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News Archive for Week of December 28, 2020

Pelosi: Rewrite House Rules with Gender-Neutral Terms


Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers (1942-2021)

Facebook Deletes Huge "Biden Is Not My President" Group


Drive to Recall CA Governor Gavin Newsom Is Gaining Steam


Widburg: Proof of Fraud May Lie in Vanishing Trump Votes


How Trump Could Be Rightfully Re-Elected President on 1/6


Bitcoin Rallies Above $30,000 for the First Time


Report: 140 GOP Reps Will Contest Electoral College Results


Pence Says He Welcomes Effort to Block Biden Certification


Preston: Portland Mayor Finally Sees Antifa Violence Is Bad


Trump: Massive Evidence of Fraud Will Be Presented on 1/6


Paul Westphal - Basketball Hall of Famer (1950-2021)


Floyd Little - Broncos' Hall of Fame Running Back (1942-2021)


Brown: If Biden's Goal Is Unity, He Should Support an Audit


GA Data Scientists: 25K Trump Votes Removed, 12K Switched


McConnell's KY Home Vandalized with "WERES MY MONEY"

Pelosi's SF Home Vandalized with Pig's Head and Fake Blood


Talk Show Host Larry King, 87, Is Hospitalized with COVID-19


Gohmert:​ Courts Leave No Choice But to Take to the Streets


Wilber: The China Threat Is Real and Upon Us


Gallup Poll: Only 28% Now Trust Establishment Media


Koopman: Desperately Needed - A New Breed of Republicans


Keltner: Stopping the Democrats


Jones: Message to GOP - Stand Up on January 6 or Go Home


LIST: Elected Officials Who Took CCP-Sponsored China Trips


Dems Contested Electoral Votes for Last 3 GOP Presidents


Alabama, Ohio State Advance to College Football Title Game


Hollis: 8 Must-Haves for New Vote Integrity Laws in 2021


Did Fulton County Just Get Caught Shredding Fake Ballots?


Pharmacist Arrested for Deliberately Spoiling Vaccine Doses


Taft: 5 Reasons You're Not Crazy to Question Election Results


Judge Dismisses Gohmert Election Lawsuit vs. VP Pence


BREXIT: UK's Divorce from Europe Is Now Complete


Trump Rips "Pathetic" GOP Senate for Blocking $2K Checks


Widburg: If Enough Senators Challenge Results, Trump Wins


MF Doom - Enigmatic Masked Rapper (1971-2020)


Lin Wood Links Roberts to Epstein, Pedophilia, Scalia's Death


Times Square Is a Ghost Town on New Year's Eve


Anti-Mask Flash Mobs Are Now Invading Stores Across US


Senate Overrides President Trump's NDAA Veto


Lori Lightfoot's Chicago Saw Homicides Rise 55% in 2020


VIEW: Updated Scores on All the College Bowl Games


Brown: Don't Expect Mike Pence to Save Us on January 6


Pence Asks Judge to Toss Gohmert Election Lawsuit


Report: GOP, Dissident Dems Plan to Deny Pelosi Speakership


Farewell 2020: New Year's Day Is Here


8,000+ Volunteer as GOP Poll Watchers in GA Senate Runoff


Walmart Walks Back Tweet Calling Hawley a "Sore Loser"


Phyllis McGuire - Last of McGuire Sisters Trio (1931-2020)


McConnell Plans to Vote to Certfiy Biden Win on January 6


Dick Thornburgh - Former Attorney General (1932-2020)


Jobless Claims Plunge Unexpectedly to 787,000


GOP Slams Warnock in Brutal Domestic Violence Ad


Senator Hawley Will Challenge Electoral College Results


Schlichter: My Prediction for 2021 Is Pain


Lara Trump: Here Is the Process  to Overturn Election Fraud


Former Camper Alleges Abuse at Warnock Summer Camp


Joondeph: All Quiet Now - But Is Trump Channeling Sun Tzu?


Another Record-High Close for the Dow


Dawn Wells - Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island" (1938-2020)


Pierre Cardin - Iconic French Fashion Designer (1922-2020)


SCOTUS Allows Trump to Exclude Illegals from 2020 Census

Census Bureau to Miss Deadline, Jeopardizing Trump Plan


Boston Removes Lincoln Emancipation Memorial


VIDEO: Dopey Joe Biden Refers to "President-Elect Harris"


Joe Clark - Famed "Lean on Me" NJ Principal (1938-2020)


Samuel Little - Worst Serial Killer in US History (1940-2020)


Gallup Poll: President Trump Is 2020's Most Admired Man


Schlafly: Mike Pence's To-Do List for January 6, 2021


Davis: Here Is Why GOP Should Not Challenge Electors


Malkin: 2020 - The Year "Expert" Credibility Died


McConnell Introduces Competing Bill for $2K Stimulus Checks


Surber: Why Bother Being Republican?


Louisiana Congressman-Elect Letlow Dies of COVID-19 at 41


Graph Shows How Amazing Trump's Vaccine Achievement Is


Team Trump Takes WI Election Battle to US Supreme Court


Poll: Dems Ossoff, Warnock Take Lead in GA Senate Runoff


MSM Outlets Take Dinners, Trips from CCP Propaganda Front


Alec Baldwin's Wife "Hilaria" Exposed as a Fake Hispanic


PA Lawmakers: 200K+ More Ballots than People Who Voted


China Imprisons Journalist for Reporting on Wuhan Virus


NYC Homicides Surge 41% to Highest Level Since 2011


McConnell, Senate GOP Block Push for $2,000 COVID Checks


Davidson: Five Things We Learned About Our Elites in 2020


Bill Gates' New Project: Dim the Sun


Jeffrey Epstein's Last Cellmate Found Dead


Washington Examiner: End the China Economic Delusion


House Passes Bill to Increase COVID Checks to $2,000


O'Neil: 10 Climate Predictions for 2020 that Went Wildly Wrong


White: The Remote Learning Failure Continues


TX Lawsuit​: Pence Should Decide Which Electors Are Valid


Report: Pence Plans to Fly Overseas After 1/6 Electoral Vote


GOP​ Outpaces Dems in GA Senate Runoff Spending


House Overrides Trump's Veto of $740 Billion Defense Bill


Nashville Bomber: Mystery Deepens as New Details Emerge


1,000+ NYC Chain Stores Close for Good During Lockdowns


Israeli Research Finds UV LEDs Kill 99.9% of COVID Virus


Hanson: How the Media's Narratives Have Changed Since 11/3


President Signs $2.3T Bill as Vote on $2,000 Checks Awaits


Dems Are Working to Ramp Up Taxpayer-Funded Abortions


Charles: Europe Follows US' Lead in Pushing Back on China


Powell Releases 270-page Document on 2020 Election Fraud


Smith: Dems Are Like Mr. Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life"


Did Trump Cave on COVID Relief and Funding Bills?


McCarthy: The Congressional GOP's Unspeakable Cowardice


Margolis: How a Republican Could Become House Speaker


Michaels: Supreme Court in Hiding Is Dangerous for America


Trump Announces a January 4 Georgia Rally


Nick McGlashan - "Deadliest Catch" Star (1987-2020)

Phil Niekro - MLB Hall of Fame Knuckleballer (1939-2020)


Hammer: A Populist Wish-List as We Head into 2021


Remains of Nashville Bomber Found at Explosion Site

FBI Confirms Anthony Warner Was the Nashville Bomber


Is Tulsi Gabbard Preparing to Leave the Democratic Party?


Woke NBA's Christmas Day Ratings Tank - Down 21%


Dow Rallies to Record as Trump Signs Relief Package



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