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News Archive for Week of December 23, 2019

US Colleges Veering into "Academic Police State" Territory


Burrow's 7 1st Half TDs Propel LSU Past Oklahoma 63-28


Clemson Rallies from 16 Down to Beat Ohio State 29-23


Biden Caves on Prior Statement About Defying Subpoena


NFL Week 17: Many Playoff Questions Still Unresolved


Migrants in Europe Linked to Soaring Violence and Crime


MAGA Economy: Longest Expansion in US History


Like Bidens, Pelosi and Son Had Shady Ukraine Dealings


Virginia May Use National Guard to Enforce Anti-Gun Laws


Report: Senate GOP Backs No-Witness Impeachment Trial


Don Imus, Legendary Radio Personality (1940-2019)


Nasdaq Hits 9,000 for the First Time


ISIS Executes 11 Christians in Nigeria


Biden: I Would Not Testify at Senate Impeachment Trial


Democrat Insiders: Bernie Could Win the Nomination


Fake Religion from Pete Buttigieg


2019 Was a Horrible Year for Liberal Hollywood


Democrats: More Articles of Impeachment May Be Coming


Lee Mendelson, "Charlie Brown" Producer (1933-2019)


Sue Lyon, Kubrick's "Lolita" Star (1946-2019)


Jerry Herman, Famed Broadway Songwriter (1931-2019)


Tulsi Gabbard Excluded from DNC "Unity" Ad


December 21: #1 Day in US Retail History - $34.4 Billion


No, Jesus Was Not Born a Poor, Homeless Refugee


Hunter Missing from Joe Biden Family Holiday Greeting


Why No Trump Cameo in CBC "Home Alone 2" Broadcast?


Trump Christmas Message: Exemplify Christ's Teachings


Baltimore Nears Record Homicide Rate


Dershowitz: Senate Can Hold Impeachment Trial Now


RINO Murkowski Breaks with McConnell on Impeachment


Andrew Absent from Royal Family Christmas Service


Subway Graffiti Making a Resurgence in NYC


Netanyahu Rushed Offstage During Gaza Rocket Alarm


Sanders vs. Warren Division Benefits Biden


California Records Lowest Population Growth Since 1900


Trump Stops Obamacare's Hidden Abortion Surcharge


Israeli Student Sues Columbia, Alleging Anti-Semitism


Iran Has Murdered 1,000+ Protesters in Crackdown


Nearly 200 Evangelical Leaders Warn "Christianity Today"


"Christianity Today" Doubles Down on Impeachment Call


Prager: A Response to the Editor of "Christianity Today"


Scandinavian Socialism Is Less Real than Santa Claus


Yang to Dems, Media: Stop Obsessing over Impeachment


What's Hillary Wearing - Polka Dot Tent or "Twister" Mat?


Trump Gives Us Back Our Light Bulbs


Filing: Multiple Criminal Investigations of Hunter Biden


Trump Talking Points for the Holiday Dinner Table


Merry Christmas, America!


Impeachment November: RNC Sets Fundraising Record


NORAD Website Reports Santa Is on Track

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