvania State Legislators Join Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit


Michigan State Legislators Join Texas Lawsuit


100+ GOP House Members Join Texas Lawsuit


Records Still Not Available for 500,000 GA Absentee Ballots


Thomas "Tiny" Lister - "Friday" Character Actor (1958-2020)


US Panel Endorses Widespread Use of Pfizer COVID Vaccine


Trump Mideast Success #4: Morocco, Israel Establish Ties


Hunter Biden Under Tax Probe for China Business Dealings


Dems Will Hold Slimmest House Majority Since 1893 (5 Seats)


Shipwreckedcrew: Chinese Nationals in US Are CCP Assets


17 States Are Now Supporting the Texas Lawsuit


Antifa Armed Guards, Weapons in Portland Autonomous Zone


Rush: ChiCom Spy Sank Her Fangs into Smarmy Swalwell


NBC News: Texas Lawsuit Is a Doomed Supreme Court Stunt

Widburg: The Texas Lawsuit in the Supreme Court Is Huge


Jewish Festival of Hanukkah Begins Thursday Evening

Many in US May See Northern Lights This Week


Malkin: Medical Tyranny Ahead


"The Big One": Trump Vows to Intervene in TX Election Case


After 4 Years, FBI Finally Admits It Has Seth Rich's Laptop

Facebook Hit with Lawsuits by Federal Gov't, Dozens of States


Doctors to Senate: We Are Attacked for Saving COVID Patients


Pepperidge Farm Warns of Possible Holiday Cookie Shortage


Trump Attorney Ellis: PA Case Is Still Pending Before SCOTUS


TX Sues GA, MI, PA, WI in Supreme Court Over Election Rules


Approval of Pfizer COVID Vaccine May Be Just Days Away


Rush: What to Make of Barr and Durham?


Berenson: COVID and the New Age of Censorship


Cornell Offers "People of Color" a Flu Vaccine Exemption


SCOTUS Rejects PA GOP's Request to Block Certification


Newsmax TV Scores First Ratings Victory Over Fox News


Judge Finally Dismisses General Flynn's Criminal Case


Rep. McCarthy: AZ Is Now Officially a Contested Election


Report: Trump COVID Vaccine Order Will Put America First


Canto: Who Said that Everything Is Over by December 14th?


Catron: GOP State Legislatures - Cowardice Under Fire


Noel: What Should Be Done with Section 230?


2,060 Verified Dead Absentee Voters in Wayne County (So Far)


AZ Supreme Court Upholds "No Fraud" Ruling, Biden Victory


Elon Musk is GTT


AOC Is Goya's Employee of Month After Boycott Boosts Sales


Poll: 47% Say Likely that Dems Stole Votes, Destroyed Ballots


AZ Supreme Court to Consider GOP's Election Results Appeal


Chuck Yeager - Supersonic Flight Pioneer (1923-2020)


Dick Allen - Slugger and 7-Time MLB-All Star (1942-2020)


Mark Levin: Indisputable Systemic Election Fraud in PA


Supreme Court Refuses to Enter Transgender "Toilet Wars"


Bob Dylan Sells Entire Song Catalog for an Estimated $300M


Remembering John Lennon, Who Died 40 Years Ago Today


GOP Rep. Babin Introduces "You Must Be Alive to Vote" Act


Ted Cruz May Argue PA Election Case If It Goes to SCOTUS


Report: Columbia U. Failed to Disclose $1M Gift from CCP


Governor Cuomo Threatens to End Indoor Dining in NYC


Massie: The Obamas Despise Blacks


Los Angeles' New DA Promises to End Bail... and Much More


Courts Dismiss Powell Lawsuits in GA, MI - Appeals Likely


Joe Biden Forgets He Broke His Foot, and How Masks Work


"Christmas Star" Is Coming - First Time in 800 Years


Fourth "Monolith" Found off the South Coast of England


Root: Of Course This Election Was Stolen


Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Victor Davis Hanson: The Scars of 2020


COVID Taskforce Members at Odds Over CA Lockdowns


GA Senate Debate: Warnock Refuses to Denounce Marxism


Valentine: How Google Falls


MI Judge Orders Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Vote Machines


Report: Attorney General Barr Is Considering Resigning


Joondeph: Where's the Kraken? Where's the Storm?


Alito Moves Up SCOTUS Briefing Deadline in PA Case

Moseley: The Supreme Court vs. Pennsylvania


Big Tech Censors Conservative Comedy


Chris Wallace Hammers Another Nail in Fox News' Coffin


Polumbo: School Shutdowns Crush Low-Income Students


President's Proclamation on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day


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