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News Archive for Week of December 21, 2020

WaPo: Questioning Election Is Like Questioning Holocaust


Poll: Only 37% of Republicans Think Trump Should Concede


Laffer/Moore: Stimulus Bill Is a Fiscal Monstrosity


Violent Crime Presents a 2021 Challenge for Democrat Mayors


GA Runoffs Are Now Most Expensive Senate Races in History


Folks: If You Disagree, You're a Rat


Georgatos: Why Sidney Powell Gets the Galileo Treatment


Trump Rips McConnell, et al. for Caving on Stimulus


Nashville Police: RV Broadcast Warning Message Before Blast

Viral Video of Nashville Blast Surfaces


Brodie Lee - Popular Pro Wrestling Star (1979-2020)


Miller: Poland Stopped Big Tech Censorship and So Can We


VIDEO: Santa and Elf (Undercover Cops) Stop Car Thieves


Golf Great Greg Norman in Hospital with COVID Symptoms


Saints' Kamara Ties NFL Record - 6 Rushing TDs in a Game


Nashville Skies Declared National Defense Airspace


Noel: It's for Pence to Decide if an Election Was Held at All


Person of Interest Identified in Nashville Explosion


Margolis: The Left Can Cry Me a River Over Trump's Pardons


Markowicz: Elite Hypocrisy Is Killing Small Businesses


NCAA Reveals Heisman Trophy Finalists


Giuliani: Shocking Election Fraud Revelations After Christmas


K. C. Jones - NBA Hall of Famer, Celtics Legend (1932-2020)


Sources: "The Squad" May Be Dissolving Soon


Cryptic Trump Message to WH Staff: Ignore Memo to Pack Up


SCOTUS Won't Hear Trump's PA Case Until After Inauguration


Think Tank: China Will Be World's Largest Economy by 2028


Major Explosion Rocks Downtown Nashville


Horne: What Are the New SCOTUS Justices Thinking?


Congress Fails to Approve $2,000 Stimulus Checks


Darwall: China Using Green Agenda to Gaid Edge Over US


Poll: Vast Majority of Likely Voters Reject Socialism and AOC


Rush: Trump Vaccine - American Exceptionalism on Display


Fauci Admits He Lied About Herd immunity Numbers


British PM Boris Johnson Declares Brexit Deal Complete


Victor Davis Hanson: Our Upside-Down Postelection World


Democrat Takes the Lead in Extremely Close NY House Race


Del Turco: Remember Persecuted Christians Around the World


Olson/McSweeney: DOJ Should File TX-style Election Case


Rush: Merry Christmas Everbody - I Love You All


Christmas - A Joyous Day with Colorful History and Traditions


Barron: 2020 Election Proves We Need Voter's Bill of Rights


Marcus: Christmas Under Lockdown - Let's Vow "Never Again"


Good News: Credit Card Balances Fall 11% Since February


Widburg: Is VP Pence the Potential Savior of a Fair Election?


CDC: 1+ Million in US Have Already Received COVID Vaccine


Trump Sends Iran a Warning After Rockets Hit US Embassy


House Battle Looms Over Stimulus Checks, Gov't Spending


Andrew Yang Files Paperwork to Run for NYC Mayor


McCarthy: Good vs. Bad News... Left Can't Tell the Difference


Holiday Travel Surges Despite Coronavirus Outbreak


More GOP Lawmakers Back Electoral College Challenge


Boose: The Left's War on America Is Just Getting Started


Trump Pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Kushner's Dad

The 10 Most Controversial Presidential Pardons in History


Stella Tennant - Famed British Model (1970-2020)


GA Lawmakers Recommend Decertifying Election Results


President Trump Vetoes the Defense Authorization Act


Pelosi Caves to Trump's Demand to Raise Stimulus Payment


Perazzo: Yes, It Was a Stolen Election


Poll: Pelosi's Favorability as Speaker Plummets to 31%


Pelosi Has an Epic Meltdown During Wolf Blitzer Interview


GDP Increased at Record 33.4% Annual Rate in 3rd Quarter


Consumer Sentiment Tumbles in Late December


Rebecca Luker - Long-Time Broadway Star (1961-2020)


Are AZ Lawmakers About to Vote to Certify Trump the Winner?


K. T. Oslin - Grammy-Winning Country Music Star (1942-2020)


President Trump Shreds Coronavirus Stimulus Bill


Stimulus: Billions for Egypt, Israel, Sudan, and... Nepal (???)


Dr. Birx to Retire After Controversial Thanksgiving Faux Pas


Federal Lawsuit: Let State Legislators Meet and Name Electors


Giuliani: "Big Revelations" About GA Voting Machines Coming


Israeli Government Collapses, Triggers New Elections


Kevin Greene - NFL Hall of Fame Pass Rusher (1962-2020)


Trump Teases "Big News" on Illegal Ballot Drop in PA


DOJ Files Massive Lawsuit vs. Walmart Over Opioid Epidemic


Bonchie: Tulsi Gabbard Does What Most Politicians Won't Do


Detroit Countersues BLM Group for Rioting, Attacking Police


Trump Pardons George Papadopoulos Among Others


Only 7% of COVID Stimulus Involves Checks for Americans


Walsh: Stimulus Bill Stimulates Congress' Lust for Power


Pinkerton: COVID Class War - The Liberated vs. Locked Down


Twitter Censors Trump and Campaign 543 Times, Biden 0


Moore: Lockdowns Are the Great Unequalizer


Mark Levin: SCOTUS Sits Idle While Constitution Is Violated


How the GOP Plans to Challenge the Election Results


McAnn: The Biggest Political Blunder in American History


Robert E. Lee Statue Removed from US Capitol Overnight


Rose Bowl Playoff Game Moves from California to Texas


COVID Stimulus: $250 Million for the Palestinians


Widburg: GOP, Dems Come Together to Rob US Taxpayers


Taft: Trump Should Veto This Cluster of a "COVID Relief" Bill


Barr: No Need for Special Counsel on Election Fraud or Hunter


Alec Baldwin Lists Violent Ways to Remove Trump from WH


Gen. Flynn: Allies Will Show Foreign Inteference in Election


Joe Biden Receives COVID-19 Vaccine on Live Television


Congress Passes Pork-Laden COVID Stimulus Monstrosity


China Uses Uighur Muslims as Cotton-Picking Slaves


Brown: Will We Go Quietly into the Night?

Dunn: Fighting On


Chad Stuart of Famed Chad & Jeremy Duo (1941-2020)


Bardmesser: Congrats, National Review - You Got Your Wish


Schlichter: Stupid Establishment's Lies Will Be Its Undoing

Marcus: The American Left Has Now Fully Embraced Racism


Study of 10M People: ZERO Asymptomatic Spread of COVID


Disney: Harrison Ford to Return as Indiana Jones in 2022


Drug OD Deaths Far Outpace COVID Deaths in San Francisco


Rand Paul: Mask Mandates Are "All About Submission"


Dr. Birx Visited Her Family Despite Her Own Travel Warning


WaPo's "Republican Rats" Cartoon Mirrors Nazi Propaganda


"Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn Occurs Tonight


Congressional Leaders Agree on $900B COVID Relief Package


Tuccille: Public Schools Are Losing Their Captive Audience



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